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  1. Basically the only time I ride is when the course does not allow walking...way more enjoyable experience that way IMHO.
  2. I would fully expect that a pair of well fitting, comfortable shoes would improve you scores / ability to execute over the course of a four hour day. Your ability to plant firmly and make an athletic motion with a golf club go thru your feet, so why wouldn't you spend some time and effort to make sure you have a pair of shoes that allows you to perform at your best? This is different than saying 'go buy brand X' or ' go buy the most expensive shoe' because your individual performance and needs will vary. I think it is similar to a saddle or handlebars on a road bike...you want something that f
  3. Hi all - Chase here from Chicago. I picked up the game last Easter with a set of hand-me-downs from the father in law. I'm a serial hobbyist and have gone in deep, logging 62 rounds of golf last year. The handicap is currently at 12.9 going into spring. I played baseball thru college so have a decent foundation for hand-eye coordination and mind-body connection. Looking forward to sharing ideas with everyone! -Chase
  4. Hi - first time poster but longtime lurker. Very appreciative for this opportunity! 1. Chase from Chicago, IL 2. Ping G30 Driver, Ping G30 3-wood, Ping G 3H, Taylormade R7 4-PW with graphite shafts, Cleveland RTX wedges 52/56, and Odyssey White Hot 2 ball putter 3. 12.9 handicap 4. I'm new to the game - received a hand-me-down set of clubs last April and have updated the woods since then. I logged 62 rounds of golf last year, probably that many range sessions, and a 10 pack of lessons. I plan to put in the same effort this year. Major goals are to eliminate my common miss (hook / pull l
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