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  1. Greetings!


    Name is Mark from Phoenix, AZ



    Nike SQ driver

    Srixon Z355 3 wood

    Titleist hybrid

    Nike pro combo irons

    Wilson staff wedges

    Currie Putter


    Handicap: 7



    • Take advantage of advancements in distance and consistency of new clubs (tired of hitting 2 clubs longer than my playing partners with 20 year old equipment)
    • Use technology to better understand swing and areas I need to focus to imporove (never had lesson and just "wing it" up to now)
    • Share love of golf, equipment and journey with as many people as possible
    • Start up Boys and Girls Golf Program at local high school
    • Play 100+ rounds (30 rounds with weekly game of 36 players, 30 rounds to work on game, 20 rounds with another weekly group of 24 players, play in 10 amateur tournaments, 10 rounds in charity events and 25 rounds at courses never played)
    • Have fun!
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