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  1. 1. Think about the distance, pick out a target and select a club. 2. Assess the lie and determine if i need to make any adjustments to my stance or grip (choking up or down). 3. Take one or two practice swings to make sure any adjustments i've made are correct. 4. Select an intermediate target in line with my main target, but closer to my ball - maybe 2-3' in front. 5. Use the intermediate target to align my club face behind the ball. 6. Set up my stance to my club face. 7. Look at and focus on my target, take a nice breath in and out. 8. Shank it off of the hosel.
  2. It's actually Jason from G-force. Jason's my real name and I loved that show as a kid.
  3. How often does everyone find that TSA searches their bag and messes with how they packed their clubs - is it different for international flights? I'm headed to Scotland at the end of May and have a soft travel bag. Just wondering if i should tape towels around the irons or if that would just piss off security more and leave them less likely to give a damn about my clubs.
  4. I've always walked, but life got a lot better after I started using a push cart. I broke my collar bone a while ago, and after two surgeries - one to put a plate in and other to take it out, it still bothers me to swing my bag on and off of my back. Not an issue with a push cart.
  5. Wow, this is a pretty terrific contest! 1. Name/Location Jason, New York (Upstate) 2. Current setup Driver - Ping G30 LS Tec 10.5 Hybrids - 3, 4 TaylorMade Jetspeed Irons - Mizuno JPX 800 4-PW Wedges - Cleveland RTX-3 50*, 56*, 60* Putter - Odyssey O-Works #1 Wide 3. Handicap 17 4. Your goals for the 2018 golf season 1 - Nail my approach distances so I can get more GIR 2 - Better course management on poor shots 3 - Work on the mental aspect so poor shots do not impact future shots Thanks!
  6. Hey there - i've been a reader of the site for a while and figured i should join the community while i'm at it. We got about 10" of snow last week (on top of a foot the week before) so it's going to be a while before i'm able to get on a course. I've been hitting the heated driving range stalls throughout the winter to keep some semblance of my game up. For those of you in similar climates - what to you do in the winter to keep your swing in shape? J
  7. Welcome to the forums JerkoMcGee :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


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