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  1. First of all thank you for giving us the opportunity to ask questions. I have a driver swing speed around 115 and an aggressive transition. I also spin the ball more than I would like. What shaft from your current lineup would you suggest for me? Weight flex etc....
  2. I wanted to see the mizuno and g410 in the final but oh well. I agree with what you guys are saying about the drivers not being maxed out across the face and some are better than others when it comes to that. If I was bombing it 320+ every time I would go with the driver that gave me the most consistency and accuracy not the most distance.
  3. I’m going to do this as well with a few different balls this year. One of my goals this season (if I ever get to play) is to find the right ball for me and stick to it.
  4. One of the best combo sets I’ve had experience with
  5. Thanks for the info
  6. I cannot stop looking at the new Mizuno M craft putters. I don’t necessarily NEED one but I really really want one.
  7. LoganT

    New Irons...

    That’s good that they both offer your shaft. I haven’t played a hollow body style iron but from what I’ve read/heard about them they will be similar forgiveness to your traditional cavity backs. They are basically a cavity back iron but with the cavity on the inside of the head. If you are seeing similar performance from both heads I would then lean on looks and feel to make the final decision.
  8. LoganT

    New Irons...

    What shafts ended up giving you the best results? Not sure about cobra but mizuno offers a good selection of shafts at no upcharge.
  9. Sometimes I feel like I’m slowly accomplishing this
  10. Yes you’re right I typed it up wrong. It’s actually the putters offset in relation to eye dominance. One article says more offset for same hand eye dominance and one article said less offset so I’m confused
  11. I came across a few articles online talking about which offset styles were typically better for certain players in regards to their eye dominance. The only problem is each one of the articles are different from each other. What are your opinions on this? I myself am right hand/right eye dominant and I’m wondering if a certain amount of offset will help my putting.
  12. Thinking of getting fit for a new driver and 3 wood. The ts lines from titleist look good, but so do the Taylormade, callaway, mizuno, Ping, cobra..... guess I’ll just have to try them all.
  13. Very interested for the reviews on the G710 irons. Good luck to everyone who enters!
  14. Anyone playing these in their driver or fairway woods? Are these shafts similar to any others?
  15. I’ve ran into the same problem in the past. I like the irons so much I wanted at least one backup set.
  16. I have these in a combo set with the 588 mb. They are quite possibly my favorite irons ever
  17. I would like to see all the high toe type wedges tested against each other.
  18. I would match the 50* shaft to your iron shafts
  19. @Shankster this has been a very interesting read. I have the s18 wedges from mizuno and I’m not sure if you would classify those as cb wedges but they are phenomenal. If the glides don’t work out for you, you should give these a look.
  20. Oh okay gotcha, my bad. After I replied I looked back at this post and I figured that’s what it was but it was just an honest mistake.
  21. What’s so funny? The price listed up top is the original price and then he said price drop $50 then price drop again.
  22. What is your current asking price?
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