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  1. I agree. I played the AVX last season and it is a premium ball.
  2. Just what we need another $50.00/ Dozen golf ball.
  3. When away from my home course I ignore the cups and putt to a tee on the practice green. This sharpens my focus. If I can hit a tee I can certainly get it in the cup.
  4. You can try using a pool noodle from a dollar store. Set up and swing down the length of the pool noodle with the toe of the club about a 1/4" away. If you hit the pool noodle you are reaching out to far. No ball just a motion exercise at first. After you are comfortable go to a solid foam ball. You can do this in the yard or garage if you have one. Then eventually to a real ball into a net or on the range.
  5. I have both the laser and a watch GPS unit but rarely use the laser. My greens are small so the front, middle, back doesn't mean as much as a course with large greens.
  6. I'm from NY and CT, driving isn't the problem. I know how to drive on snow and ice. They just don't have enough snow plows and salt and sand trucks. They think spraying the roads with a water truck with a salt brine mixture is going to work. Not so much. I have lived in my house in TN for 16 years and I have seen a snow plow come down my street once. Well it was a pick up truck with a plow so not really a snow plow truck. They take care of main roads only, everything else is left for a warm day to melt it.
  7. I have two pair of the Puma Ignite's as well and love them. I agree they aren't waterproof proof but rather water resistant. Save yourself the expense from buying another pair of shoes. Go to your local Dicks, Walmart, or whatever has a camping department. Buy a can of tent waterproof spray. Works great. I use it on my Puma's and on my golf bag as well. The brand I use is Atsko Silicone Water-Guard. I'm a dew sweeper, play mostly morning rounds and this works just fine.
  8. Congrats on #4000 that's a big milestone.
  9. Well maybe they got it right but just a day late. Woke up to 3" and now probably 4" and still snowing. Weather info said it should stop snowing by 3PM. Tennessee will be at a stand still for days. We don't do snow well!
  10. Glad they got it wrong again by me. They predicted 6 to 8" of snow last night. 12" inches in the mountains down the road. We got 0 so far. Sun is out and it's 40 degrees. Looks like the mountain tops got some snow by looking out the window.
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