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  1. Congrats and good luck lads! Look forward to reading the reviews.
  2. This would be great! They could just set it to toe strike for me
  3. I get that different groups can produce different results, however, my understanding of the Most Wanted is that those particular clubs offer the best results for the largest number or people. It may not be the best for every tester but on average, the testers showed good results overall with the Most Wanted clubs. For example, the Tommy Armour Impact 3 won two years in a row, again as I understand it because it showed the most consistent results among the test groups. Therefore, it would seem that a particular club like the 818 H1 would be similar in results. Rising 16 spots just seems like a large jump. That's why I was curious if maybe the 2019 hybrid class perhaps wasn't particularly strong. Also, totally understand that the 818 H1 may not be right for me. I enjoy reviewing the data from the Most Wanted results to look for clubs that might fit my needs and just happened to notice this "discrepancy". Thanks for being one the testers and providing your feedback!
  4. Troy, Tiffin, Iowa 5.4 Taylormade RAC LT 2005
  5. tjbergmann


  6. Looking to purchase a new hybrid. Saw the Titleist 818 H1 was Most Wanted in 2019, but in 2018 it was ranked 17th. Was the club 818 H1 updated or was the 2019 batch of hybrids not particularly great?
  7. Welcome to the forums tjbergmann :)


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