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    LoganT got a reaction from cksurfdude in Enter To Win a 2018 Odyssey O-Works Putter   
    Well just lookee here folks we may have us a lucky winner!

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    LoganT got a reaction from cksurfdude in Enter To Win a 2018 Odyssey O-Works Putter   
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    LoganT got a reaction from cksurfdude in Enter To Win a 2018 Odyssey O-Works Putter   
    Yes this is my entry since the lucky winner has yet to be chosen

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    LoganT got a reaction from cksurfdude in Enter To Win a 2018 Odyssey O-Works Putter   
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    LoganT got a reaction from Golf Dawg in Putter offset in relation to eye dominance   
    Sometimes I feel like I’m slowly accomplishing this
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    LoganT reacted to RickyBobby_PR in Iron shafts similar to project x 6.5?   
    In my experience there is no shaft like PX. From what I remember of our discussion at their HQ the PX shaft is stout the whole length of the shaft whereas other companies change tend to have a section of their shafts play softer in some sections than others.
    Keep in mind that shafts are going to feel and perform different for each person as well as possible performance differences between heads.
    The best thing to do is get fit for a shaft that matches your swing with your head choice.
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    LoganT reacted to Golfmanufaktur in Iron shafts similar to project x 6.5?   
    KBS Tour V basically is a beefed up KBS Tour with a firmer tip section. Nowhere near as stout as PX, but firmer feeling compared to KBS Tour. 
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    LoganT reacted to newballcoach in #COBRACONNECT Challenge 4   
    Put on as much weight as possible? This is supposed to be hard?
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    LoganT reacted to Bucky CC in #COBRACONNECT Challenge 4   
    First hole in one ever thanks to my Cobra King F9 Black 50° wedge.  120 yard shot that landed just past the hole and spun back in.  You guys are in for a real treat with these Cobra clubs!
    Whoever gets the first hole in one during the challenge has my complete support!

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    LoganT reacted to Golfmanufaktur in Iron shafts similar to project x 6.5?   
    Modus 120 is a very different profile compared to PX. Way softer under the hands and in the middle section of the shaft. They are similarly firm in the tip section though. Not saying, that you can not replace PX by a Modus 120, but it’s not a given, that it will work out the intended way.
    The easiest replacement is the C-Taper 130X.....very similar shaft, since it’s been designed to mimic the PX. Another option could be DG X7. 
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    LoganT reacted to KatoGolfer in Iron shafts similar to project x 6.5?   
    I find them a touch less boardy and am seeing slightly higher ball flight.
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    LoganT got a reaction from KatoGolfer in Iron shafts similar to project x 6.5?   
    I agree completely. I love the performance of the  project x shafts just wish I could find something that felt a little better
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    LoganT got a reaction from ParFore74x in New Irons...   
    What shafts ended up giving you the best results? Not sure about cobra but mizuno offers a good selection of shafts at no upcharge. 
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    LoganT reacted to GB13 in #COBRACONNECT Challenge 4   
    Sorry bro, but I don’t need tips from a 8 capper. I don’t take advice from worse players than me.
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    LoganT reacted to GB13 in #COBRACONNECT Challenge 4   
    Just remember, I’ve been to the part on TN where you live. I’m very sure there are some toothless people there. 
    HEY!!! She’s only a SECOND COUSIN! 🙃😂
    When people think of Alabama, they just think of “rednecks”. They don’t realize that there is a large group of people with teeth, and wives not from their immediate family... who can still enjoy the success of our team. 
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    LoganT reacted to ole gray in #COBRACONNECT Challenge 4   
    Heck I’m on my third set!

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    LoganT reacted to sirchunksalot in #COBRACONNECT Challenge 4   
    Btw, I'm assuming at your age you still have all your teeth. You can't be a true Bama fan if that's the case. 
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    LoganT reacted to Bucky CC in #COBRACONNECT Challenge 4   
    Wow.  I head out for a tournament this morning and get back to find over 30 notices about CCC4 posts.  Impressive!
    I'm excited to see how @GB13 and @B.Boston play with their King Forged Tec irons.  I still absolutely love my mostly Cobra bag, but I did switch out of the F9 irons pretty quickly after the contest was over.  The Woods, hybrids, and wedges aren't leaving anytime soon.
    My 7 remaining Cobra clubs helped me shoot a 76-76 (gross) this weekend to win my flight by 7 shots (net).

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    LoganT reacted to THEZIPR23 in #COBRACONNECT Challenge 4   
    I am usually a sucker for cute kids pics, and yes yours definitely qualify. But based on your team allegiances they are all going to grow up to be horrible people so you’re out. 😉
    For me this is going to come down to @GB13 and @edingc. I tested the epic flash with @edingc last year and know that he has continued to improve his game. He is also dedicated to getting better. Probably the favorite going in. But there would be nothing funnier than watching a bunch a grown men devote 8 weeks of their life scraping and crawling to get to the top all to be beat by some kid who couldn’t even watch the MJ doc because it was past his bed time. They are not lying when they say his biggest challenge will be not to be grounded during the course of the comp.  So guys show me what you got...
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    LoganT reacted to GB13 in #COBRACONNECT Challenge 4   
    Participation trophies embody everything that is wrong with my generation. I shall be graceful in defeat if it come to that....
    but it won’t
    Just as long as you come in your special hat! 
    1. We’ll see, probably not though.
    2. Obviously not to both. He gets in at least a bar brawl every week with his attitude.
    3. He’ll start off taking the high road, but we’ll pester him enough to see his true trash talking self.
    4. He better, or I’ll do it for him.
    5. Well, I’ve not heard enough from @daviddvm to dislike him yet, so hopefully they work out well for him. 
    1. MJ, no debate.
    2. Patriots (obviously) Can’t stand cheaters, or arrogant QB/HC duos. 
    3. Look, if my fellow competitors can’t keep a level head due to some teenager’s comments, there is no way they can win. And, I’ll watch them slowly self-destruct until there is nothin left but a pile of ashes. 

    No, but with how overrated LeBron is, I can only assume MJ was a helluva lot better. 
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    LoganT reacted to GolfSpy BOS in #COBRACONNECT Challenge 4   
    Great questions!
    To answer your questions directed at me:
    -Yes I will beat @Lacassem with those pings.  We should have numerous rounds against one another once the Cobra gear comes in.  Maybe we will set up a side poll on what sort of round we should play (irons only, 4 clubs only, etc) and will post the Arccos results here for you all to see.
    -While I would never start a bar fight, there’s no one I’d rather have in my corner than Mark.  I’m not really into the bar scene, and don’t really drink much while on the course.
    Also, is this where I’m supposed to mention I have three cute kids?

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    LoganT reacted to Mtbryant01 in #COBRACONNECT Challenge 4   
    Alright, like @MattF said, everyone is hating on @GB13 and it makes me want to sign my LOI to back him, but first I need the guys to answer some questions to make sure I’m on the same wavelength...
    1) GOAT: MJ or Lebron?
    2) what sports team can you not stand? (Any sport)
    3) Give me your best gif/meme of how you are going to demolish your competition. 
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    LoganT reacted to Nunfa0 in #COBRACONNECT Challenge 4   
    Ok so far it's all been who's city has the most trophies, who has actually finished puberty, who has the funniest accent (I win that for sure, just watch Flight of the Concords to hear it) but the more important questions are...
    1. Can @GB13 make it through the challenge without @GolfSpy STUDque sending him to his room?
    2. Can @B.Boston beat @Lacassem and his Pings? Also can he make it through without starting a bar brawl?
    3 . Will @edingc bring class and decorum to proceedings or will he be in the brawl with B.Boston?
    4. Will @Headhammerdemand that B.Boston play with his balls deflated the way that Brady used to like?
    5. Can @daviddvm be the first to make the one lengths truly work or will he be just like the OKC Thunder, nearly but not quite good enough?
    Only time will tell....

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    LoganT reacted to fozcycle in #COBRACONNECT Challenge 4   
    Congrats to this years contestants, err I mean equipment reviewers.

    Using Tour Edge Exotics EXS Driver w/ Mitsubishi Tense ck Blue regular shaft; Cobra King F8 4W & 6W w/Mitsubishi Tense ck Blue regular shaft; Tour Edge CVX 119 4 Hybrid , Irons 5-PW Wilson Staff D-7 w/Recoil 460 regular shafts; Cobra King wedges 50/54/58 & Bellum Winmore 707 putter.

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    LoganT reacted to MattF in #COBRACONNECT Challenge 4   
    I'm not fully committed yet, but I like backing the young gun @GB13. When this is over, I might take a road trip and teach him how to shave.
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