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  1. First Name/State or Country of residence: ERNEST ONTARIO, CANADA Handicap: 9 Current irons in Play: ROCKETBALLZ MAX The carry distance of the your 7 iron: 162yds
  2. I need your help "readers". Recently, I read an article about a company that does "Factory Direct" club fittings. You provide them with your swing data (obviously requires you to spend time with a simulator), they build you all the clubs you wish. Driver, 3W, hybrids, irons, wedges. I have a bad memory, but I think they might only be starting fitting putters. I also have a vague thought that they are located possibly in MN?!? Any suggestions all of you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Opinion Poll: What would be the bigger heartwarming story for the game of golf? Sam Saunders winning the Arnold Palmer Invitational? Phil winning the US Open?
  4. First name: Ernest Home State/Province/Country: Ontario/Canada ​Do you use performance tracking? Yes (I created my own MS Excel spreadsheet) + SkyGolf Do you use a GPS watch? Yes Which ones? SkyGolf
  5. Ernest, from Welland, ON, Canada Current Driver: TaylorMade R11s (shaft Fuzika - sorry if spelled incorrectly) Due to 634 driver swings captured on a ForeSight Launch Monitor: Swing Speed: 94.1 Carry Distance: 221 (total yards 251) Handicap Index: 9.0 I just went for my first Driver Test Fitting last week with a TaylorMade rep, and after an hour, he was unable to find a (TwistFace) driver head/shaft combination that exceeded my current driver's performance. I'd be ecstatic if Cleveland could be different and make me a better golfer.
  6. Ernest, Ontario (Canada) Driver: TM R11s 3W: TM RocketBallz Stage2 HY: TM RocketBallz Stage 2 Tour Rescue IRONS: TM RocketBallz Max Wedges: Nike VR Pro Brushed Oxide Balls: OnCore AVANT Current Handicap Index: 9.0 GOALS: >>> To win this contest and have the greatest year of golf in my life >>> This is the first year I have ever purchased a Golf Membership, so I plan to play at least 2x a week. (Yes, I have my wife's approval) >>> My dad is 73 and has a membership at the same course as me, so another goal is to make as many great memories as possible, while we still can. >>> Make my 8 yr old son fall in love with the game. Now, some more traditional GOALS: >>> Break 80; 25% of the time >>> Break 85; 70% of the time >>> Break Par (Net Score); 50% of the time >>> Putts / Hole >>> 3 Putts / Round >>> GIR 40% (up from 35.8% in 2016) >>> FIR 60% (up from 59.3% in 2016) >>> With those goals achieved, watch my Handicap Index Drop to possibly an 8.0
  7. Welcome to the forums e_c_poirier :)


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