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  1. I got it right, you just need to read slower. Jason and I are car pooling.
  2. @sirchunksalot and I will be getting out of the car after a 4-1/2 hour drive on Thursday. At least you have a flight attendant to serve you and a bathroom that travels with you and you can take a nap. Use your imagination, I’m playing a mini violin for you right now.
  3. I can see it coming together. Good save on the couch and tables. Good man cave material. I’ll actually be in your neck of the woods tomorrow. My daughter has a track meet at UNC Wilmington. I’ll be there all day. I hope the weather clears up.
  4. How true! My current course is a shorter course. 6527 Blues, 6112 Whites, 5181 Gold, 4941 Red, and 4387 Orange. The course's front 9 is a Ross design and I'm not sure who did the back. There are 10 dogleg holes, tight fairways, small greens and all are elevated. If you go over any green long, you are in trouble. Being a long hitter is of no use on 14 of the 18 holes. Most of the dog legs require your tee shot to be a distance way less than a driver unless you can really move the ball left and right. You will still be left with long iron, hybrid, or fairway wood shots into the greens. The trees are tall yellow pines which are about 40 to 50 feet tall. So, no short cuts. This is a placement course so don't let the short overall yardage fool you into thinking you're going to score low. It took me the better part of a year to figure out every hole's secrets. If you can't hit the ball straight, you're in trouble.
  5. All Golf Pride CP2 Pro midsize except the putter of course. That's a Sniper pistol grip. The CP2 Pros hold up well and stays tacky even after 2 seasons. For me thats over 150 rounds plus range and home simulator sessions.
  6. It never ceases to amaze me how much you can learn from a call with an OEM. So much thought, trial and error, and passion behind the products and even the name itself. Throughly enjoyed today’s call.
  7. I was wondering why Berry looked exactly like Jason.
  8. Morning all, Good luck today Jason @sirchunksalot Normal workday for me today except I am getting my tax's done in 30 minutes. First time not having a lot of write offs. Keeping my fingers crossed. Looking forward to the community call today.
  9. Glad it's just a small bump on your head and not a chip on your shoulder. Some people can never get rid of that chip on their shoulder. Good luck tomorrow.
  10. This is where it all should start once you are able to get off the driving range and have a little confidence. This was a great place to learn. All par 3's. Shortest being 103 yards and the longest being 250 yards. You use every club in your bag, and it was not a flat course. We actually had our work league there as it was less than 5 minutes from the plant. This is where I cut my teeth and got hooked. We need more courses like this.
  11. I might be slightly different from other golfers in reading reviews or actually doing reviews. I first scan to see what type of golfer they are (handicap, how often they play, typical ball flight and such) I look for the negatives they encountered. Data is not much of a concern, I'll expand. Keep in mind that I was a mechanical engineer for many years. If I give five golfers, the same club with the same ball I will get different data. Angle of attack, spin, swing speed, path, will all be different from one golfer to another. I look to read more about feel, sound, consistent performance. Did it put a smile on your face or have that wow moment. Will you keep the product in your bag going forward? Do you have any suggestions for improvement?
  12. I've been needing to get into shape for the last 40 years. The first 25 years I was in good shape. But why start now, I'm on a roll.
  13. # 1 SLOW PLAY. Sunday, I pulled into the parking lot, and I could see the first tee was empty. I got out my MotoCaddy, put my bag on, put my golf shoes on. Still, nobody on the first tee. I checked in at the Pro shop. He said I was good to go. There was a twosome riding that went off a little while ago and they should be on #4 by now. I get to the tee box in which the elevation is lower than the fairway. I walked up to where I could see if the fairway was clear. Not the case the twosome was not even on the green yet and it was only a 368-yard straight hole. At that rate it was going to be a 7-hour round. I waited for them to clear the green and tee off on the par three 150-yard 2nd hole before I hit my tee shot on hole 1. I finished the hole, and they were still on the green on 2. I headed over to Hole 4 to get in front of them. Never saw them the rest of the day. Heck I was probably home before they made it to the back 9. #2. Courses need to put sand in the bunkers not a 1/4" dusting of sand and small pebbles. If you get in one rake it when you're done. #3. Fix your ball marks on the green.
  14. Absolutely. You didn’t need my blessing. I even planned on trying it myself just to see what I can do. This could be fun.
  15. Thanks for the belly laugh. Exactly why I stopped entering scores in the VCT But back to the question at hand. My feelings are a 16 handicap could shave 5 or 6 strokes. So let’s stop guessing and set up a challenge. One person 2 ball scramble challenge. Any handicap can participate. Just to see what can be done based on handicap.
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