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  1. Well, the majority of you are far more the target audience than I am, but I will undoubtedly test them out. I couldn't even consistently handle the JPX 919 Forged and those probably still have more tech than do the Mizuno Pro line. But I really like their look so I'll go into them with great optimism and high hopes!
  2. Absolutely! Knowing what I know now, I'd probably still use them even if I had to use tape.
  3. I've been using Pure grips for close to 10 years now. I first tried them because they were less expensive (I still haven't paid more than $7.50 a grip although I haven't had to buy any in about 3 years), they were made to blow on (I replace them myself and was fascinated by the concept), and they are produced in the USA (that's not a hard-fast rule, but I like to when I can). I've been very happy with their longevity (they last me for years and I typically replace them when I finally see wear even though they still seem as tacky as new), I can blow on a new grip in minutes AND use the club immediately, and I've never had one twist or move on me (I once had a 105mph swing speed, but now I'm <100). So are they the "best"? No clue; there's waaaay too much subjectivity for any product/service to really be the "best". But they're certainly my favorite! I've only had one grip in my lifetime that I hated, a Winn grip that came on a club that shredded within months. But I've yet to find a grip that I like as much or better without paying much more.
  4. I was intrigued with this driver from the article the other day and never thought there'd be a chance to test one. Currently use a Callaway Epic Flash SZ with a Motore X regular shaft. I would love a chance to compare these for MGS & Honma.
  5. I've used blown on Pure grips for 7 or 8 years now and they continue to be my favorite. Pure grips are made to blow on and they stand up to air pressure better than others. You can't go wrong with the advice others have already provided (use heat to take old tape off, 60 PSI in short bursts). Unless you have a pretty high swing speed, you'll never have a Pure grip twist on you. I don't know the SS threshold but I used to be in the low 100s so I would guess in excess of 105 mph, meaning the vast majority of those reading this post will never have a problem with blown on Pure grips. (You lucky minority have no choice but continue using the messy tape/solvent method I'd love to be you!!!). I play a fair amount of golf (50+ rounds a year plus weekly range time) and I easily get 2 seasons out of the these grips on my most highly used clubs proving them to be more durable than any others I've used. After the 1st time, it only takes minutes to put on a new grip making that club immediately usable. Again, unless you're a high swing speed person, I think you'll be happy. BTW, Ian Frasher at TXG once said that they typically blow on grips for testing, but use tape for the permanent install. But as I said earlier, Pure grips are made to blow on so your mileage may vary using other grips.
  6. Agree! I believe the watch is the actual GPS locator, the tag simply triggers the watch to mark a position. Pressing the button eliminates the need for the tag to mark a position.
  7. Correct. But if you want to record a particularly good shot of yours that doesn't get used in the scramble, you could go to your ball and pick up another club making sure it syncs with the watch before moving on. THAT shot will be accurately recorded. (But beware, you'll get some funky numbers for the next shot you record. Just remember what you did so you don't think you shanked the shot after the beautiful drive!!!) Once you sync the completed round with the app, you can then look at that shot in the hole-by-hole portion of the app. My Wednesday league plays a 2-man scramble once a month and I've twice had a particularly good drive that we couldn't use because we had to get my partner's shot in. I got it recorded so I could see it later. And even though I couldn't get that shot into the Performance records (only edited & signed off rounds get into the statistics), it gave me an avenue to show off. Hey! Fat-mouthin' rights are important, too!!
  8. Geez, I'm sorry. I just realized that I never replied back to you even though a few others echoed my thoughts. My experience with Manual vs Auto putting is that it seems more accurate and dependable. I'm not sure whether the auto putts that I know were missed was because I didn't linger at the putt long enough (read: walked up and swatted it out of frustration!!) or some other reason. And I noticed that additional putts could be recorded on Auto if the watch synced with the putter before I was over mine. But manual putting, so far, has been 100% accurate when I press the button. BTW, I used strong double sided tape to attached the sensor to my putter. I just thought it'd be easier to remove than glue should I need to.
  9. I notice that sometimes, too. But it seems that if I walk far enough off the green, an "X" at the top-left appears that will remove the putting display and revert to the shot display. However, it doesn't seem matter whether you're in Automatic or Manual putting mode. It's happened in both scenarios to me. I still much prefer the Manual mode (once you get used to pressing buttons, that is)
  10. So, I tested out my question of whether an entire hole's worth of shots could be wiped out by backing up a hole on the display and then returning to the one I'm playing before completing the hole (see above). It does not. All previous shots (positions) recorded normally. Now it makes me wonder whether I simply hadn't move far enough away from the spot where I noticed the driver was displayed on ShotScope (V3) to where I actually teed off for my original statement to be valid at all. I'll wander farther away next time to see; my guess is that will show 2 shots.
  11. Absolutely! And that points to a characteristic/function/quirk that seems to be the root cause of most of my issues with accurate recording. SS doesn't have a clue as to when you "hit" a shot, just when the tag syncs up with the watch. For example, if you grab your driver holding it in your watch hand and stand behind others as they're hitting and then walk up to take your turn, it may, depending on how far you were standing as you waited, record 2 shots. One where you were waiting, one where you hit. To prevent the erroneous shot, I'll use the bottom left/right buttons to go back a hole and then return to the one I'm playing. That wipes out the club sync and seems to start fresh on that hole. I've only done that on the tee so I don't know whether that only wipes out that one sync or the entire hole; meaning it'll wipe out any previous shots made on that hole. I'll test that out today. I'm playing my league round on a sh*t course that isn't GAM rated (so I can't use it for handicap anyway) where the old guys I play with make up a bunch of VERY forgiving rules. I look at the round as a practice round that doesn't count for anything so messing up a hole's worth of tracking won't much matter.
  12. I went to manual putting a few weeks ago. After a couple of rounds having to focus on pushing the button before I walk away from the spot of the putt, it's become 2nd nature. I often had missed putts on auto so I much prefer this method.
  13. Thanks for the info, guys, but I find it annoying to remember to pause (not to mention the whole 3-4 seconds it takes to do it!!!) when I want an impromptu swing. Then remember to un-pause before my live swing. That's what I meant by "short of pausing". I think I'm going to tryout my un-tagged club idea to see whether I find it more or less convenient than pausing. It's probably neither, just different but maybe I'll like it better.
  14. Based on your positive comments, I've recently switched to manual putt tracking and I completely agree that it works far better and more reliably than auto mode. My only issue is accidentally pushing the bottom right finished button (V3) before I'm ready and having to switch back before putting out. Seems like I only have to brush it for it to register. Thanks for your post!
  15. That's funny! I'm 70 years old and I HAVE to take practice swings otherwise something will lock up when I try to hit the ball!
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