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  1. And now Zach Johnson (Sorry, quoted the wrong post - meant to quote the Bubba comment)
  2. Probably shouldn't have dropped Cam... seemed like the cool thing to do (he was full all season then I think I was the 3rd one to drop him last week), and it was basically for nothing (went 0-10 that week ).
  3. Looks like a few liquor stores around Madison are turning up in the search - I might swing by and check on the way home tonight.
  4. This is the first time I joined an actual event/contest, and I agree it didn't go well. We also tried to host a smaller event for a bachelor party, and that proved difficult (gave up on the app before the second round, switched to 18Birdies). I might join another one of these, but events on the app have been very disappointing. That said, the rest of the app isn't bad, but it depends what you want to get out of it. My team uses it in our league, and it's way better for that purpose. That lets us track how others are playing throughout the round and keep up with things on the team (same is true of other friends that use the app). Plus, it hooks up directly to my WSGA handicap, so anytime I use the app, the scores post automatically and accurately (auto-adjusts for stroke control, tracks 9hole combo rounds, etc.). If I didn't have this use case for it, I wouldn't use it.
  5. Won today thanks to a glitch in the app been struggling with it freezing on occasion since their Royale updates. I was in second trying to go all in on Bubba making that last 5-footer and it froze - guy in first bet big on making it, and he missed. Miura wedge #3 coming in hot.
  6. Same deal with @xOldBenKenobiX -- it doesn't matter how poorly he played in R2 last week, you cannot have Tyrrell for free Gotta be a Fantrax bug or something
  7. I feel ya. Thought I had a great chance after day 1, winning 8 or 9 matchups. But only 3 made the cut and had at least one blowup each day. Currently tracking to a 2-8 week
  8. This article implies he actually needs to accept the exemption before he gets added to the FedEx Cup standings (so maybe it's him, maybe it's the Tour -- or each step might take a few days to get fully active). The points are there, but just not active yet. https://www.pgatour.com/monday-finish/2021/06/14/five-things-palmetto-championship-at-congaree-garrick-higgo.html
  9. He was a two week play for me that might have turned into a season long spot on my roster. Picked him in a pick 'em league too!
  10. Two different pieces to this... I think you can look it up in their database to see if it's there without purchasing (just download the app?), and if it's not, request that they add it/map it -- this will allow you to use the device, see yardages, use caddie, track stats, etc. But the actual course images may be a totally different story, and if those are missing, it's going to be very difficult to use -- there might be a way for you to see the caddie view while playing, but I haven't found it yet (on Android). I am planning to reach out to CS about getting the images updated (or whether I can use the caddie view of the holes, but it might take some time for newer courses. What I was working with in my last round -- how do you add/correct a shot with this? Actual hole from Caddie Preview image (can view this prior to starting the round, and you can pull it up with the "Ask Caddie" feature, but I haven't figured out if I can layer this while editing or without using Caddie):
  11. Exactly what I'm seeing with my team. I didn't note the specific number of wins, but my games back number changes between 14 and 15 depending on when I log in (when I'm 14GB, I'm in 8th; when I'm 15, I'm in 11th).
  12. It's true. Evidence here - @blackngold_blood is back in 2nd this morning, and I'm back up to 8th from 11th:
  13. So nobody took my advice here? I didn't do it either (avoided the Columbus guys), but as of right now, Van Rooyen is T1 and Reavie T16, both with 6 to play (only 1 team has EVR, 0 Reavie). John Huh isn't working out nearly as well for me, but just having 4 guys playing is a big win this week.
  14. Seems to change constantly. I have no idea what's right. I'm pretty sure I went from 11th to 8th and back to 11th just today.
  15. I've tried a few, but have no experience with Golf Pad. I am tempted to try Garmin now that I have a compatible watch, but right now just have a 3pack trial that I haven't tested yet. Of the ones I've tried: Shot Scope: would be my top choice if they had a Garmin watch app instead of their own hardware. I found this to be very successful, but hated the watch - I have not tried the newer model that has a watch that looks way more comfortable. Customer service was good in my limited interaction. Arccos: my current system (with Link). Going reasonably well. Misses shots here and there, but easy to correct within the app. Most common miss is number of putts, but that's true of others (Shot Scope has you tell it number of putts when you finish the hole; Arccos tries to automate it, and each round I have a handful of holes that are off in each direction). Customer service has been great. Game Golf Pro: unless they've made a ton of progress since release, avoid it. Didn't work at all for me (some rounds only picking up 5-6 shots total). Customer service seemed stretched thin and was not able to help much (back in 2019).
  16. I had him in my waiver queue before taking that run on guys playing well in US Open qualifiers... kinda regretting that I pulled him from the list.
  17. Wolff actually had two different exemptions to make it in the field -- Top 60 OWGR as of May 24 and last year's US Open finish (Tin Cup wasn't lying about that Top 10 thing). https://www.usopen.com/qualifying/exemptions.html -- the By Player tab shows everyone who was exempt and why. Sad that Rickie missed by one -- when I checked early yesterday after their qualifier resumed, it looked like he was going to be a in a big playoff (tracking towards 8 guys for 1-2 spots), but I guess a couple guys jumped him toward the end
  18. Sharing a bit of my strategy for the week, which might benefit others looking for some good add/drops for this week's event: check out the US Open Final Qualifying results from yesterday to see who's hot. They are grueling 36 hole tournaments with only a few qualifiers coming out of each one, so guys at the top of the leaderboard need to be playing very well, and many of them are in the field this week. I was able to snag two of the qualifier winners off of waivers with no problem (and for $0 each), both of which are in the field this week, and there are quite a few others available (expect them to play each of the next two weeks). Be careful of the Columbus event, though -- it spilled into today, so there might be a couple WDs for this week coming out of that qualifier. Erik Van Rooyen (4 consecutive missed cuts, but T1 with a 2nd round -8) and Chez Reavie (also T1 at -12) are both easy pickups for this week if they stay in the field. And sad news coming out of that event -- looks like Rickie is going to miss by 1
  19. I only have a 4-5 man Core team, so I'm trying to make 1-2 moves just about every week to fill out the roster. At least one of my Core guys seems to play every week (this week it's Hatton), so it's been working, but will probably come back to bite me come playoff time. Should probably try to align this week's pickups with guys that qualified for the US Open... I'm actually dropping a US Open exempt player this week, but hoping to replace with someone that qualifies at Sectionals (sorry, Finals) today.
  20. Does the leaderboard in the app mean anything, or will it be a separate scoring system? If the app leaderboard is accurate, I was awarded no points
  21. Maybe they picked the wrong Peter? Peter Uihlein was ranked 14th in PGATour.com's power rankings for the week, but it looks like I'm the only one that snagged him.
  22. It's actual cork -- and as an added bonus, that makes it $30 cheaper than the leather ones.
  23. One more addition for this week -- wasn't sure about it because I know nothing about the company, but it showed up today and is actually pretty slick: Ace of Clubs Cork Scorecard/Yardage Book Holder with a tribute to our new PGA Champion.
  24. Picked up some Devereux shorts. And finally found a good Tin Cup replica visor -- still trying to hunt down the shirt he wore with it.
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