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  1. Hi! I have a mevo+ and use it with a short indoor setting. Almost all of my spins were estimated (you’ll know if the spin number is italicized). Since switching to the rct balls I get most, if not all, of the spin being actually read by the radar. The silver dots were a nightmare to keep on, so the rcts were worth is from that perspective. I also figured I dropped about $3k between the radar, mat, net etc. might as well get the RCTs.
  2. A lightly used demo club is the best deal in golf.
  3. Mark, New York Currently use Garmin vivoactiv with golf gps
  4. Mark / New York 6.7 I have an Ohio State themed putting mat in my living room, other than that - no.
  5. Mark New York 112mph Srixon Z-Star XV I actually found a Snell MTB while playing yesterday and decided to play the back 9 with it. I was extremely impressed!
  6. - Mark - Yonkers, NY - Driver 110-115mph, 6 index - Callaway xr 16 pro 14.5* 3 wood, mizuno clk 19* Hybrid (adjustable), 20* G410 Crossover - Right Hand This would be great! I'm in the final stage of my bag makoeover and the 3 wood/hybrid need updating. Recently got into the g410 crossover to replace my 3 iron and so far it matches my i210's nicely!
  7. 1. Mark, New York 2. 6 Handicap, 110-115mph 3. Callaway XR Pro 9 Degree, Speeder 661 X-stiff 4. I would like to review the Epic Flash Sub Zero
  8. 1. Mark, New York 2. 6 Handicap, 110-115mph 3. Callaway XR Pro 9 Degree, Speeder 661 X-stiff 4. I would like to review the G410 Plus. Just got the custom fit i210s last year, just picked up the i410 crossover (review to come), think this would be a nice addition
  9. 1. Mark/ New York 2. Nike rain jacket, footjoy rain jacket, Antigua rain jacket (no pants!) 3. A TORRENTIAL - and unexpected - rain storm that lasted 3 hours at coco beach in Puerto Rico. That day made me believe in rain gloves.
  10. Can the i500 be used as a driving iron? I have the i210s 4-U. I'm not really a fan of hybrids because I always hook them. I'm thinking of doing a utility iron (like cobra king or taylormade gapr low), but was thinking that the i500 might blend nicely there?
  11. I was initially upset with the limited amount of grinds as well, but I feel like the clearly-defined differences were actually less paralyzing as a consumer. Regarding the feel, I actually thought they were a little softer. However, my vokey's are the black finish, so I wonder if that finish makes them feel harder than regular chrome?
  12. So I was pretty surprised when I found out: (1) that nearly everyone slept on my man Koepka, and (2) I won a Wilson FG Tour wedge for my second place finish in the PGA championship giveaway. I have not swung a Wilson club in while, and I was intrigued to see how their wedge would stack up against my current gamers - which are the Titleist Vokey SM5's. Full disclosure - my current wedges have pretty much lost their spin and I am in the market for some new wedges, so this couldn't have come at a better time. Luckily, I was able to fully customize the wedge to my specs and order the proper loft, length, lie, grind and custom stamping. I ended up going with the Wilson FG Tour, 58 degree, standard length, 1 degree flat, traditional grind, and stamped "MD2" (I wasn't really sure what to do there and panicked - these are basically just my initials). Oh! I also got the shaft in a S+ KBS rev, which was really clutch because I play S+ KBS C-Tapers. I went with the traditional grind because, on occasion, I've been hitting my L-Gring lob wedge a little fat and course conditions are soft where I play in the north east. My first impression regarding the look of this wedge was that it is super-clean. The lines are nice and the head is compact. The satin finish also has a matte-quality so that it won't create a glare in the sun. I personally feel that the club looks very inviting to hit, and I felt confident at address. One thing that I noticed was that the weighting of this club feels heavier than my Vokey's. I didn't weigh them so I can't confirm this to an absolute fact, but at least to me, they feel heavier. That being said, I don't think that is a negative and I think that the club feels really solid overall. I was able to control shots and work the ball both ways, and even flight shots as need be. I have also posted some pictures below of the impact of the shots. As you can see, the face definitely has some grip to it and the balls were checking up pretty nicely. I toe'd a shot, as you can see, and the club was pretty forgiving - flying about 95% of the way to the target. Another interesting thing to note is that I hit this club against my 54 degree Vokey and was flying it the exact same distance despite it being 4 degrees weaker... So do with that information what you may. I don't necessarily subscribe to more distance is always better, but facts are facts. As you can tell I was hitting off of synthetic turf in the pictures below, but I also hit some shots out of the rough and sand (though not pictured because it was getting dark). I actually think that the (perceived) heavier weight was advantageous in rough and sand , as the club was able to glide through tougher lies without getting caught up. All in all I am very happy with this club. I am very impressed with the look, feel and playability and am leaning towards ordering a 54 and be done with my search to replace my current wedges. Thanks again to MyGolfSpy and Wilson for the opportunity, I'll check in and answer any additional questions that anyone might have.
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