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  1. Ryne - South Carolina 10.6 Nike VRS (+3 loft and -0.25" length) Wedges Titleist Vokey 52-56-60 (+3 loft and -0.25" length)
  2. Tier 1: DJ Tier 2: Tony Finau Tier 3: Brian Harman Tier 4: Kyle Stanley Tier 5: Joaquin Niemann Winning Score: -12
  3. I also failed to mention that during my original fitting he did not have a launch monitor that I could see. He sat back and had his screen while I was hitting into the net but could never "see" the ball/data/numbers. When I suggested we go outside so I can actually see the flight he said that wasn't needed and he knew what would work best. It just disheartens me when I'm told that this one place is the place to go (was even on the Golf Digest Top 100 so they claim) and I get better service at a big box store.
  4. That was basically my issue but he kept telling me well that's the best and if you want top of the line and want your game to be where it's at you need the best of the best. When I went to a different establishment, funny it was a big box retailer, the guy there gave me every OEM comparable to each other and we hit them and found one in my price range that I actually hit better.
  5. Thanks everyone for the advice. I went to several other locations and was able to hit basically every major brand out there and came away with really liking two of them more than others and A LOT more than the ones that I was "fitted" for. I guess it's best to know that unless you REALLY trust a club fitter hitting up multiple locations (even though it's a pain) is really worth it when you're going to drop a good bit of money.
  6. I appreciate the feedback so far tremendously and to one point I did pay for this fitting (almost 2 hours) and while I felt like he was trying to see what was best he fit me more for my physical aspects (I have long arms) nothing was said much about swing speed which is one reason I am uneasy about the club selection he has. Maybe he was looking at that and just doing work and not bringing it up to me. He also didn't "ask many questions" but rather "told me how I probably play". I get that these guys are WAY more knowledgeable about golf/equipment than I am but felt like no matter what I said he was going to put me in those clubs. To Jaskanski - he never once brought up lessons to me for anything with my swing and I know I have a TON wrong with it ha ha.
  7. I went for my first fitting ever and I'm a 10.6 HI at the moment and have hit a wall and thought this was the best thing to do (always have wanted to just never did it). Anyways went and got fitted at a respectable golf establishment and while I had a great experience with the pro and he brought a lot of new ideas/thoughts on clubs/angles/etc. the one thing I couldn't get over was being pushed to ONE brand. One issue is that they only carried 4 brands their which limited my choice of what to even look at but even then I would hit ball after ball with one brand and only a few with the other 3. Irons, driver, and woods/hybrids he all put down as one brand and the top of the line ones in the brand to say the least. When I brought this up he postured a bit and made it sound like I was attacking him but I was just stating that I haven't tried any other brands but the 4 there and possibly want to look at others. Obviously the cost of getting an entire set of custom clubs is a big one and I didn't want to just be stuck with one brand (expensive one) without looking at others. What is everyone's thought on that? I mean as long as I use the right measurements and just find clubs and I like and feel that is the way to look at it right? or should I just stick with what he put me in? Thanks all.
  8. Tier 1 - DJ Tier 2 - Alex Noren Tier 3 - Xander Schauffele Tier 4 - Martin Kaymer Tier 5 - Cameron Smith Winning Score (-10)
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