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  1. 1. Brian, Long Island, NY 2. Have gone through many brands but currently using FootJoy 3. Absolute torrential downpour. Some friends and I find it fun to play in the rain sometimes but staying dry is always a challenge.
  2. Brian/New York Titleist Vokey SM6 52* F-Grind, 56* S-Grind, 60* S-Grind 52 for full shots, 56 for bunkers and 60 for versatility around greens
  3. Tier 1: Rickie Fowler Tier 2: Justin Rose Tier 3: Zach Johnson Tier 4: Danny Willett Tier 5: Peter Uihlein TieBreaker - 14-under
  4. Brian - Long Island, NY PING G LS Tec - 10.5 deg Still Alta 55g shaft ~110mph - 15 hcp Would probably be fine with 10.5 deg driver head or similar. I am not the biggest shaftoid, so the Tensei Blue is probably fine for me. Good Luck everyone!
  5. 1. Brian - Long Island, New York 2. Ping G LS-Tec 10.5* with 55g Stiff Ping shaft 3 Wood - Bridgestone J38 15* with F1 Motore 75g Stiff Shaft 5 Wood - Bridgestone J38 18* with F1 Motore 75g Stiff Shaft Ping G5 4i-PW Titlest SM6 52, 56, 60 S-Grind Taylor Made Rossa AGSI Monte Carlo Sun Mountain C-130S Bouncing between Bridgestone B330 RX-S and K-Sigs 3. 15ish 4. In the past 2 seasons I have gotten myself from shooting in the 100's to shooting in the mid to low 90's consistently. I even broke 90 4 or 5 times towards the end of the season. I would much like to get myself shooting more consistently in the 80's, and approach breaking 80. I would also like to play in my first competition sometime this summer. Although no part of my game truly stands out, I think my short game is what saves me the most. That and being able to take a deep breath after a bad shot and make a good shot following it to potentially save a hole. I practice at the range usually 2-3 times a week with some short game practice at a local municipal course about once a week. I also have taken some lessons to try to improve my technique and help me learn new types of shots and when to use them.
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