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    1. Tim; Morristown, NJ; 40+
    2. Instagram; Twitter; FaceBook; LinkedIn
    3. 17 HC; 105 SS
    4. Ping G400 LST Driver; Ping G400 3 Wood; TaylorMade M2 ('16) 5 wood; Titelist 716 4 Hybrid; Titleist 716 TMB 5-PW; Ping Glide 50; Vokey 54 & 58
    5. F9 TOUR LENGTH Speedback Driver; F9 Speedback 3-4 Fairway ; F9 Speedback 3 & 4 Hybrid ; F9 conventional Irons (5-GW); King Wedges 54 & 58 (all right handed, stiff flex, and woods in yellow!)
  1. Thanks for sharing this!


    Anything and everything on increasing flexibility and fluidity of body motion a big plus!


    I've been following Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube: 



    Have been working on keeping the Soaz muscles loose and this one was tough and helpful: 


    And she has this one for golf: 


    And a search for all golf related stretches:


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  2. I'm in Monmouth Beach, NJ and mainly play the Monmouth county golf courses, let me know if anyone is heading down this way perhaps we can get together for a round.



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    I have only been playing golf regularly for 3 years now (a few years prior at corporate outings - and one day I fell hard for the game and it's been a love affair ever since) and have played a lot of courses in NJ, and I have to say that Hominy Hill has got to be the best public course in NJ! Robert Trent Jones designed and in great shape! 

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  3. And, might I add that Bobby's putters are pretty fantastic! I wish he'd submit them for testing because they really are special.


    His marketing is a little hokey, and some of his finishing design choices are not as modern, but I won a few different models and find them all to be a ton of fun!

  4. Tested the G700 at a demo day and when making contact it was like the ball wasn't even there, it just exploded off the face and was long! A lot of fun.


    Currently playing a used set of Titleist 716 TMB - love the look in the bag and behind the ball, the feel is outstanding and great ball flight; but not forgiving at all.


    I'd like to test i500 FOR SURE! Looks like they'd match what I love about the TMB with more forgiveness. 

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  5. - Timothy

    - NJ, USA 

    - Titleist 716 TMB/Dynamic Gold S300/Stiff

    - 140-145 yards


    This is amazing! Serendipity. I was at a demo day a few months back and hit these irons and was super impressed. Have been thinking about them ever since. Would be honored to test and review these clubs.


    I've recently gone through a swing change and lowered my handicap by 4 points since April 1. Working for myself I am blessed to get out and practice 2-3 days a week and play 1-2 times per week. 


    My current set of irons was gifted to me from a friend (5-PW). Hitting them solid, but for my skill level I can imagine the G700s would provide the consistency and distance needed to get that handicap down another 5 points by end of year.


    Thanks for the opportunity!

  6. A few months ago my father-in-law and I attended the New Jersey Golf Show - the annual golf bargain hunter's dream. We ran across an up-start team socializing a new putter brand which has taken off in Korea. Top Spin Golf - http://www.golftopspin.com/


    We were both a little surprised by the feel and roll these putters put on the ball. 


    Has anyone else seen these and tried them? Anyone gaming one?



    You might be a vacationer or someone planning their vacation with a final destination just beyond the Cancun Airport, and you might be planning to play a round of golf (or more) to break up the monotony of sipping cold beer on the beach (horrible living I know). And, you might have been told that Mayakoba is "THE" place to play in the region. 


    If this is you, then you need to immediately take a look at Playa Mujeres Golf Club - http://www.playamujeres.com.mx/


    Had the opportunity to play this course last week and this relatively new, Greg Norman designed, little known and little-played course is... well, it's like winning the golf jackpot. And, it won't be hidden for long. The course was one of the first attractions in the Playa Mujeres area. The area is being developed and golf lovers are soon about to discover this course. It beats Mayakoba.


    You can expect some of the best golf conditions - you won't find a blade of grass out of place. The front nine meanders through mangroves with multiple holes designed to challenge your eye. The back nine bumps up against the ocean with some of the most beautiful holes you'll see which look easy and might have been if not for the wind you know is there, but can't read. Eighteen beautiful greens in perfect condition. Tee boxes that are perfectly manicured. You'd be excited to be in the rough on this course, and from the fairways, you'll find firm, carpet-like surfaces. The course ungulates naturally with the terrain and if you play from the Blacks or Golds you'll love how much you get to swing away with the long clubs.


    Trust it, you'll want to plan for two rounds on this course! Pack extra water and sunscreen. Plan for a 8AM tee time so you hit the ocean holes by late morning. Stop for a few selfies, breathe in the ocean air and then be ready to brag to all your friends about you played an amazing course on the ocean.



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