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  1. Mostly yes. I also took som damage on my 7 and 4 iron this year hitting rocks under the soil.
  2. Thanks. I’m sure it’s going to be cutting hairs. I’ll Have to go with the best combo of distance and consistency. I can’t wait to get fit
  3. Koepka won 3 Majors with the 900’s. I know they are good but they also use the Tour model. Wasn’t sure if the Forged line was getting the love the Tour was or if the MP line would be better to go with.
  4. I did consider a split set as well. Can’t wait to see the numbers. I absolutely love the feel with Mizuno. As long as I like the look of the 919’s at address it’ll be hard to move away from the ballspeed numbers. Assuming accuracy and consistency is there.
  5. Ugh I know. I want 919 Tours and they didn’t make them in lefty
  6. I don’t get to play as much as I’d like so part of me is leaning forgiveness. I’m getting fit and I will test the Srixon line also but I don’t know if I could leave Mizuno. I absolutely love the feel. It’ll come down to which I consistently strike well when I purchase.
  7. I’m scheduled for a Bettinardi fitting in a couple weeks. I’m disappointed as usual the Lefty selection is poor.
  8. I’m going to get fit in the next couple weeks for new irons. Been swinging MP-53’s for 9 full seasons. Curious if anyone has opinions on the new lines? I’m LH so unfortunately they didn’t extend the 919 Tour line to us lefties so I’d have to look at the Forged. I’m a 5.7 handicap 105-106 Driver swing speed if that helps anyone with intimate knowledge of these irons share their opinion specific to me. Thanks in advance.
  9. Is it possible to do this? It’s difficult to scroll through all the ads that are 95% RH looking for something specific in Lefty. Thanks in advance.
  10. First name and home state/province: Aaron/IL Age and handicap: 34 and 4.9 Your current iron set/makeup: Mizuno MP-53 w/KBS Tour soft stepped
  11. 1. Aaron 2. IL, USA 3. 7.5 4. Drive has Arccos Cobra Connect, 18 birdies otherwise
  12. Jealous but but away the Basil Hayden's and grab some 4 Roses single barrel or some Eagle Rare (by Buffalo Trace). You're welcome.
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