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  1. Aloha, mahalo for this opportunity. I have always been curious about getting a second opinion on how we get fit for the right shaft. I was fitted by a golf shop here in oahu about 4 years ago and it was based on swingspeed and certain numbers using trackman. Based on the results, i was fitted for extra stiff shafts in all of my clubs. The initial conclusions i had was that this was the right way to get fitted. But now I'm seeing from other places that there are different ways to get fitted now. Being that its been a few years, would it make sense to get reevaluated?
  2. Ciri Cuenco Oahu,Hawaii Scotty cameron select fastback 2012 33" Strength
  3. Aloha and good luck to everyone that gets chosen! What an exciting opportunity!
  4. Ciri, Oahu,Hawaii Index: 13.7 , driver swing speed: 111 Driver: TS2 Epic flash sub zero
  5. I would definitely prefer the glimpse tuned recovery as my eyes are very twitchy when I'm trying to track the ball.
  6. Ciri Hawaii Taylormade M1/ Graphite design Tour AD mt7x I was fitted for the shaft only based on swing speed. Not sure if the drive head is ideal for me.
  7. Ciri Hawaii TM M1/Tour AD MT7x/ 70gm 110mph I would love to do this one as I am a golf fitness trainer and applies golf specific training to improve performance for distance and consistency. Mahalo!
  8. Ciri Oahu,Hawaii USA 13.7 Taylormade P790/ Nippon Modus T120X I500 I'm excited about this one! Aloha and good luck to everyone!
  9. Ciri Cuenco Honolulu,Hawaii 47, 13.7 index Taylormade 790 3-A, Nippon Modus Tour 120X
  10. Ciri Cuenco Honolulu, HI 47, 13.7 index TM 790 3-AW, Cobra Pur 54, 58, all with Modus Tour 120X shafts. Good luck to all! Aloha
  11. Ciri Cuenco/ Hawaii Cobra pur raw 50 54 58 Bridgestone tour b xw-1 50 54 58
  12. Aloha fellow golfers, I have been golfing for about 12 years, it all started when my boss asked me at work if I golfed. I said no and he replied with, you should be it's fun. He then told me that he started playing golf an early age and was in a junior golf program. He offered to take me to the driving range to see what I could do. Needless to say, the first time I swung the golf club I was hooked! He thought me some fundamentals on golf such as, proper grip, stance, takeaway, follow through, and ball positions in relation to specific clubs. After about a month I played my first round
  13. Ciri Cuenco Honolulu, Hl Taylormade p790/modus tour 120x 7 iron goes 175-180yards I'm ready for the 2 month commitment
  14. Ciri/Honolulu, HI TM M1/Tour AD MT7x 111mph/14.3 hdcp 9.5/ck white series xstiff
  15. Ciri/ Honolulu,hi Cobra pur raw 54,58 Strengths: full shots, 80 and in shots, chips,pitches, and flops around the green.Standard bunker shots. Weaknesses: Close bunker shots, 80 to 100 yard shots. Handicap: 14.3
  16. Ciri/ from Hawaii Taylormade p790 irons/ modus tour120x Handicap: 14.3 C300 forged please. Mahalo
  17. Aloha, I'm excited to test this driver as I have been hearing a lot of great things from all of my friends in golf! Thank you for the opportunity. Ciri/oahu,hawaii/usa Swing speed: 111mph , handicap: 14.4 Current driver: taylomade m1 w/ tour ad mt7x shaft. Driver request to review: G400 lst
  18. Ciri-Hawaii Driver: Taylormade M1 w/ tour ad mt7x shaft Fairway: Taylormade 3wood w/ tour ad ev7x shaft Hybrid: Taylormade 3hybrid w/ tour ad di8x shaft Irons: Taylormade p790 4-gw w/ modus tour120x shafts Wedges:Cobra pur 54, 58 degrees w/ modus tour120x shafts Goals for 2018: 1. Break 80 2. Enter in 2 local amateur tournaments 3. Be most improved golfer in my golf club.
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