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  1. Randy Edmond, OK I generally ride with a buddy, but walk about half the round while he drives the cart. I have a pull cart, in storage somewhere. I haven't used it in years.
  2. First name/City State: Randy, Edmond, OK Current Wedge Played: Mizuno 47, 52, 56 T-5, and 60 T-7 Loft You would Choose: 56
  3. Randy, Oklahoma Handicap 20 Current hybrids in play - Mizuno JPX, Cleveland Most important thing about hybrid - More confidence for making better contact
  4. First Name/State - Randy, Oklahoma Handicap 20+ Current Brand Wedges Played - Mizuno Your favorite type of wedge shot - high, soft landing 85 yarder
  5. Like everyone else, I would love to play/test these wedges. 1. Randy Kemp, OK 2. 18 3. Mizuno 850jpx 52°GW, Mizuno T-5 56°SW, Mizuno T-7 60°LW. Senior Flex, +2°loft, -1/2" Length 4. Would like to test same in Bridgestone
  6. Randy, Oklahoma Hdcp - 18 (self assessed, not OGA) Titleist ProV1X Looking for ball speed
  7. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? Began playing in the mid 60's in the 7th grade, introduced to the game by my dad. At my best, I shot low to mid 80's. After a series of injuries, I'm working to get back there...or better! What do you love about golf? The honor of the game, being active outdoors, honing a skill, friendships made. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? This is the only spy I know of. Where are you from? What is your home course? From Edmond/Oklahoma City, OK, playing The Greens CC. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Best things: lots of great golf courses and golfers from this area. We do get a PGA or Champions Tour event from time to time. Worst thing aside from the mid-summer heat is the number of golf courses closing, which I know is occurring nationwide. Two of my local favorites have closed in the past two years. What do you do for a living? Digital audio production/creation. How’d you pick your user name? It's a family thing.
  8. Please add me to the thousands that will undoubtedly apply for this opportunity. Thanks! Your first name: Randy Your home state/province/country: Oklahoma, USA Your handicap: 18 Your current irons set/shaft: Mizuno JPX850 7W, 5 Hybrid, Fujikara Flex-A, 6.3 HB shafts 6-Gap W, Mizuno T-5 56 degree, T-7 60 degree, Orochi A-Flex 60g shafts Your PING choice - i210
  9. Randy/Oklahoma Wedges: Mizuno T-5 52, Mizuno T-5 56, Mizuno T-7 60 Strength 85 yards out Weekness: Consistently striking a low wedge that checks up Handicap: No official handicap yet, but have a ghin and working on it. Currently, I'm playing just over bogey golf.
  10. Welcome to the forums rkempone :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


    There are thousands of golfers waiting to get to know you.


    MyGolfSpy Staff

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