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  1. Did you do an actual Tin Cup custom design that didn't work out? Just curious, in case I ever shoot for something like that...what did the design look like / how complex was it?
  2. Made cuts is the real challenge here... I'm sure we could do some research and make some good picks, but that would take a while. My picks: Beau Hossler Rory Sabbatini (50/50 on good finishes and lower made-cut finishes) If it's a Keeper League, then the long plays are Matt Every & Jim Herman -- lots of lower finishes, but every once in a while, BOOM, they win and extend their eligibility.
  3. That's too bad - my dad told me something about damage to the homes in that area recently (tornado?), but I didn't realize it had that big of an impact on the golf courses. Hopefully they find a way to get them back in shape.
  4. We go for the Family Golf Week tournament every year and vacationed there quite a bit when I was younger. We typically stay at my dad's condo right across from Barefoot Landing, but tend to play all over the place. A few courses I'd highlight on the northern end: River's Edge: it's a hike to the north, but an old favorite Arnie Design. It's mostly playable for that crew, but a few holes could eat you up (like the par 5 9th - not a tough tee shot but both the layup and approach are brutal). Thistle: I don't remember difficulty here (didn't think it was too bad), but I played it for the first time two years ago and was very impressed. They have 27 there, so there are a few ways to split it up. Barefoot: Been a few years since we played any of them, but you'd probably enjoy any of them. Long Bay: Been a while, but I remember enjoying this one. Ocean Ridge (The Big Cats): I remember liking Tiger's Eye the best, but I think I'm biased because that was the hot new course back when I was in high school. Played Leopard's Chase most recently, which was also very nice.
  5. You regretting this trade yet? Tyrrell by a million this week. https://www.instagram.com/p/CO7uWGgDna8/?utm_medium=copy_link
  6. I tried to get him too - been slow-playing the waiver cash, and threw in $11 for him thinking I'd squeeze out a win over the $10 bids. Got that wrong...
  7. I was surprised how much I liked these when I first tried them (especially the cabretta version). But if you're using the standard version, don't stock up too much -- I found them at a really good price a few years back and bought quite a few of them, and durability was good at first, but they seem to weaken over time (I've shifted them to "practice gloves", and they aren't even lasting a single range session). I guess you probably shouldn't stock up and store any glove for years, but I haven't seen the same issue with similar stashes of leather gloves (trend here: when I find a glove i like, I buy a bunch - some kind of fear that they'll go out of production and the replacement models won't work as well...).
  8. The scores do seem crazy, but I have to admit, it is fun to see a shootout every once in a while.
  9. I can hop on this train - had to scramble to get 4 this week. Seamus only shown for what could have been -- made a post-waiver decision to swap him for Sneds (who might play his last 5 holes in -6, so pretty even swap for round 1).
  10. Oh come on, you were just using Webb for trade bait? I thought about that one pretty hard and started scouring the internet to make sure Tyrrell didn't have an extended bout with COVID. I almost declined, but Webb is injured, so it's worth a shot (plus on paper they are very comparable).
  11. Their golf bags look awesome too - a bit pricey, but they look very nice and functional. I kinda wish I gave them a shot over my current bag, but I'm in too deep to make a switch for that price. Also, at 6 lbs, it's kinda on the high end of the "light" stand bags, and it looks like there's no large apparel pocket (a legit problem for a few months in the WI golf season...), but again, the look is very nice. https://ghostgolf.com/collections/golf-bag/products/golf-bag-1-0-oreo
  12. I'm taking this back - turns out my swing was just in shambles last year and I probably would've hit the M1 poorly too A few minor swing changes over the winter, and I'm now bombing (for me ) the SIM consistently, at least off the tee. Not enough situations off of the fairway yet to say it's a keeper, but things are looking up!
  13. I've been watching these guys for a while - agree they look awesome, I just haven't given them a shot yet... I might bite if they do some kind of collab or something. I kinda agree with @M. Parsons on all fronts. I've been eyeing up the magnetic towel more than the belts too. And I second the Groove Belt recommendation - picked one up a couple months back and love it. Big fan of the magnetic buckle.
  14. I'm technically at 12 putters, but "only 6 count" (i.e. I'd likely only game 6 of them, even though 9-10 are technically course-ready). 6 of them have some tie to Guerin Rife - have loved his designs since the original Rife, and feel semi-loyal (loyalty climbed when I sent a question about authenticity of a Guerin Tour Spec a couple years ago, and he personally responded to explain the slight differences I was seeing). The list: 3 are more novelty (father-in-law's vintage garage sale find, a Golf Gods ****, and a Gilmore) 2 are nostalgic (Tour Model 1520 that was my first near-adult-sized putter; original Rife 2Bar) 1 I need to get rid of (Ping Sigma G Tyne that was a laughable raffle prize in a scramble last year - came used and possibly damaged need to verify lie/loft before trying to sell) 3 EVNRolls: ER5B, ER10, and a Tour Stroke Blade (gameable, but technically a trainer) 2 Guerin Tour Spec: 1 mallet and 1 blade 1 Mizuno M-Craft II Blue Ion (posted here a couple weeks ago) Shoes...I actually walked over to the golf corner of my basement to count, then walked away - I kinda don't want to know. Similar to putters, I have a few that didn't work for me that I need to offload, I just haven't done it yet. I had a Never Compromise Sub 30 S2 since HS/college (don't remember the year, but somewhere in the early '00s) -- I just let a friend take it off my hands a couple months back. It was really hard to let that one go.
  15. That's awesome. I just got an offer a few days ago to get 5 new ones for $40 (after shipping). Not sure if that was just an offer to everyone, or if they actually read my recent post-round feedback or just sensed that mine were getting old (started using them back in 2017) -- either way, it's not a bad price for replacements after 4 years, especially considering I never needed to pay yearly for Caddie.
  16. Soo... How many putters is too many? Or shoes? Decided to hunt down an EVNRoll ER10 Outback. Mostly out of stock direct (except 33"), but my local shop just happened to have one (could've gotten it shipped from Golf Galaxy and a couple others too). Putting has been terrible the last couple years, so just trying to switch things up and play with a few different styles - I'm hopeful with this one. And as an added bonus, the Michaelangelo cover from a few posts back fits better on this than it does on the Guerin. (Got some of the new Srixon Tour Divides to help with putting practice too - feeling like a total headcase). Definitely didn't need more shoes, but the G4 looked awesome and, after one round, are my new favorite shoes. The NB...it's pair #4 of NB spikeless shoes, which are my top choice for resort days and/or walking 36. Also pictured but not new purchases: the Guerin (with Putt Dots), an original Rife 2 Bar, Pins & Aces Joker driver cover, and the homemade Kim Jong Un hybrid cover.
  17. It's out there, but might be difficult to find considering they only made 33 of each turtle (Raph was released back in November). Who knows if anyone plans to sell - might pop up on eBay or something, but I don't think they have a specific secondary market like some other companies.
  18. I didn't get that one . @dlow206 picked up 2 so maybe he can hook you up. It's Hole 9 Design - seems like a newer headcover company that's latching onto the Limited-release headcover trend, but they are very inexpensive relative to others. Really cool designs: https://instagram.com/hole9design?igshid=vlvn114hl12w But... Maybe some quality or compatibility issues? Here's some pics of the Michaelangelo I picked up over the winter. It looks awesome, but these pics are the first time I tried to put it on a putter, and it's not fitting well (Guerin Tour Spec standard sized mallet - fits just fine over the head, but magnets are sliding a bit and not latching. Hopefully it works better with the EVNRoll).
  19. Agree with the Mizuno recommendations - Miura makes a very nice club, but I don't think it's worth the cost relative to what Mizuno offers. If you're torn between Forged and Tour and think the Tour could be right, consider a mixed set - I have JPX 919s with 4-6 Forged, 7-PW Tour, which works pretty well for me, but there is a bit of a gap between the 6 and 7 in terms of distance. But before considering that... Watch out for the sales pitch with the fitting - you might only be hearing part of the story and may want to ask more questions or try other shaft/head combos before making the final call. Changing a shaft on an iron absolutely should affect launch, but it might not result in what you're looking for and won't match the results of the same shaft in a different head. If you're actually looking for lower launch...Your current DG shaft is actually a very low launching shaft, and C Taper Lite shouldn't give you lower launch on it's own (you should actually expect it to be higher, but there are swing factors at play too). Simply reshafting might be going in the wrong direction (plus at $50+ per shaft, the cost alone would influence me toward getting newer heads) There are other factors in the iron heads that affect launch/traj - for example, weighting and lofts. Focusing on loft, the Miuras are very strong relative to your current set and the 921s - comparing 7 irons, we have: Current gamer: 33° JPX Tour: 34° JPX Forged: 31° Miura: 30° (That's a full club stronger than JPX Tour - it's basically a 6 iron with a 0.5" shorter shaft) It seems your fitter may have hit your ideal launch numbers by taking a higher launch shaft paired with a lower lofted head. That's not necessarily a bad thing - if the shaft profile leads to better contact relative to the DG (which is a reasonable expectation), then that's great, but then you would need something else to get the launch back down, and loft can do the trick. If you put the C-Tapers into your current set or JPX Tour, you might see significantly different results.
  20. I remember people at the resort talking up the Black's greens, touting their design and size, only to stand on one specific green saying "WTF? There's no way this should be part of the green, it should be fringe or a collection area)." Still can't agree with Blue that's the course we enjoyed the most, but of course that doesn't mean it's the best course (my best round was Red, so it's not play/scoring bias either). We were in and out of there pretty quickly though, so going back to play them again could change my opinion.
  21. The way GOLF does it, condition likely has nothing to do with it. They have fewer than 100 people rating 250+ courses, and there's no way they played all of the courses recently enough to factor it in. Other publications have more raters with specific guidelines, which means recent play is likely, which allows conditions to factor in.
  22. Haven't seen the list yet because for some reason they started delivering to my office, and I haven't been there for a month, but some initial thoughts: Pinehurst is likely boosted by history and a variety of design factors that many of us (including me) may not notice or appreciate when playing it (especially if playing only a few times). GOLF claims to rate based on experts assessing actual course design and architecture, not using rating categories/weights like others (e.g. some ratings include clubhouse/amenities as a rated category, which would also boost Pinehurst courses, at least at the main site). The claim is that it's subjective, but the focus on experts rating design/architecture makes their methodology better than others (that's described here, which I assume is still accurate and applies to the public list too: https://golf.com/travel/how-golf-ranked-top-100-courses/ ). I haven't played No. 2, but I was not impressed by No. 8 relative to other courses in the area (haven't looked at the current list, but 8 used to show up). Bandon is interesting too - Trails is a great course, just much different style from the others. Our caddies said a lot of visitors like Trails the best because it's closer to what they're used to. Coore/Crenshaw seem to hit a lot of the design elements that the expert raters are likely looking for, so I'm not surprised to see it ahead of BD. I personally liked Old Mac the best of the 4, haven't been back to try Sheep Ranch. Streamsong... I totally agree about Black. To be fair, it was the first course we played on a January trip, so might not be giving it a fair shot, but it just felt over-hyped. I'd like to go back and try it again to see if I feel differently in round 2. Blue, though -- we loved that track, and I'd put it right up there with Red (if not slightly above on my own list).
  23. Yea, but how do those compare to Top Flite numbers? With the Left Dash last year, I don't have the actual data to back it up, but gut feel was that I was hitting some of my best drives in the last ~10 years.
  24. Left dash is my new favorite ball. So awesome. As for the overall topic, I've always been curious about this. We used to swear by Top Flite XL for this, but that was back in the late 90s / early 00s, and most scrambles we played were on unwatered courses, so . Most tests with the distance-focused balls seem to be with their target market (i.e. slower swing speeds), which totally makes sense, but leaves us "need 5 more yards for the long drive hole" guys hanging. For higher swing speeds (100+), I've heard the tour-level balls are as long or longer than the distance balls off the tee, but I'd be interested to see tests to back that up. I've heard good things about Velocity and plan to try it this year. Prior gen Volvik XT have also done well for me distance-wise.
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