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  1. Mike / Ohio 2.5 / 110 driver, 92 6 iron Nike RZN Tour Platinum Have you previously played the Z Star or XV -- No I have not tried either of these yet but looking forward to giving them a try
  2. I have recently switched from s300 to px 6.0, I have played s300 all my life except for one set of 1996 962's that were the ultimate setup. The set I just got came with s300 and I just switched them outto the 6.0's. The px i feel are much smoother. I feel because they are more butt stiff and lighter. The FCM of the px are quite a bit more than the s300. If you really want to find something close to the s300 then go with the 5.5's. Most people think that the 5.5 is more of a regular shaft but if you look at the FCM rating, the 5.5's are actually stiffer than the s300's.
  3. Being a huge wedge player I am always looking for wedges to help me score better. Mike Columbus/Ohio Handicap: 4 Current wedges: Vokey sm5 50*F/ 54*M/ 58*M
  4. Hello everyone! My name is Mike. I am 40 and live in the awesome state of OHIO! I currently live in Columbus and I carry a 4 handicap. I try and play a few times a month now that I am back in school and have two jobs. I am coming back from a 10 year break away from the game. I used to be a titleist junky but I have been converted to a cobra guy. I love the stuff they are coming out with. I currently play the pro cb's from 2008 and they are amazing. For someone that plays a real player's iron the technology hasn't changed too much in the last couple decades it seems.
  5. Mike /Ohio 3 Handicap Nike RZN Tour Platinum More speed
  6. Mike Shadwick/ Columbus Ohio 39 handicap--5 Irons:Cobra bio cell+ Shafts:kbs tour 120 hard stepped x2 Grips: golf pride z-cord
  7. Mike Ohio, USA Cobra bio cell+ dg tour s400 7-iron distance = 175
  8. Hi I am Mike Shadwick I live in Ohio Current setup Driver- Cobra LTD 3wood- Cobra fly-z+ 3hybrid- Cobra bio cell Irons- Cobra bio cell+ (players version) Wedges- Cleveland tour action Putter- Oddyssey Handicap- 8 (currently) My goals for this year are to get back to playing competitive golf. I took a ten year hiatus while starting a career and raising a family. I am looking to get back to my old handicap of +2 and playing in as many tournaments as possible and getting back to really enjoying being on the course
  9. Welcome to the forums Xdmike20 :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


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