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  1. 1 hour ago, bens197 said:

    @ChiefMikeOfficer check out some of the other tests from last year as well. LAB and Titleist iron test threads are still active despite ending months ago. 

    It may not mean much coming from a regular like me but I love what @GolfSpy_APH is saying here. And not to mention, it’s 37 here in Rochester but the birds are out singing and the geese are still lingering. Ya never know when the weather may turn 😊


    3 hours ago, GolfSpy_APH said:

    While official tests run 6 weeks or so (, good chance it's 3 weeks from now that the drivers are in hand... Maybe even a slight bit later) we do hope and well expect anyone using the great to continue updating the post of they are so using the product. 

    We prefer to take a much longer term approach with testing. Anyone can go to a shop and hit drivers for an hour to give a synopsis. 

    Yea, I get that, just trying to be realistic on testing availability for me / my area -- it would feel odd to write the "final review" before even taking it onto the course, even if continuing to assess and review afterward. Plus, another factor for me is that I try not to hit many drivers or wedges at the local winter range, because there are a lot of dud balls that scratch up the faces (more bad balls in the winter because sometimes they can't go pick the good ones out of the snow/ice), so I'd mostly be going off of sims until early- or mid-April -- weather's been nice here the last few weeks too, but supposedly winter will come roaring back in two weeks, so any earlier than that for on-course is a risk.

    But hey, if that's OK for the test, I'll throw my name in -- reasonable chance I'm just going to buy the LS before the season starts anyway... (so if not picked, CHA post incoming??) 

  2. This is awesome! But... it feels too early for some of us northerners ☹️  don't think I'd be able to give it a fair test considering it would be range/rubber tees only for the first 4-6 weeks.

  3. On 8/5/2023 at 2:13 PM, NickFowlz said:

    Beautiful bag, but I have now gone through two of them and the Achilles' Heel is the leg system. They loosen up and weaken SO quickly and do not hold up well to any sort of wear and tear at all. Two flights in a hardshell case for both bags I've had and the leg system has been close to shot.

    That's a watch area for me because my Jones Trouper had some leg issues, but more design than durability -- it's the only bag I've used that hooks the stand mechanism into the legs from the inside, relying on a lock washer to hold it together (internal tooth washer, on a smooth surface). One day, on the third tee, one of the washers flew off, and the stand was unusable the rest of the round (customer service was great, fixed it and it hasn't happened again, but it still sticks with me, and relegated it to a backup/sometimes bag). Ever since that day, I've had my eye on stand quality, so it's top of mind once I get this bag in hand for testing. 

  4. On 6/22/2023 at 11:04 AM, GolfSpy BOS said:


    On 6/22/2023 at 11:04 AM, GolfSpy BOS said:


    On 6/22/2023 at 11:04 AM, GolfSpy BOS said:


    So who wants to get some fresh grips for the rest of the year?  Come on now... we all know you're overdue to change them, might as well see if these Lamkin's work as well for you as they have for me


    Gotta ask, because I don't see it specified... If selected, how many? Is the testing expectation to do a full set, or just a few clubs? I'm intrigued, but not sure if I should even try to sign up -- definitely don't want to swap out my wedge grips, and would prefer to just do long game (for me, 3-5 grips). If it's full set, I'll hold back. 


    (Sorry, phone went nuts and copy/pasted this multiple times)

  5. Wow, test opportunities are loaded this year! I had a Mizuno 3w way back in the T-Zoid days, and it was my go-to club off the tee. A few years back during a Callaway fitting, the fitter pulled out his personal Mizuno driver for me to try, and it was very tempting to jump ship, but ultimately decided against it. Would love to see how these actually stack up against some of the more widely used long game brands. 

  6. Always been a carry guy, resisted the urge to join the Push Cart Posse. Our league captain says switching away from carrying will add years to my life -- that might be a stretch, but figured I'd sign up to see if this could be my chance to make the switch 🤞 (plus I'd refuse to get any push cart that doesn't fold down to a compact size, and this one looks like it checks that box).  Either way, great testing opp, looking forward to seeing the results!

  7. Things have gone awkwardly silent here, so reviving the thread -- 


    Consistent struggle with the 3W -- mostly used for tee shots, and like 50/50 on whether I top it vs. bomb it (the only club that has this issue). Sooo... earlier today I pulled the trigger on this guy: 



    Between U505 (not part of test) and T200, I could have gotten a 16° U505, 17° T200, or 18° U505 to complement the 20 degree T200 Utility. Considering it's replacing a 15-15.75° 3W, I went with the 16° -- head size was also a factor (17° T200 feels above my current skill level; 18° U505 felt too close to the T200 3i). Built the club to match the 3i from the test, which has been phenomenal (as has the 4i that I bought later). 

    They say 6-8 weeks before I get it. For the 4i, they said 10 weeks and it came in 10 days. I'm hoping for something similar here, but we'll see. 


  8. 2 minutes ago, jddaigneault said:

    Glad the review helped! I agree, I’m unsure how they make money. I do know that wholesale for clubs is significantly under market value, so I’m assuming they have wholesale accounts. 

    Yea, that's how I was trying to figure out the rough calculations. I would hope that this was factored into the overall business plan, but it's possible there were some unrealistic assumptions going in. Like if they paid $330 for a driver and a member bought it for $500 (33% sounds like a reasonable difference in what they pay vs. sell for, and they deduct member fees from sale price), they could be sitting on up to two other used drivers that they also paid $330 for -- maybe they assumed they could get $330+ for each of those other two drivers, but reality could be less. E.g. if selling directly to 2ndSwing or a similar place, us individuals will get less than that for a used or even new driver, so they'd need some kind of agreement to get higher buybacks; if they try to sell themselves, they might just be sitting on used inventory --> eventually taking a loss. They do say that they donate a portion of the returned drivers to charities, but the donation model makes it seem even less realistic to make this a sustainable model. 

    Side note: jumped over to their website FAQs to find that last bit of info (what do they do with the returns?), and considering they aren't taking new members, I found it kinda funny that I was getting bombarded by these pop-ups -- either this is misleading (as I've heard about these notifications in the past), or they're reporting renewals in the pop-ups. 


  9. Someone recommended DDC to me after hearing I just ordered a newly fitted driver -- my gut reaction was "it won't work for me" because of shaft options (play an X, and even if it's a "stock offering", it's normally the heavier version that requires custom ordering anyway), but decided to look at it anyway before writing it off, just for kicks (that's also when I remembered about the MGS test offering last year). 

    These reviews are exactly what I expected and super helpful for the market. DDC does have a target market, but especially based on @jddaigneault's review, I'd say their market is not guys like me (FWIW Berg's review helped as well, but the X limitations is what I needed to see). Some of the other data confirms I wouldn't have been happy signing up for the service, like the shipping costs for the replacements, and the fact that they haven't stocked the new products (moot point though - signups are still closed). 

    Especially after seeing they are closed for new sign-ups, it got me thinking that they might not make it much longer (I like to speculate 🤔 I've seen services take this kind of step and then their next step is "dissolve"; others come back and thrive, but both lack of sign-ups and lack of new product does not point in the right direction). That also got me thinking about their business model - it's a great idea if they can keep the service working, but it felt doomed from the start unless they are getting huge discounts on the new drivers or have some kind of second-hand contract that gets them top dollar on used clubs. Just spit-balling numbers...for a returned driver, after considering their cost and what they can get secondary, they're probably hoping for breakeven but more likely somewhere around a ~$50-100 loss per driver -- that's assuming they sell to a secondary retailer, but if they try to sell themselves, they're probably just sitting on a bunch of used inventory with high balances in AP (could also be a reason for not getting the new inventory). Someone that quits after a year then gives them at most $360, but more likely only a ~$100-200 gain depending on how many drivers they went through ($360 minus ~$50 each); a purchase nets them $150-200 on the one driver, minus how many returned clubs it took to get there (so purchases might even be breakeven for them). Even if my numbers are off a bit, it would be really difficult to cover cost of operations -- the returned drivers are cutting into already-thin margins on driver sales, so they'd need some other revenue stream to keep up (do they have that?).  

  10. On 2/25/2022 at 10:20 PM, ChiefMikeOfficer said:

    Well...I did it. You win, Titleist. 4 iron coming soon to accompany the 3 iron with the same build:


    Well, soon is relative. Hopefully it won't take the full 10 weeks they estimated, but even if it does, that's still reasonably early in the season here. Might end up with a longer one at some point too, but we'll see. 

    And she's here - 10 week custom order warning last Friday, got here in just one week! 


  11. Well...I did it. You win, Titleist. 4 iron coming soon to accompany the 3 iron with the same build:


    Well, soon is relative. Hopefully it won't take the full 10 weeks they estimated, but even if it does, that's still reasonably early in the season here. Might end up with a longer one at some point too, but we'll see. 

  12. 12 hours ago, juspoole said:

    I went with a T200 utility build and it's my favorite club from the test.  It outperformed my previous utility iron - Srixon ZX Utility iron - which I "thought" I loved. 

    I've been toying around with the idea of adding a 3 iron in a T200 as well, but currently have a 2 and 3 hybrid, so just not sure which route to go. 

    Same - my T200 Utility 3 iron outperformed my Srixon U85 2 iron, and by a lot. Very possible I pick up another T200 before the season starts -- was originally thinking the 2, but might be leaning more toward the 4 right now (or maybe both? We'll see...)

  13. 15 hours ago, Nolan220 said:

    Alright guys for most of us the new season is around the corner I am interested to see who is sticking with their T-Series Irons or who is making a change and why  ?

    @ncwoz @ChiefMikeOfficer @juspoole @MDGolfHacker @GolfSpy_THV @Nunfa0 


    I will go first I been doing some indoor garage swing practice to beat the cold and been switching up back and forth with my Mizuno JPX900s so its starting to creep in my head about if I should back to the JPX or stick with T300. I think I will stick with the T300 for now but going to get on a LM and get some data before the nice weather kicks in 

    No reason for me to go back. They simply outperform my old set - 10-15 yds longer, similar dispersion, not sacrificing anything when it comes to holding greens. I loved Mizunos but these just seem like the better fit (that occasional rocket is still a slight concern, but I'm shoving that aside for now). 

  14. Decided to go into GolfTEC to burn one of the lessons that I knew I shouldn't have bought... (First one I've used and I'm already 3 months into the 6 month expiration window). Figured I'd just do a swing tune-up and bash some 7 irons. After shaking off the rust by chunk-hooking some short ones, the wow factor came back.


    Maybe they had the monitor (Foresight?) jacked up or at a high altitude setting or something, but supposedly they didn't. Using a Titleist Tour Practice ball, I was mashing 7 irons with 190+ carry and 5700+ RPM of spin (that's 1.5-2 clubs longer than my JPX Tour 🤯 and with "good" spin numbers considering the ball). Dispersion was reasonably tight too - I just wish I swapped in a different ball to see the more realistic numbers. Days like that give me hope for the upcoming season and make me want to sign up for tournaments... But I'm sure reality will set in soon enough, and I'll still be "around 80" (I'll just have more fun getting there with that added distance). 

    Gotta reiterate the thank you to both MGS and Titleist for this opportunity -- without the testing opp, I wouldn't have even considered swapping out my Mizunos, but these are looking like a much better fit for me. 


  15. On 10/25/2021 at 8:55 AM, MDGolfHacker said:

    Any other updates on the T series?  I've been slammed at work and scouts for my son so I haven't even practiced with the T200s... something I hope to rectify this week.



    Winter is settling in here too, so usage is down, but I do have one more round tomorrow that might or might not get some new feedback (hopefully not the last round of the year...but sadly it might be). Range sessions were consistent with previous feedback over the last couple weeks. 

  16. 13 hours ago, PingMD702 said:

     For the guys who tested the T100S set, how did you go about the wedge gapping? I have a set of 2020 T100s up to GW and I am debating if would be better to play stock pw and gw and have just a 54 and 60 or could I get away with a 8 degree gap from my 9 iron to my 46 and play 52 58? I feel that the stock gw comes a little too hot off the face. Thanks for taking the time to review the new sticks!! I can't wait for the t100s to come out in black! 


    11 hours ago, juspoole said:

    Great question and honestly a conundrum that I am still trying to work out. For me personally I like having the PW as well because that is a lot of half and 3/4 swings that you will face by having an 8* gap.
    My thought is to potentially bend the PW and GW a bit weaker since they are so hot off the face.  If I can get my PW closer to 140 and gap wedge closer to 125, my SW is 110 so that would give me 15 yard gaps up through to 9 iron. I could also bend my 54 a bit to ease that difference and keep the other clubs the same.  I prefer the bounce and sole options on 54 and 56 degree wedges usually more than a 52 so I would have some reluctance to do that personally since I chip and pitch a lot with my 54. 

    Sorry for the long winded answer but hope this gave you a couple things to think about. 

    I haven't really figured this out yet either, and didn't really consider it when building the test set (wanted to compare to something I'm used to- could have chosen a T100S GW, but haven't played a set GW since high school). My standard wedges are 50/55/60, which are 125, 110-115, and ~90 (honestly don't know the stock yardage for the 60 - rarely swing it full). The T100S put my PW at 44 instead of 46, which pumped me up to 145-150 stock yardage... So I have a 20-25 yd gap right now between PW and GW (used to be around 15).

    I might make some moves in the off-season, maybe putting a 48 in play instead of the 50 and bending the 55 back to it's original 54, or might just work on taking something off of the PW more consistently. 

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