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  1. Mark, New York Currently use Garmin vivoactiv with golf gps
  2. Mark / New York 6.7 I have an Ohio State themed putting mat in my living room, other than that - no.
  3. Mark New York 112mph Srixon Z-Star XV I actually found a Snell MTB while playing yesterday and decided to play the back 9 with it. I was extremely impressed!
  4. - Mark - Yonkers, NY - Driver 110-115mph, 6 index - Callaway xr 16 pro 14.5* 3 wood, mizuno clk 19* Hybrid (adjustable), 20* G410 Crossover - Right Hand This would be great! I'm in the final stage of my bag makoeover and the 3 wood/hybrid need updating. Recently got into the g410 crossover to replace my 3 iron and so far it matches my i210's nicely!
  5. 1. Mark, New York 2. 6 Handicap, 110-115mph 3. Callaway XR Pro 9 Degree, Speeder 661 X-stiff 4. I would like to review the Epic Flash Sub Zero
  6. 1. Mark, New York 2. 6 Handicap, 110-115mph 3. Callaway XR Pro 9 Degree, Speeder 661 X-stiff 4. I would like to review the G410 Plus. Just got the custom fit i210s last year, just picked up the i410 crossover (review to come), think this would be a nice addition
  7. 1. Mark/ New York 2. Nike rain jacket, footjoy rain jacket, Antigua rain jacket (no pants!) 3. A TORRENTIAL - and unexpected - rain storm that lasted 3 hours at coco beach in Puerto Rico. That day made me believe in rain gloves.
  8. Can the i500 be used as a driving iron? I have the i210s 4-U. I'm not really a fan of hybrids because I always hook them. I'm thinking of doing a utility iron (like cobra king or taylormade gapr low), but was thinking that the i500 might blend nicely there?
  9. I was initially upset with the limited amount of grinds as well, but I feel like the clearly-defined differences were actually less paralyzing as a consumer. Regarding the feel, I actually thought they were a little softer. However, my vokey's are the black finish, so I wonder if that finish makes them feel harder than regular chrome?
  10. So I was pretty surprised when I found out: (1) that nearly everyone slept on my man Koepka, and (2) I won a Wilson FG Tour wedge for my second place finish in the PGA championship giveaway. I have not swung a Wilson club in while, and I was intrigued to see how their wedge would stack up against my current gamers - which are the Titleist Vokey SM5's. Full disclosure - my current wedges have pretty much lost their spin and I am in the market for some new wedges, so this couldn't have come at a better time. Luckily, I was able to fully customize the wedge to my specs and order the proper
  11. Mark, New York Current: Odyssey O-Works R-Line CS 33" Would like to review the Odyssey EXO Rossie Thanks!
  12. Just wondering if anyone has had similar issues with the Mizuno CLK hybrid: Backstory: I've never really had a hybrid that I liked (previously had a Nike Vr Covert, Ping i15), I came across the club at the beginning of the season and loved the shape and it demo'd very nicely on the launch monitor. Picked up with the Speeder evo x flex (same as my driver and 3 wood, so I thought that would be a nice consistency). The club is great off the tee, but here are my issued though through a season of play: (1) I've found the ball flight to be quite low (I'm a high ball hitter), and two of
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