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  1. First Name/City State: Greg, Linden, MI Shoe Size: 10 Current Shoe Worn: Sqairz What's The Most Important Thing in Your Shoe Selection: Being able to walk!! I realize that I'm not a good candidate to test these shoes, because I already wear them... and I absolutely love them! My old shoes were either wide sizes or soft bodied sneaker style because of foot problems (hammer toe, bunions) so I couldn't even compare apples-to-apples, and my feet still hurt in those. Sqairz have been outstanding, very comfortable and very stable. Good luck guys!
  2. First Name: Greg City, State: Linden, MI Current Driver in Play: Callaway Epic Flash SZ w/Motore X F3 shaft Handicap: 14 Swing Speed: mid-90s Which Driver Would You Like to Review: TSi3
  3. 1. Greg, Linden, MI 2. I use an inexpensive 8' putting mat on my basement floor. Not that good, but better than carpet. 3. Other than the hard flat floor at Dick's or Golf Galaxy, just the mat mentioned above. 4. I would prefer the medium speed mat as the courses I play tend to vary green speed (most medium to slightly fast, a couple pretty slow).
  4. Greg, Linden, MI USA Odyssey White Ice SabreTooth Heppler Tomcat 14, 35". I have been happy with the SabreTooth over the past several years and the Tomcat is in that vein. Not to mention that the online fitting tool recommends it for me.
  5. Anyone in the SE Michigan area who is interested, the Costco in Green Oaks Township (US-23 & Lee Road) has the putter in stock. They said that they are the only Costco in the "region" that got them and will be sold out by the end of the day. No weight kits, though.
  6. Moved this over to eBay. Please see http://ebay.us/MeVETP?cmpnId=5338273189 if interested. Thanks!
  7. NOTE: Info edited & please see post #2. I’m looking to sell my Mizuno JPX 919 Forged 4-GW iron set. They have Dynamic Gold 105 R300 shafts and Golf Pride MCC+4 grips. The clubs are in very good condition, please see pics of all 8 club faces. The wedge & gap wedge have small marks on the back (I assume) from going in and out of the bag (see pics). Any shaft marks are so slight they won't show up in pics. Standard loft, lie and length. These are terrific clubs that I love when I'm swinging well, but I need more help at other times so I went to the cast JPX 919 Hot Metals. It appears F
  8. I just decided to sell my JPX 919 Forged 4-GW set because I've come to realize I need a bit more help. Just picked up the JPX 919 Hot Metals and I like them so the forged are going up for sale. They are in very good to excellent condition (I can send you picks if interested). They have the DG 105 R300 shafts and Golf Pride MCC+4 grey grips. I was just about to put them up on ebay but decided to try here first. Please let me know your thought and I'll get you any information you need.
  9. Exactly! That's why I thought this could be new stock quickshipgolf is helping clear out.
  10. So... this probably falls under the category of adding 2 + 2 and coming up with 4-1/2, but is it possible that Mizuno has found a way to quietly reduce inventory of current stock in preparation for their fall launch of the new designs? I ask because I had been looking for a used set of JPX 919 Hotmetal irons in a "firm" shaft (my JPX 919 Forged are just a little too unforgiving for me) and found that an ebayer by the name of quickshipgolf has been auctioning dozens of "used" sets of JPX 919 irons (Forged, Hot Metal & Hot Metal Pro - all "Mizuno Condition rated 9.0") in a variety of shafts.
  11. Those of you who also follow TXG may know the name Dr. Sasho MacKenzie; they've spoken about him several times in the past. He's a golf bio-mechanics researcher of note. Back in January he said in an Andrew Rice podcast that his research has shown very little benefit to shaft flo'ing. But if you do, the spine should be placed at 45 degs rather than straight horizontal or vertical.
  12. You are absolutely correct, $10 won't cover their costs. But, If it gets their shafts into the hands of more and more golfers, it could probably be justified similarly to the way milk pricing is for grocery stores. I'm actually more concerned about proper fitting - from Fujikura's prospective as well as the consumer's! On-line fitting still relies on subjective data for them to provide the right shaft, and how many of those who a trial program is targeted to can provide it? Arccos has pretty much proven that most golfers have a substantially inflated view of their carry distances (I did and I
  13. OK… so a while back I admitted that I bought the new Motore X F3 shaft sight-unseen for my Epic Flash SZ driver out of anxiousness at being cooped up and just plain boredom (link above). But I had no idea whether I’d really be happy with my purchase or if I flushed $275 down the toilet! While I still don’t have access to launch monitors, I’ve fooled around with driver adjustments and now played a couple of rounds, and I can honestly say that I am driving the ball longer and generally straighter than I did with the stock Tensei AV Blue. In all fairness, I’ve also been working on hitting t
  14. I have a VERY loaded question for the testers, or actually anyone who might have an opinion. My question goes to your thoughts on the efficacy of the SuperSpeed Training System vs. other simpler (read: less expensive) methods. Hank Haney says making a golf swing 50 times a day will dramatically improve your swing. So just being bored this winter, along with hoping to do something to improve my swing speed for the season, I started swinging my driver in my living room every day. I started off with a top speed of 89 mph as indicated by my PRGR device. After several weeks of swinging &am
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