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  1. Tony, Hopefully, your new ball test will compare with different swing speeds. I am 74 and still have between 86 and 90MPH club head speed. Many of my friends and playing partners are older with slower swing speeds so we need to know how the balls react to different swing speeds.
  2. Al D. Henderson, NV Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Select. Would like to test the impact 3.
  3. Al Henderson, NV USA 5.0 SNGA (Southern Nevada Golf Association) GHIN metrics
  4. Al Nevada, USA Titleist AP3 irons, Mitsubishi multi-material regular flex 4 through gap wedge 7 iron carry is 145 to 148
  5. Tier 1: J Thomas Tier 2: L Oosthuizen Tier 3: J Dufner Tier 4: B Hass Tier 5: A Johnston Winning score -7
  6. First Name: Al Home State/Province/Country---Nevada, USA Do you use performance tracking? Yes Do you use a GPS Watch? NO Which ones? Currently do not use one.
  7. Al/ Nevada Current wedges Titleist AP2 gap wedge Stiff graphite shaft Titleist Volkey 54 degree wedge stiff graphite shaft Titleist Volkey 60 degree wedge stiff graphite shaft Strengths Wedge play from 50 yards in very good and especially chipping and pitching from tight lies Weaknesses 50 yards to 90 yards do not get the wedges as close as I would like Fluffy or deep rough play around the greens. Current Ghin index is 5.4
  8. Al DeGenova Henderson, Nevada Combo set Tileist 21, 24 stiff graphite shaft hybirds, 5 through PW Taylormade M2 irons and Volkey 54 and 60 wedges Stiff Graphite shafts Handicap 5 300 forged irons preferred
  9. Al Nevada Driver M2 Taylormade 10.5 set to standard Fujikura 50 gram regular flex shaft Titleist 915F 15* Fairway Bassara 65 Gram regular flex shaft Titleist 915F 19* Fairway Bassara 65 Gram regular flex shaft Titleist 915H 24* Rescue Bassara 65 Gram regular flex shaft Titleist AP2 irons 75 Gram stiff shaft 5 iron through gap wedge Titleist Vokey Sand wedge 54* Kurokage stiff shaft SM5 Titleist Vokey 60^ Wedge Kurokage stiff shaft SM5 Titleist Cameron Newport 2 Studio design putter All woods and iron Grips are Golf Pride midsize tour wrap grips Putter grip is standard Golf Pride tour wrap grip Handicap index is 5.7 Goal for this year is 12 months of consistent golf and keep the index below 6
  10. Welcome to the forums ajdegeno :)


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