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  1. Awesome! I played my best two rounds with the SC/MB combo! Probably should have gone Fli-Hi or MMC for my 4 iron Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  2. Nothing feels like the MP-18 blades. SCs feel really good but I don't know how to describe the blades. #nothingfeelslikeamizzuno Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  3. Hmmm not sure. Maybe on miss hits? The 919 is supposed to be a little more forgiving than MP18 with added technology. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  4. I'd be worried about gapping between the 6 and 5 too. I know the MP-18 line was advertised to be bended seamlessly. I think the 919 lofts differ a little bit more. Any knowledge on it? Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  5. Hey, I've got MP-18 MB PW-8 and SC 7-4 like you. Loving them. (Wishing I went blade through 7 but still fantastic). Love the looks and the great performance. Been playing my best golf. Not switching. I do think these JPX 919 tours and forged are better looking than the 900s, which I think that is because they have a classier finish. They are beautiful clubs, a different kind of beautiful than the MP18s but I think it said the 919s have less spin overall and I don't need to lose any spin. Looks like we have pretty similar bags. I also have Vokey 52 and 56 wedges! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL usi
  6. Mike Michigan 8 Mizuno MP-18 MB/SC combo set, KBS Tour C-Taper Lite S 110g, 1° flat lie angle i210 Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  7. Tier 1: Dustin Johnson Tier 2: Tony Finau Tier 3: Rafael Cabrera Bello Tier 4: Jason Dufner Tier 5: Brendan Steele Winning Score: -9 Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  8. It's a shame it's not available for Android. Have fun! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  9. I watched the Shawn Clement video today where he was getting fitted by Ian. Do you offer that level of fitting for every fit by going through each club? Or I could come in with my current set and go through each club and optimize the lie angle and loft angle for optimal flight and yardage gaps? I have a forged set that's more bendable. Curious for future reference! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  10. I like to do both. I typically walk when I go out by myself and it's very peaceful. Good for the soul. When I'm with friends, carts are always fun and it's usually a round of 18 and we enjoy a few adult beverages. I love the balance. Get two different, but both great experiences. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  11. I wouldn't recommend changing things either. Certain TXG videos do have more action/shots taken because of the subject matter. I appreciate the discussion, the back and forth of questions and saying things multiple times in different ways to help us understand it. It also is helpful for me that they do discuss because I can listen while I work too. They have a different angle compared to other golf videos that do require more action/entertainment. They primarily are talking about more technical things than how-to videos. And that is the beauty of YouTube/internet. There are more and more
  12. Mike, Michigan Garmin Approach S20 and 18 Birdies App. Never have had or tried a laser rangefinder. Would be a huge help at the driving range.
  13. Mike, Michigan Garmin Approach S20, 18 Birdies, or Bushnell Neo Ghost. I've never tested a laser rangefinder. Would love to compare to the other GPS methods I've tested.
  14. Mike Michigan Taylormade RAC HT/Taylormade Light Metal/Stiff 170-180 NS Pro 950 DST or something comparable would be better than the stock shaft listed. These guys look sharp!
  15. Tier 1: Rory McIlroy Tier 2: Bubba Watson Tier 3: Tony Finau Tier 4: Adam Hadwin Tier 5: Aaron Wise Winning Score: -10
  16. Mike, Michigan M1 2017 460 10.5 | Aldila NV Stiff 65g 105 - 115 SS / 12 handicap ST 180 9.5 X-Stiff 78g Tensei CK Blue or the CK White Stiff or X-Stiff. Would love to test all of these. Would love to bomb this driver. Could test with my Aldila shaft as well.
  17. I enjoyed it. I bought a used 2017 M1 and I can absolutely see flight differences in my ball flight. It's nice because your swing may change over time and you can make slight adjustments to keep your desired flight.
  18. First name: Mike Home State/Province/Country: Michigan ​Do you use performance tracking? Yes Do you use a GPS watch? Yes Which ones? 18Birdies, Garmin Approach S20
  19. Your first name/home state or province: Mike/Michigan Your current iron set/shaft combo: Taylormade RAC HT/Stiff 5-PW (-1" from standard), 5-iron = 185/200, 7-iron = 165/175, 9-iron = 145/150 Your current handicap: 12 Your review preference - C300 or C300 Forged: C300 Forged preferred but open to either. Thanks for the opportunity!
  20. Mike - Michigan, USA 12 hdcp. 100-115ss M1 17' stiff 10.5° G400 lst or max 10.5°
  21. Mike - Michigan, USA 2. 12 handicap, 100-115mph swing speed 3. 2017 M1 460 10.5° | 44" Stiff 65g Aldila NV | Weight mostly forward to lower spin/launch 4. G400 LST 10.5° Stiff 44" 65-70g Thanks for the opportunity and would be extremely excited to be a tester!
  22. I have a recent problem of pushing most of my irons right. Did a little research, remeasured my wrist-to-ground measurement and I should choke down another .5 - .75" with most of my irons (I was already choking down, but not far enough. May have creeped back up over a years time). By choking down more, this should help my club turn over a bit more, causing my ball flight to come back more towards the center. Will be testing this in the next few weeks when I get a chance.

  23. I did just re-measure, and I probably need to choke down another half inch. I will say last year when I measured and choked down on my 5-iron, I had a brand new favorite club. Most often straight, was able to get it up in the air, decent height and 200 yards. I'll test choking down a little more on it and the rest of the irons. Might lose some distance, but I'll be happy with straight more often. My grips happen to have marks on them that will make it easy to place my hands in the right spot. Thanks for all of the insight guys. Does anyone have a list of ideal launch and spin rates for eac
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