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  2. Tier 1: Hideki Matsuyama Tier 2: Patrick Reed Tier 3: Zach Johnson Tier 4: Jjonattan Vegas Tier 5: Julian Suri Tiebreaker #1: -16 Tiebreaker #2: -2
  3. My experimental clubs range most boringly to FLO - Flat Line oscillation shafted clubs. My favorite experiment that I am most interested in the results is trying to see what happens if you could weight a club so it's center of mass is right in the center of where you grip it. It's a basic physics concept, rotation about the center of mass has the least rotational inertia. Meaning it's easiest to rotate. I'm currently epoxying lead BB's into the but end of a shaft trying to backweight it as much as possible. I'm not expecting more club speed but I'm very curious about how it feels and how it impacts control.
  4. 1. My name is Brendan. I live in California, Northern California. 2. I currently play Cobra King F6 Driver (cut to 43.5” prolaunch red stiff shaft, weight on the driver is 4g heavier than stock). 3 Wood is Cobra King F6 stock with Stiff shaft. Cobra King F7 hybrid at 20 degrees with stock Stiff shaft. Irons 4-PW are Titleist 718 T-mb all with KNS tour shafts. Gap Wedge is a Cleveland CBX 50 degree. Sand wedge and Lob Wedges are Callaway Mack Daddy 3 PM grind, 56 and 64 degrees respectively. My putter I use a Taylor Made Spider with 1g weights. 3. My current handicap is a 15. 4. My goals for the 2018 golf season are to improve my pour shots. A great shot for me and a PGA professional is the same, where I lose strokes is when I hit a pour shot. Simply put, I want to make my misses less harmful to my score. I know the easiest way for me to do this is to dial in my distances with each club. I'm constantly pulling out the wrong club for a relatively easy shot. Once I know my distances will come confidence and smarter play.
  5. As an engineer, I'm constantly creating test clubs and experimenting. I love golf spy, insights and labs. It's what I wish I could do.
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