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  1. Cory / Bothell, Wa I have used a few different nets I purchased on Amazon, none were great, they didn't hold up against long irons nor drivers. I have a couple different chipping practice nets as well.
  2. Cory Bothell, Washington Epic Flash Sub-zero 4.4 118 TSI3
  3. 1.My name is Cory Washington state 2. My golf bag: Full Taylormade Set M1 special edition driver (2016) M1 3 wood (2016) M1 3,4 Hybrid (2016) Tour preferred mc 5-PW Tour preferred wedges 50, 56, 60 Spider Tour black & red limited putter (2017) Bridgestone "B330RX" BALLS I am a 6.2 handicap My goals are to enter and win the regional Puget Sound Amateur Tournament, and the Pacific Amateur Tournament in Oregon. I also would like to lower my handicap down to scratch so I can enter the Seattle Amateur, which you must be a 2 or lower to participate.
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