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  1. This close to my first hole in one yesterday at Lyon Oaks in the metro Detroit area. Flushed a 7i and was dead at it the entire way. Landed a few feet short then lipped out.
  2. Ok, here's what I've roughly cooked up, any major issues anyone is seeing? For the solo competition we'll use Stableford for the rounds at the Loop, Dunes, Signature, and Masterpiece. We'll keep a running total throughout and then play match play on the final round at Tradition to determine the final winner. If more than two people are in contention for the top spot we'll play an alternative format like Skins or Wolf. For team format, we'll have two man teams where although you won't always be playing with your partner your scores are combined post-round using best ball format. That combined car is then used to give your team a score based on: 1 pt for low combined front 9 (best ball) 1 pt for low combined back 9 (best ball) 2 pt for low combined round (best ball) 1 pt for low solo total 1 pt for worst combined total 1 pt for birdies 1 pt closest to hole (one designated hole per 18) We're planning to play the round at Premier strictly as righties vs lefties in scramble format for the sake of our backs and daylight. Yes, we really have 4 lefties going on the trip.
  3. Adding another one to the must-play list as I finally got a chance to play it last week, Belvedere Golf Club in Charlevoix. Amazing layout and awesome old school feel. Would love to have a place like that in the Detroit area to join as a member.
  4. This is going to be the second year of the guys trip I started last year, this year we've doubled our group to 8. Below is our itinerary. Not everyone will arrive until late Sunday so I'm looking to come up with some type of plan for all the Monday-Wednesday rounds that will 1. Allow us to play a variety of scoring formats (stroke, match, best ball, etc) while mixing up the foursomes as often as possible 2. Result in an overall winner as well as a two man team winner. Everyone is roughly of the same-ish skill level (8-12 handicap) so we shouldn't have to compensate terribly to make things even. Sunday PM: Forest Dunes Loop Monday AM: Forest Dunes Loop Monday PM: Forest Dunes Tuesday AM: Treetops Signature Tuesday PM: Treetops Premier Tuesday PM: Treetops Threetops (9 hole par 3) Wednesday AM: Treetops Masterpiece Wednesday PM: Treetops Tradition
  5. I swear, the Carl's Golfland locations here in metro-Detroit might have the best lefty putter selection of any retail store in the entire country. I'll make sure to snap a photo next time I stop by one of their shops.
  6. Couldn't grab a picture, but had a wild incident at the Carl's Golfland range here in the Detroit area yesterday, 8 lefties - all of us in a row at the same time. IDK what the odds of that happening are but it was pretty neat to see. There were some confused looking righty faces too walking by.
  7. Crossing my fingers the 4 layer isn't gone forever.
  8. An update on this: I hit up a couple other Detroit area locations today and inventory is all across the board, but if you're a large or xl those were by far the sizes with the most stock. Medium (which I wear) were slim pickings. If you do go, I found they also have a variety of other Nike "golf" products like caps, winter hats, belts, and rain jackets scattered across the store. I had no luck finding any other t-shirts like the one in my original post so that must have been dumb luck. Happy hunting to those of you with a location nearby!
  9. Graphite Design Tour AD DI shaft 60g Stiff. It's the main reason I bought the club as that shaft alone for $100 is a steal.
  10. Been busy with work the past week, but finally here they are! Before: Talyormade 09 Burner After: Exotics EX10 It's only a matter of time before I add some of those high-face sky marks on this new baby, but so far it's treated me well. The launch is a touch higher than I'd prefer but can't complain too much for a $100.
  11. A week of temps in the 70's and a couple days of heavy rain have made a night and day difference for course conditions here in southern Michigan. By Memorial Day, most courses should be in peak shape. Sank this putt Saturday for birdie at Tanglewood in South Lyon. Ball landed 2 feet short of the cup and rolled right past.
  12. Just a heads up for those of you who live near a Burlington Coat Factory, they seem to have received a recent drop of Nike golf apparel. I made a random stop at one of the Detroit area stores on Friday and found a Modern Fit Tee ($10) Aeroreact Polo ($30) and Modern Fit Khakis ($30). They had a number of more regular cut style golf polos and other size pants too. The polo was mixed in with in regular tees so might taking some time and luck searching if your store is not the most organized.
  13. I'm a pants guy any time the temp is 75°ish or below, but if things are well into the 80's and I'm playing a midday round shorts it is. I need to replace a couple pairs of my golf pants and planning to pick up a pair of vented Under Armor or Bonobos that breathe near just as well as wearing shorts.
  14. Hmm thanks, I think I might go with somehow arranging/gluing some small rare earth magnets for the one I plan to make as I'd like the background to be nice felt-like material.
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