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  1. Dog just decided my Smart Ball was a toy Anyone know a way to patch the ball so I don’t have to shell out another $40 for a piece of cheap plastic?? I caught him quick, so only two small punctures in it.
  2. Peter from Belmont, MA play TaylorMade Milled Grind in antique bronze 56 (12 bounce) and 60 (10) with Oban ct-100 shaft Would love clubs in same loft and bounce as current set for direct compare. If choosing one I’d go 56. Thanks! will use Arccos to compare stats with both.
  3. Beautiful irons. Question - what is the gap between your 3h and your 3i? When/how do you use each?
  4. @txmason - will do. (Mason is my son's name). And thanks for the challenge, everyone else! I love a little competition so 92 it is. Will report back once get them out. I usually play 9 at a time given I have young kids but will do a debrief after a round or two.
  5. Thanks for all the encouragement! Will do some pics when I get them. Was hoping I'd have them for the long weekend but need to give the noodles a final send off. Delivery date is Tuesday. Correction: Driver is G400 Max.
  6. Worked on my game and my job all winter, and made good progress at both. My wife also got me a fitting for Christmas so I decided to finally redeem that and reward myself for the hard work by buying the spec'd clubs from them. Probably the most fun I've ever had purchasing any kind of material good. Thought I'd share here if anyone has an interest. This forum has been an awesome resource as I prepared for the fitting and worked on my game. First time posting. Background is that I am 40 years only and only picked up game seriously two years ago. Had played intermittently before then, but never focused on improving. Broke 100 for first time last summer and goal this summer is to be in low to mid teens. Took lessons and made it about halfway through that Tathata training, and have improved my swing a lot. My current clubs were Taylormade hand me downs from my uncle, all with senior A flex graphite shafts that wobble like crazy. BUT I get these bad boys next week... Ping G400 Driver and 3w with Hzrdus Yellow Tour Edge Exotic CBX hybrid in 18 and 22 with Atmos Blue Callaway Apex CF16 with Oban steel CT100 R+ shafts 5-GW Taylormade Milled Grind Bronze 56 and 60 All with GP MCC midsize grips. Odyssey O Works #9 (from last year, didn't replace). Pretty excited. Feel like I'll be much more confident from tee knowing my shafts no longer have the profile of a wet noodle. Did I go overboard? Probably. Could have spend half of what I did at a big box, but Club Champion experience was awesome. I would have never predicted the clubs that ended up feeling the best. Current handicap is 25 (yikes). Have only played twice this year, nine holes and didn't break 50. Swing is so much better, though, and new clubs were literally 30 yds less dispersion in the fit. Guesses on what I'll shoot in my first round with these?
  7. 1. Peter, Massachusetts 2. Looking to majorly upgrade: TM R15 driver, TM R9 3w and 5w, Callaway XR Hybrid 22*, TM Burner '09 5-W, mix of wedges - Callaway MD3 52*, Cleveland RTX3 56*, TM precision milled 58*, Odyssey O-Works Versa #9, Rotate Snell MTB Ball and Callaway Chromesoft 3. Your current handicap: 20 4. Goals for the 2018 golf season are to have my weekly winter lessons pay dividends! Been practicing hard and figured out a lot about my swing. Was planning to get custom fit soon, and kill it this season. I mainly play two courses, one is tough (72.1/133 from blues) and one is a more straightforward 9 hole (70.0/120). Goal is to break 90 on tough course, and break 40 on straightforward, with a couple fun trips in between (scoping a Bandon trip!). Plan to get handicap into mid-low teens. Up for some competition and watching my game improve! Been a loyal MGS lurker and excited to contribute.
  8. Welcome to the forums yotrepo :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


    There are thousands of golfers waiting to get to know you.


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