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  1. First name David Home State/Province/Country Texas ​Do you use performance tracking? Yes (Hole 19 app) Do you use a GPS watch? Yes Which ones? Apple Watch I'm very interested in performance tracking and looked into Shot Scope v2 when it came out recently. Thanks MGS for giving us the opportunity to review this watch!
  2. These are some great looking clubs - I wish Cobra would have come out with these sooner....before I bought my F8.
  3. 1. David - TX 2. 9 index - 107 swing speed 3. Cobra F8 - I was really torn between the F8 and G400 SFT when recently purchasing...and still not sure if I made the right choice 4. Ping G400 SFT
  4. I'm the same LetterSee. I've been a member over at WRX for a bit and just joined MGS after being just a non-contributing reader. I have a feeling MGS will begin to be the website I come to first for reviews -- seems a lot more chill here. On another note, I would love to be club tester one of these days. I think its great to hear from laymen, average golfers like myself and find it to be much more valuable, since we're not all scratch golfers, smashing it 300 yrds down the middle every time.
  5. PMookie, where are you getting the TP5x for $30 a box!? Tell us your secrets! The TP5x is the ball I've been gaming for a bit and I really like it. I bomb this ball and find it to be quite responsive. It doesn't seem overly "hard" to me like some others have described it on MGS.
  6. I agree with a lot of the guys above - go check out drivers at the PGA Tour Superstore if there's one close by. They'll have a much larger selection of new and used clubs and they have a great points program. I went to Golf Galaxy and PGA TS before I bought the Cobra F8 driver and Corba F8 3w recently. GG only had Cobras I could demo and didn't have ones I could buy off the rack - I would have had to special order them. I ended up making my way to PGA TS, tried out over 10 drivers (TM M1 through M4, Cobra F8 and F8+, Titleist 917 D2 and D3, Callaway Rogue, Ping G400 and G400 max), and got a lo
  7. I wear an ML size glove and have been using midsize grips for over a year now and really prefer them over standard grips. I have definitely become less 'handsy' with my swing and feel as though I have more control of my club. I'd recommend them to anyone that has a large enough hand to wrap their hand around the grip properly.
  8. I tried stamping my Vokey and it was much harder than I expected. I used a clamp to secure it to my work bench and painters tape to keep the stamp in place, to no avail. I'm not sure whether it was because the wedge was pretty old, because it was cold, or if it was operator error, but I couldn't even stamp a single letter without some major ghosting. I just got the new SM7 Vokeys so maybe I'll give it another shot on the old wedge before I attempt it on the new ones.
  9. Hi all - I just officially joined MGS although I've frequented the website for a good while now. I'm looking forward to actually contributing to the website!
  10. 1) David - Dallas, Tx - 30yo 2) WITB: TM RBZ 10.5 driver stiff TM Burner 3 wood stiff TM R11s 5 wood stiff 718 AP3s 4-5 718 AP2s 6-GW Gen 1 Vokey 54° and 60° *My grandfather's persimmon for good luck 3) 9.9 4) MY (all encompassing) 2018 golf goals: *average 1+ round per week (already 10 down) *play 8 rounds under 80 and consistently in low 80s otherwise *keep a single digit handicap *convince my wife that golf is good for our relationship (lofty goal, I admit) *consistently hit my irons my “known” distances *brag to my friends that MGS hooked me up with an aweso
  11. Welcome to the forums Dharner217 :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


    There are thousands of golfers waiting to get to know you.


    MyGolfSpy Staff

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