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  1. Took a trip to the InLaws in KY and made a stop at Makers. So drinking a Private Selection tonight that I got to hand dip.
  2. Taylormade M4 Driver / M6 3W - Project X Evenflow Blue 6.0 S Srixon Z585 4-AW, Cleveland ZipCore 56° and 60° - KBS Tour 90 Was fit into the KBS Tour 90 by Club Champion. I chose the Evenflow shaft based on research at the time, it has worked well, but would like to be fit into a driver shaft.
  3. I will say the best part about Peloton is the versatility of the membership. Once you sign up you can do a plethora of classes. Stretching, yoga, strength, cardio, HIIT, Shadow Boxing, walking, etc. I like that the class aren’t just structured to only the bike. I used their marathon prep program this fall to run my first one in the fall. Helped considerably, in my opinion.
  4. Just finished White Lotus on HBO Max. Pretty good show, different. Still doing 1883 episodes. And highly recommend Mayor of Kingstown if you haven’t seen it yet. Amazon Prime will release the Terminal List later this spring/summer based on the book by Jack Carr. It will star Chris Pratt as James Reece. I’m eagerly awaiting that.
  5. Chief loves himself some snow!
  6. Shot 98 today(48:50). But left a lot to be desired. Had 4 lost shots off the Tee, a four putt, three putt, and 3 duffed approach shots throughout my 18. Need to find my groove again. For only being my third round this year, I am okay with the result, regardless of the sloppiness. I was outside in mid 50° weather, sun shining and playing golf with a friend. So I am grateful for the day as well!
  7. I played football for 21 years including college and professional. After that’s all said and done, there is a void to compete and be challenged. Hence where golf came in. It’s an opportunity to be active regardless of age and helps with the mental aspect of continuous improvement.
  8. She did not. She’s a champagne type of woman so a glass of Veuve for her.
  9. Matt- I echo everyone else’s sentiments in thanking you for taking the time to show us Spy’s some love! As an 18 handicap that has had numerous lessons, why is it that every instructor immediately goes to change my grip? How can more instructors adopt the idea that one swing does not fit all?
  10. Some fresh T Bones from the yesterdays cow. Little early Valentines dinner with the Mrs.
  11. If you walk, I highly recommend the ASICS Gel Course Duo. Most comfortable golf shoe I have ever worn.
  12. Nice! We just bought our first house up here this past fall. Love being in this neck of the woods.
  13. Just finished up the home gym today with a Rogue foldable rack, barbell, and bumper plates.
  14. Great review! I am currently playing the Z585 irons and am looking to upgrade into the ZX5. It seems as though they align very well to the prior generation but would be interested in some comparison between the two.
  15. You hit the nail on the head. I struggle to translate the distance, target, etc to where I am hitting. I just see myself hitting a screen. I have been trying to find a fitter near me that will do it outside instead of on a simulator for that exact reason.
  16. Great addition and way to filter profiles. Looking forward to seeing this come to life. Well done to all in a way to continue to expand the success of MGS!
  17. That ain’t a bad fee at all. I have a love/hate with simulators. My ball flight is never the same on a simulator than what is on the course. Haven’t quite wrapped my head around it. That said, they are phenomenal for these wet/cold months when we can’t get to the course. Rather take a simulator than the couch.
  18. Smoked Venison Burgers and AirFryer Shoestring fries with Fry Sauce(for my west coasters)
  19. Some local IPA’s from Skookum Brewery. Arguably the best Hazy IPAs I’ve had in Washington.
  20. Oh yes, Kenzie is a very good girl! It’s my buddies pup. She’s still learning the ropes, only 1.5 yo
  21. Took the new Cleveland wedges to the practice green and worked on getting the feel of them. Was able to figure them out pretty quickly and got the balls to check. Pretty happy with the purchase and will keep hitting the practice green as the wedge game is by far my worst part of the bag. Time to change that and shoot low!
  22. No, first time playing them. I was using CBX 2 previously. Just practiced with them today. I’m not a great wedge player. But I was hitting these out of rough on the practice chipping green and checking them, consistently. My mind is blown.
  23. First time shooting/eating snow goose. Turned out Delicious. Actually just smoked some venison burgers the other night from my buck this past fall. Still eagerly awaiting him to come back from the Taxidermist.
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