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  1. I have both the ES14 and SC 200. I'm not altogether sure how accurate either unit is. I have used them side by side and gotten swing speed difference is up to 8 mph for the same driver swing with identical ball speed numbers. The ES 14 seems to be more consistent in regards to swing speed and ball speed, but the launch angle and spin calculations are pretty far off compared to trackman. I recently did a driver fitting and on a 101 mph avg ball speed showed 2100 spin and 13 degree launch angle with 240 carry on track man. The next day I took the ES 14 out and got identical club and ball speed numbers as well as identical carry distance but the spin was 2800 and the launch angle 14.5. The SC 200 is pretty erratic. I've used the training mode to try and dial in my wedge distances. I find the numbers to be very erratic on these wedge shots. Hitting to a pin that I shot with the laser will show variances if over 10 yards. In summary you can get good club speed and ball speed numbers from the ES 14 but the calculated numbers are not reliable enough to base any swing or equipment changes on. The SC 200 is too inconsistent to be of much use for anything in my opinion.
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