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  1. Found it - not the best look. I'm self conscious about mine looking the same
  2. Own them (both pants and shorts), don't wear them... Keep telling myself I'm going to do it, but then never actually do it. Have an old picture I'll need to dig up if a buddy wearing his lightweight white golf pants - the way the pockets were cut/lined, 100% looked like he was wearing a thong.
  3. Basically just repeating recommendations here...but my strategy is to keep a lot of used / slightly damaged balls for this purpose (emphasis on slightly - anything with significant damage is out). When I take them out of play during a round, I put them in a shag bag or tube to use later in some way -- some friends will take damaged "good" balls for their own use, and I keep a tube of the better-condition balls that I leave in the trunk for short game sessions. The tube holds 18 or 20 balls, and helps with collecting the balls from the green. Bonus tip, depending on whether you're open to colored balls (you could also do this with ball number, but I found colors more effective at keeping me honest): bring a mix of colors/designs to the green with you, and change your shot based on the ball. For Snell, you could hit your typical shot with the white, and then hit a high one with the yellow (or low, you pick); for a PIX- or Truvis-style ball (or Vice with all their colors), there are more options, so you could have balls for three different shots (in my tube I have 3 designs, and depending on the design will hit stock/square, open face, and low-checker). This makes the session a bit less robotic and forces you to adapt to different shots you might need on the course.
  4. I played around with the DF in a PGATSS a while back - loved the performance, hated the look (and there's risk my mallet covers won't fit it - petty concern, but a factor). So, figured I'd try the Mezz instead. A full fitting on one of these might require a new mortgage after factoring in fitting fee, shaft upgrades, who knows what else. If you do know your specs, labgolfoutlet.com could save some money.
  5. Just throwing it out there... It works. It works very well. Didn't make anything outside of 6ft, but also didn't miss anything from 6ft and in. Based on how I've been playing, that's huge - shot 35 tonight, but recent putting performance would've put it somewhere between 37-40. Feels like you can't hit it off line. Distance control was good, but need to get used to it (but comebackers were easy). If you have enough in the golf slush fund, give L.A.B. a shot. Or at least try a demo at a local shop -- they seem worth it to me.
  6. A few additions recently. Since I'm a putting headcase (and a putter ho...), decided to give this baby a shot. Wanted it quickly and roughly knew my specs (although with other putter styles...), so went to the L.A.B. outlet site -- a little more than I intended to spend, but the cheaper, comparable spec'ed putters all looked kinda beat up, so I went for it. Well... Must've been someone's cancelled custom order or something, because this thing came brand new, wrapped, stickers still on it, etc. First few putts on the BirdieBall look promising, so we'll see if it stacks up on the course (first time out will be Tuesday night). Then, snagged two of these copper Daly coins to use as ball marks (yes, had to censor it): And then... Picked up the PRGR monitor from SuperSpeed, intending to actually start using them again, but we'll see.
  7. Had a very similar experience with them a couple years ago (based on the pic, probably the same release as the issue you had) -- bought their SoleLace model of this shoe, and while trying to tighten it, the eyelet snapped. They just asked for pictures, and replaced the shoes with the model of my choice (went with the Disc). And...I was kinda able to repair the SoleLace -- heated/molded back together, but I'm guessing it's weaker than the original that snapped.
  8. I'm almost always in Myrtle Beach for Open week -- typically coincides with Father& Son/Family Golf Week, which I've been doing with my dad since high school. Which means I'm away from the fam, which also means I have full control of my bedtime situation so I always throw on the right channel before going to bed and leave the TV on. That way it's on any time I get up throughout the night and when I get up in the morning. Actually get a decent amount of coverage that way.
  9. Stingers incoming! Going to give the U505 a shot. Went with the 1 iron??? Same build as the T200 3- and 4-irons that have been treating me well -- Graphite Design Tour AD IZ-95X shaft. Goal was to swap out the 3w (really struggling with FW woods lately...). The T200 3i is 20°, and my options were 16° or 18° in U505, or 17° T200 - since it's a 3w replacement that's mostly going to be used off the tee anyway, 16° felt like the right play. Also picked up a handful of Golf Pride CPX grips -- my SuperSpeed grips started tearing up my hands, so wanted something soft for that, and just added a couple extra because I had some money left on a gift card. Used them for one session, and they are niiice, so I threw one on the U505 too. Maybe this will finally be the grip that gets me off the MCC (a few dollars cheaper than MCC too).
  10. I picked up a Utility Trouper 2.0 earlier this year, I think shortly before the R was released. Overall I think it's great, and agree with just about everything in the review. Slight difference in my setup -- I use side pocket 1 (your ball pocket) for gloves and markers, and put balls+tees in the medium side pocket (easier to reach in and grab one as I head toward the water and need a new ball to drop ). I might still play around with that configuration though (and might try moving the balls to where you have them). I also agree that there isn't a clear place for tees, so mine are just rattling around with my golf balls. One issue I ran into is is with the stand (looks like the R has the same stand, as I'm guessing all Troupers do). Nearly all bags that I've owned have had a stand that hooks into the legs from the outside-in, so the pressure of extending the legs pushes into the hook; the Trouper does the opposite, hooking in from the inside and relying on a locking washer to take that pressure. Well, somewhere near the 3rd tee in only round #3 carrying the bag, one of washers popped off, making the stand just dangle loose -- could not find it after realizing what happened, and the stand simply did not work the rest of the round (could hook it back in, but it would pop right back out the next time I put it down because there's nothing there to hold it). The stand mechanism is exposed inside the bag too, competing for space with the clubs/grips, which is not ideal but hasn't caused any issues yet (that I know of -- guess it's possible it contributed to this issue). Customer service was great -- they first sent new parts, and after I somehow failed to get the repair to stick, they took the bag back to fix it themselves. Haven't had the issue come up again, but I'm watching it carefully (one of them looks loose, but sturdy so far). They did say that if it continues to be an issue, they'll just replace the bag too, but hopefully it doesn't come to that -- plus if it does happen again, I'm probably just going to put a washer on and then bend the end of it so that it can't pop off quite as easily.
  11. I'm a little late to the game on the CT10 sensors, just picking them up this year, but if anyone is interested in the experience so far (or wants to post their own review), I started this thread on the new (still Beta?) Unofficial Reviews section:
  12. Specifically for the GPS Tracking category (maybe specific to automated trackers and not all GPS devices?), I found myself struggling to differentiate Accuracy vs. On Course Performance, and between Features vs. App/Dashboard. Maybe I'm just misinterpreting the intent of the categories, but these were my debates while writing it: Accuracy feels like it's just part of OCP for this type of device, and could be dropped (or combined). Things like did it pick up my shot? With the right club? In the right spot? That's how I interpreted "accuracy", but that all feels like OCP to me. Other "accuracy" assessments felt like they'd fit under OCP or Features (e.g. no way to tell it where the hole actually is --> either poor performance or lack of feature; map accuracy could be kinda separate, but also kinda not). Features vs. App/Dashboard -- again kinda feel the same to me, or one is just part of the other. I guess in my case the Features could be what I have available on the watch pairing with the sensors, which is separate, but I consider all the stats to be in the Features category too (but those are all on the app/dashboard, so...). I could see these being separate for some other systems, but for mine, they felt kinda the same.
  13. Posted my CT10 review here: Did it on desktop, no issues getting it done. Only thought is that there was a lot of overlap between scored categories for this specific type of device, so I kinda struggled to separate everything.
  14. @BigtazzGolf birthday buddies! Happy birthday
  15. I could probably help out - maybe Garmin CT10 sensors (switched from Arccos this year)? Have a few clubs and balls I can review too, but probably already have enough data on the sensors for a review.
  16. Failed to take pictures because of the short turnaround from pickup-to-course for the first round... But tried out a wood fitting at the local TaylorMade Player Development Center w/Gears Golf, ended up with a new Stealth Plus driver, 8° head set to 8.75°, Diamana ZF 70 X shaft, and immediately swapped out the stock grip with one of my gamers from the basement stockpile. Fairways are WAY up over the first couple rounds (lost confidence in the Epic this year, very happy with the swap so far). Resisted the Club Ho temptation to replace the 3w too -- decided to push the loft up to 15.75° on the current setup. Although... I did pick up a new Paderson Ballistic TP 85 X shaft to try with it, guessing on fit based on a previous driver fitting - used some recent Chirp winnings to get it for $50.
  17. You might just need to get a different cap, which is kinda unfortunate (would be nice if the bottle just came with a couple styles -- the additional caps are $10-15 each). We didn't like the cap that came with the bottle either, so we stocked up on the Chug Magdock caps (bought a couple extras because, somehow, my wife lost a couple rubber seals from the inside of the smaller cap, seeming like they just fell out - I've yet to have that problem, but she also uses her bottle a lot more than I use mine, so ). Magdock still requires that you take the small cap completely off, but the magnetic holster works pretty well. Straw and Hotshot don't require taking off a piece.
  18. Cobra doesn't seem to provide as much information on the specific setting, but if it's like other brands, it's probably upright lie (which promotes more left spin). The face angle could change throughout the settings too, but their adapter might maintain the same face angle -- they just don't provide the specifics behind it. Callaway specifically calls out their "Draw" setting as a change in Lie without mentioning face (https://www.callawaygolf.com/optifitinstructions/); TaylorMade doesn't call it a Draw setting, instead just calling it what it is ("Upright"), but they do publish the Lie and Face changes for each setting on their adapter, which includes a face change of +/- 4 degrees (old, but adapter settings should be the same: https://www.taylormadegolf.com/on/demandware.static/-/Sites-TMaG-Library/en_US/v1639300210181/manuals/2020_tuning_manual.pdf).
  19. A couple additions to the family. First, a Vokey SM7 58° (seems like I have every other loft so why not?) predesigned by Sick Sticks, then added a Paderson shaft and BB&F ferrule. Then, reposting this one now that I decided it's authentic enough (the company that sold me the head has a lot of people vouching for it on WRX and they now sponsor Lydia Ko) and it's fully built -- thanks to @dlow206 for getting me the shaft, and added a slick Sweet Rollz grip to match the color scheme.
  20. Quick plug for Golf Pride since they were mentioned in this thread -- I bought some counterfeit MCC grips because I wanted the specific color scheme (not knowing they were counterfeit -- I had seen this color scheme before and assumed it was just leftover stock, but it was eBay...). But they didn't pass the sniff test, so I contacted Golf Pride directly with the info I gathered (a color fill issue on one, inconsistent weight from grip to grip outside of GP's usual tolerance). They were very helpful and seemed actually interested in the information to try to track down the counterfeit ring (they confirmed counterfeit with the information + pictures I sent). Callaway...not so much. They give the stock response of "we can't help you determine authenticity of your item", and don't seem interested in that same info if it is a counterfeit.
  21. Bought the Garmin club sensors a couple weeks ago because they are compatible with my everyday Garmin watch. Have used Arccos (started on 2018 and went back in 2020-2021, worked reasonably well), Game Golf Pro (didn't work at all), and Shot Scope v2 (worked pretty well but hated the watch). Played nine holes last night and... They're awesome so far. Zero missed shots, easy to add putts, scoring was immediately accurate. I'm guessing I'm going to lose some of the stats from Arccos. I also haven't played around with hole locations or anything. But if it continues to be this easy, I will not be going back.
  22. The Q Star Divides are awesome for putting (both practice and legally swapping them in for putting when scrambles allow it). The Z Star doesn't have as much contrast, but it's still helpful. I'm kinda hoping they release another color in the Z.
  23. That's the thing - the plate looks legit and a similar plate was used on the pre-odyssey logoed models. I just didn't find any references to this full setup (this plate plus H8 neck). It's also possible this was the Japan release or it was slightly customized or something. I'm hoping they just come back with "yes that retailer is legit, don't worry about it" (can't confirm on Callaway's website directly -Japan is not a search option, even though they have known business in Japan).
  24. Picked up an older Toulon Design Madison head off of eBay (wanted it specifically for the Capitol logo), then immediately regretted not doing earlier research -- it passes the initial sniff test (looks too good to be a knockoff...) and comes from a Japanese company that claims authenticity guaranteed, but one thing looks potentially inconsistent, so I have a request out with Odyssey to try to verify (specifically, this has an H8 neck rather than the typical H1, and the US stock releases I found with this head/neck combo say "Odyssey" on the bottom plate, not "Toulon"). If it's confirmed authentic, I'll be seeking out one of those fancy new putter shafts to put into it.
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