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  1. First Name/State or Country of residence - Christopher, VA Handicap - 18 Current irons in Play - Titleist 718 Ap1 The carry distance of the your 7 iron - 175
  2. Thanks everyone!! I am in Centreville! Well when I am able to get out I usually go out to Front Royal - Blue ridge shadows, Rock harbor - around my area i go to Bristow or Bull Run. gets pricey though haha.
  3. Chris Virginia 28 HDCP Srixon Z745 irons / KBS Tour V 110 stiff shafts i500
  4. I just picked up the 565 to replace my great big bertha! Stock Miyazaki XS shaft and it feels amazing. I am a fan of Callaway drivers because of their muted sound and feel but this blew me away. I still need to keep hitting it but the couple times i played so far has been good. Felt very controllable and helped me straighten out my slice. I now prefer this to my GBB driver. Not sure about distance loss im just excited to be in play and on the fairway more often haha.
  5. Hey Fam finally found the courage to post an Intro! I am from the Northern VA area and started picking up golf last year. I am lucky to be around a lot of good players at my work and have been slowly improving. Its hard when you work so much to get better but I have been able to go from not even being able to keep score to a 140 -> 132 ->125 ->115 and now a 110. My goal is to break 100 this year and i am so close I know i can do it. Hopefully by next year i will be able to consistently play in the 90's and who knows maybe even the 80's! This game is tough but I completely fell in love with it! Plus I love new tech and shiny things and (good or bad) this is the best sport for it haha! I wish I started earlier in life but hey better late then never right! hopefully i can contribute to the forums going forward! - CK
  6. Chris Virginia/ USA Srixon z355/ Nippon NS Pro 950GH DST Steel/ Stiff 160 yards Good luck everyone!
  7. 1. Chris, Virginia 2. Driver- Callaway great big Bertha FW - Callaway Xr 16 3 and 5 Hybrid - titleist 913 4 hybrid Irons - 5-gap srixon z355 Wedge - 64 and 68 ping glide Putter - SOON TO BE ODYSSEY TOULON COLUMBUS!!!!!! 3. 39 hdcp 4. I started 9 months ago and I am trying to keep track of my score honestly. That's the only way I'll get better. I want to break 100 this year and eventually beat my friend who Is a zero hdcp. Lofty second goal. One day I want to compete in a tournament as well.
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