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  1. Dang sad to see them go. Hit some of their clubs a few times and thought they were quite good. Sad to see another company leave the space as I feel there are few quality brands left that don't come with a huge price tag. I worry what it could mean for other companies that are similar and even ball companies like Snell. I remember there being a weird deal with them not sending their wedges to MGS for testing because they didn't like how they were reviewed but try to say it was for a different reason, someone probably knows far more about that then I do though.
  2. Layne Maryland Helly Hanson pants and jacket In a downpour when it was 38 degrees and 20 mph wind, lovely round winter round
  3. 1. Layne, Maryland 2. 22, 100 mph 3. Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic 10.5 degree 4. Ping G400 SFT 10.0 degree Stiff 45.75"
  4. 1. Layne sheppard 2. Callaway Big Bertha Epic TaylorMade RBZ 3 Wood and 5 wood Cobra Utilty Iron Ping GMax Irons 4-U Ping Glise 54 and 58 odessey O works 2. 22 3. Starting my third year of golf and would like to play under 90 consistently
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