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  1. Hello! My name is Miles and I play and live in Vancouver BC, Canada. My current handicap is .7. My current set up is as follows: Driver - TaylorMade R15 440cc 4 wood - TaylorMade R15 3 iron - TaylorMade UDI 20* 4-P - Miura CB-301 52*, 56*, 62* - Titleist SM5 Putter - Cameron Mil-Spec Pro Platinum My goals for the season are to break seventy 5 times (I did it three times last year). In addition, I would like to win a Vancouver Golf Tour event, get my handicap into plus digits, and make 5 eagles over the course of the year. The new Cobra gear really intrigues, I'm not usually one to hop on the latest fad in gear (just look at my set up), but the Cobra stuff has garnered my attention with its focus on game improvement through the integration of data. It is that sort of data driven decision making that I think will lead to lower scores, and I'm eagerly hoping to be a tester!
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