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  1. I think the Kirkland ball, maxfli ball, vice, and cut golf balls are all great options. May not suite your swing but amazing bang for your buck.
  2. I have 3 shots with this scenario. Depending on the grass and green set up. If either Take my 54* and pitch to the green, bump with a 9i, or almost putt it with my 2i. Totally depending on how tight the fairways are, how firm they are, how sticky the fringe is, far the greens are, etc
  3. I joined because my brother and Adam used to be neighbors. I met Adam when he started MGS in his garage. He was such a nice and humble guy. Love the feedback about everything. Doesn’t matter what it is, if it’s golf, it’s being tested.
  4. I was playing the p770 and had the pw bent to 46*. So I carried a 50,54,58 in addition to the pw. Just switched to zx7 mkii and the pw is 46, so I’ll carry the same wedge set up.
  5. I own a pair from when they were the best thing ever, but haven’t worn them in years. They should actually just be donated really. Plus I’ve put on few lbs not anything crazy but if I wore them I’d feel like the stay puffed marshmallow man..
  6. They do it at my course almost regularly. I don’t know if it’s intentional or just ignorance. But they cut the hole on a par 3 right on the crest of a ridge. You miss left you go 10 feet left. You miss right, you end up 10ft. If you are beneath it and don’t hole it you are 10ft going back up the hill for the same putt you just had.
  7. If I had to pick one it would be a 3h. 5W just tended to be too high off the tee and not as easy to hit from the rough if needed. I personally carry a 18* 2i which gives me, for my game, the most versatility. I can keep it low if the tee if needed. And much easier out of the rough. There is very little chance if the ball is sitting down of getting a 5 wood on it.
  8. Man the srixon irons imo are the most underrated irons. I currently have a zx7 / z forged blended set, and a set of zx7 mkii irons. Love ‘em!
  9. I would not say underrated. Titleist has been getting rave reviews for the tsr lineup this year. I will say you don’t hear as much about the 2 or the 4 compared to the 3, but I do think that’s because the tsr3 is that right in between that fits a lot of swings. I personally think depending on what you are looking for they have an option. I have never been a titleist guy and went for a fitting and hit the 3 and 4 amongst others, and ended up with the tsr3 with ventus blue tr 6X. I already got the shaft, just waiting on the head to get in. (Purchased separately)
  10. I think some of these are a little far fetched. I see what they are getting at with the datapoints but I can tell you, I’m at .9 index right now, and I have shot 66-84 this year on the same course nonetheless. I do agree that some of these scores based on handicaps may likely not happen but 132 years? Just say never lol. But they can’t though because it is possible.
  11. I got fit for the tsr3 with a ventus blue 6X tr shaft. Funny thing is I went in with an open mind. Historically I have NEVER been a titleist guy. But here we are buying a new driver and 3 wood…
  12. I have switched recently. For a long time I played the z star xv but recently went to the avx and have been very happy. I think there are sO many balls out there you just need to try some and figure out what works best for you though. My group hated the z star balls. But I’m not crazy about the tp5 a few of them play.
  13. Yes echoing above, you need to try and see if one of them is better for you than the other. Personally, I think there isn’t much difference between the two. It’s mainly the text. To me, they are the same putter and virtually have been for years. Don’t fix what isn’t broken.
  14. Honestly, I used to switch all the time and I used the excuse because my putting is terrible. But I have been putting with an odyssey o works for almost two years without taking it out of my bag and my putting is getting so much more consistent. I guess it helps if you look at the same thing every day vs something different every few days.
  15. I understand but that’s a relative term. This set is 1 of 45 ever released. And I still hit them better than anything on the market today so it’s worth it to me. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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