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  1. Ball 1 was well ahead starting with the wedge and ran away with it through the next two. It's as if three isn't even same category of ball. Ball 1 all day every day here. Must be a Bridgestone or Srixon.
  2. As someone about your height exactly but with a 6" wingspan over height differential, I can from 35+ years experience tell u: 1. If u find yourself hitting the ball a bit fat more often than thin it wouldn't hurt to find a choke up length that works well across multiple range sessions. Last thing u should worry about it distance. It is insanely overrated to hit an 8 or a 7 iron 3-5 yds shorter or longer. Precisely why u have several irons to choose from in your bag. IMPORTANT and it will make more difference than most would imagine ....Work in 1/4" or 1/3" rather than 1/2" increments. It correlates better with grooves spacing and hosel to sweet spot relationshipas well. 2. If u find a length that coordinates better with your distance from the ball to hands .... your plane will improve naturally. Your contact will improve beyond comprehension compared to now. Your distance likely will imorove as u will gain in smash which improves ball speed ....which also follows from reduced variation of strike ....which begets accuracy and consistency of said accuracy which begets strokes gained frequency which begets workability which begets better recovery shots which begets and u will be-gets PAID when u kick their hindquarters over and again! I've NEVER lost yardage from any shorter of irons change in as everything improved instantly after roughly 20 swings. Conversely though is driver. Up to 45.75" it improves across the board absent a poor shaft/head setup for me. But that surely can vary as I've driven the ball well with 43.75 up to the 45.75 mentioned. And poorly with each if bad setup. I see zero downside here for you! Just my 35 cents
  3. Thanks for the insight fellas! All I have discovered so far is that Goodwill is a tough sled for decent golf stuff. Closest thing I have found is a like new set of WOMEN'S TOUR EDGE with bag. But not at a steal - they wanted $75 and who knows if anyone would even buy them at $100. However - on the bright side I got a CLICGEAR 3.5+ with cooler bag and seat for $100 flat. Gonna try garage/estate sales tomorrow and see where that gets me. Then I may have to call it a career (4 days). LOL
  4. For the money you can't beat Jones Trouper Most notably if u call them and buy one of their returned bags. I got a true steal on a solid black one and like it plenty. I could buy two PLUS of these for cost of brand new. Although it essentially is
  5. Yeah that is getting worse all the time. Was really hoping to dump things locally as much as possible. These replies don't give me tons of hope of becoming the next 2nd Rock 3balls Bottom Swing Golf
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I too imagine being able to restore/revitalize clubs would help such an endeavor.
  7. I have had some recent positive results with essentially flipping clubs/gear on facebook mrktplc. So kinda thinking of hunting clubs full time and flipping them. So far not much luck at thrift stores (two days in) so I was hoping one or more of you would be able to share some insights on the viability of such an endeavor. And where/how you've successfully found clubs. Thanks
  8. Thank you - a lot to consider. I have decided on TT Lite XL as it seems the most cost effective playable shaft - I'm leery of pulls especially since I haven't done this previously. I bought a 2nd SW so may do that one a couple of times to get the hang of it all first.
  9. Your input is appreciated - PLEASE and THANK YOU! I'm setting out to revamp two old sets of irons: Tommy Armour 845s and Ping Eye2 What is the best resource to (bible so to speak): 1. Know what the hell I'm doing in reshafting and picking right shaft for these models. 2. Reviving the grooves 3. Going through the process correctly (re-shafting and proper tooling) 4. Purchasing reliable pulled shaft models. I imagine having to repeat lan to until I get a shaft model I love (like the old days when I was so great - or so I seem to recall).
  10. Turns out it was a legit club. Just that it was a Women's driver. The seller doesn't play golf so he was clueless.
  11. I have one if u are still looking. Seems u may have gotten one but title says carts plural.
  12. thanks fellas. I was looking to buy it last night and feared it was such a good deal it would never make it to Monday so that I could contact PING. I passed. It just was too shady a deal.
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