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  1. Mark Davis - Cleveland OH Yes - Golf Buddy Voice GPS Current - Golf Buddy Voice GPS or Golf Buddy LR5 Rangefinder
  2. Mark Ohio Hdcp=20 Yes... never bought one though. Just took a two hour putting clinic including SAM PuttLab, would love to add this to my science experiment.
  3. Mark Ohio Ping Tyne H Strength Just spent 2 hours in a putter fitting/coaching session... would love to apply what learned to a center shafted Stroke Lab.
  4. Mark - Ohio 20 - 75 or thereabouts Ping K15 Soft Regular Shaft G410 SFT, please
  5. Mark Ohio USA Ping K15 KBS Reg. Flex 130 yds. I need these. I have the time to play them. I can play them in Ohio and in Florida. I am a professional writer and can review clearly and concisely. Oh, Lord, just gimme a shot!
  6. MarkHD, Ohio Ping K15 blue dot, KBS regular shafts 20 handicap HB please C'mon, seriously. I was made for this. I'm 66, professional writer, my time is my own so I can do the testing, used to play Cleveland woods and wedges so I'm very curious about this latest release. Genuine science project, properly reported, by the golfer they designed these for. And, I live in Cleveland. JAT.
  7. Mark, Northern Ohio Ping Anser forged, 52/56/60 DG Spinnners Pretty darn good chipper, full wedges not so much Oh hell, call it a 19 Love dem forged wedges. I write for a living and I'd purely love to write about these. And I will work them out bigtime (I have 1.5 acres out back so I can knock 'em around pretty good when I'm not playing them. I promise a careful and complete review.) Just sayin'.
  8. Mark, Ohio 19.2, pretty darn slow Ping K15 12 degree, Soft-Reg. shaft (same in OH and FL sets) G400SFT
  9. Hey All, Been following MyGolfSpy for quite awhile, decided to dig in a little bit more. I'm a NE Ohio golfer with some snowbird going on... Tampa Bay area is second home. Ping guy (both N and S bags), public course guy, prefer to walk. Nice to be here.
  10. Mark, Ohio Ping K15 driver, 3w, 5w, 4h, 5h (stock shafts) Ping K15 irons 6-PW (KBS shafts) Ping Anser GW, SW, PW (DG Spinners) Cameron Newport 2 putter (34" BOS Oilcan) 19 Handicap (sigh) Goals: get back to 17 handicap. Senior golfer, full-time professional writer, my time is my own so I can commit to this challenge. The Arccos 360 would be a terrific way to help work on all the pieces/parts to find my way back to bogey.
  11. Welcome to the forums markreativ :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


    There are thousands of golfers waiting to get to know you.


    MyGolfSpy Staff

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