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  1. I was always taught a firm solid base, feet at least shoulder width apart...... I was also taught a very useful drill of feet together to aid timing, syncing body and arms together.... it was at the range last week I did the drill and found my iron shots only a few yards shorter so I've narrowed my stance and it certainly promotes a better hip turn which is the main thing I dont do properly. I tend to get stuck and sway forward in the downswing as opposed to turning. working well so far
  2. thanks all- looking forward to talking golf as the weather is still bad here
  3. hi, Played the Old course and spent a week in Oregon in the high desert- fantastic time and people
  4. Hi, didnt even know MCG had a forum. I'm active on a couple and enjoy helping (where I can) and generally sharing info and opinions on golf and equipment.
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