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  1. Just a heads up in the event anyone else comes across this. I have a minor issue that just cropped up where the app doesn't render some text properly after an Android 13 firmware update. I have a newer Samsung phone that just got the update (including their One UI 5 update), and I noticed that some text on the home screen was cutoff. Everything seems to work correctly; it just doesn't show up correctly. I contacted support and they suggested I try uninstalling/re-installing the app but that didn't help. They've moved the issue up the ladder for resolution via an app update once the issue is figured out. I'll report back when it's resolved.
  2. I play on a 9 hole senior league with only small cash prizes ($5 each for closest on par 3's, longest drive, longest putt and low net) and pretty loose rules IMHO (it's a "fun" league). We seem to have the opposite problem from most of what I've read. Most of our guys want to move up as quickly as possible even though based on driving distance, a couple shouldn't. I'm in that group (SS Performance avg of 243) and prefer to play one back; I guess that's ego, but I like to challenge myself while I still can. And while I'm the 2nd longest driver of the ball, the guy who is the longest plays forward and they always seem to pick a par 5 with the huge difference in tee yardage (55-65 yards). Even without considering that the longest hitter plays forward, I'm not even close to 65 yards longer than the average of the others. So, to make it as fair as they can, we all are allowed to play from the same tees on the money holes (we have no ringers so everyone playing the shorter tee on par 3s isn't inappropriate), otherwise you can play whatever tee you want on every hole. I still believe they should pick a different long drive hole since I don't think it's fair for the shorter hitters to play from the same tee as the #1 driver and me. But it's tough giving up 65 yards before you even swing the club.
  3. I finally had a chance to demo a JPX 923HM & HM Pro against my current 919HM that I've been using for the last 3 years. I don't have much of an issue with ball height so I didn't try the HL model, although I'd probably check it out for a 5 iron replacement if I bought. It was on a Trackman range where it shows pretty much everything except spin numbers (a pretty important stat to me). My current set uses the Project X LZ 5.5 (115g) shaft but I tried out the 95g graphite selections in regular flex on the 923s. I was surprised to see that I did better with the Pro model. The 923Pro seemed a bit lighter than the 923MH to me (no clue if it really is) and it had better ball speeds and dispersion vs both my 919HM and the 923HM. I'm a long way away from ordering anything but I was pleased with this initial demo. I've played Mizuno JPX clubs for the past 9 years and would probably continue on with the 923s, but I would be remiss if I didn't check out some others before doing so. I'm looking forward to the 2023 version of MGS Most Wanted Iron tests to narrow down my test selection.
  4. MIgregb

    Maxfli Tour

    I finally had the opportunity to do a objective comparison between my day-to-day favorite Titlist, the Pro V1-X (I actually like the left dash a little better, but they're harder to come by) and the MaxFli Tour X. On a cold rainy day here in mid-Michigan, I got on a new TrackMan monitor at Bogie's Indoor Golf in Tawas; nice people & facility, check them out if you're in the area (btw, I have NO affiliation with them what-so-ever). After warming up, I hit about 20 driver shots with each ball, alternating a couple of times to avoid warming up/fatigue variances which, of course, didn't eliminate my usual dumb-a variances. That certainly doesn't make this a scientific study by any means, but it's the best I could do. Parsing the data a couple of ways, the MaxFli Tour X out performed the Prov 1-X. My best 5 shots resulted in +9 yards carry and -318 rpm spin. The best 8 shots had+9.9 yards carry and -142 spin. Including more shots started introducing bad shots of some form so I didn't include them (yes, I know... pretty ugly consistency). I didn't record 54 & 58 degree partial wedge shots, but spin was comparable within my ability (which is to say probably not all that consistent). But I'm ending the season here in Michigan playing to about a 10 or 11 Hdcp and a lot of that is due to my improved play from 100 yards or less. So I'm comfortable with the spin comparison that I saw. I'm glad my little test was so positive since I bought the 4 dozen pack from Dick's. Now to get them in actual play.... Edit/Update: One last bit of parsing. The best 3 shots with each ball had nearly identical attack angle and spin numbers. When adjusting the resulting carry number due to a higher average swing speed with the MaxFli Tour X shots, it was still nearly 6 yards longer than the Pro V1-X. So... equal or better performance at nearly half the price? I'm anxious to get some actual playing time in to see if this holds!
  5. My local course definitely needs to be remapped as there are a couple of holes where SS gives a VERY different yardage to the middle vs. my laser range finder. Plus there are greens where I have to walk up to 10 yards onto the green for it to switch to the putting screen. That being said, last week on an entirely different hole from those that I know to be off, SS failed to register ANY shots. It didn't mark those shots on the map away from where I actually hit them, they were missed in their entirety. That just doesn't seem to be a mapping issue IMHO. I don't remember that ever happening before this year but maybe it just didn't happen to me. I hope this anomaly can get sorted with a firmware/software update.
  6. Same here. Happened to me on a course I've played numerous times without issue.
  7. I don't have anything to say that can help (sorry!), but I am curious since I've never owned an Apple device. When you hard reset an Apple iphone/ipad, does that wipe out all of your installed apps and accumulated data? It would on an Android and that'd be a real PITA to have to do!
  8. I've had to either clear cache and/or data several times and delete/re-pair BT settings a few times to get things to sync (usually course updates). In spite of the inconvenience, though, it's never failed to work. I hope it isn't a V3 issue. But unless it fails altogether, it still seems more like software to me. Hope SS can come up with a fix.
  9. I had an unusual thing happen a couple weeks ago. An entire hole was missing after syncing - every shot! I used the H4 and since I can't always feel the vibration as the tag is sensed, I take the H4 out of the belt clip and visually confirm the tag. It's always possible that I still miss an occasional tag sensing, but all 5 on the same hole? (Yes, I got a bogey!!!) I haven't been able to play for a bit because of Covid (nothing bad, but low fever, cough & body aches for a couple days), but I'm good to go tomorrow so I'll keep an eye out for anything weird.
  10. Thanks to the generosity of JerryB, I had the opportunity to try my experiment of installing a G3 watch band on a V3 watch. While it fit perfectly, it turns out that the tag sensing antenna on the V3 is located solely in the top strap making it useless for tracking shots. So, I now have a gray color G3 watch band that I can send to anyone who needs one. Please let me know.
  11. I've done that, too, but found it distracting. Shot Scope suggested that I wear the H4 in the front instead of the side (as i was doing) stating that it's less likely to be knocked off. I didn't think it would make much of a difference but I tried it today, and it did. I never came close to knocking it off even though I was still a bit paranoid about catching my shirt under the unit as I placed it in the belt clip.
  12. Wow, Jerry, that is very kind of you! I'll DM the info. Thanks!!
  13. I've used my H4 for 5 or 6 rounds now and I feel that the GPS is as accurate as any other, but I like that it usually seems quicker to settle on a number. My V3, as well as my old V2 and 3 other GPS units I've used in the past, would sometimes hunt around for a distance before settling down to a number (not attesting to how accurate the number is, just that it settled on one). But I did have one very glaring exception the other day; a cold, cloudy, occasionally drizzly day. The course had us starting on #10. But after setting the H4 on the 10th hole, it insisted we were 600 or 700 yards away from the green (I assume measuring to the 1st green). It easily took 15 to 20 seconds for the unit to get settled moving in increments until it had me located at the 10th hole with an accurate yardage. I don't recall experiencing that kind of delay using the V3 last year when starting out on a 10th hole. Maybe it was protesting the cold drizzly day in which I chose to play!
  14. Does anyone here know the answer to this question; Will the G3 watch band physically fit onto the V3 watch? Without going through the litany reasons why, I want to prevent my V3 watch from sensing the club tag until I tap the tag to the watch (like one has to do with the H4). I've tried to get that answer 3 times out of SS Support but they are being very creative in their non-answers. Perhaps they simply don't understand my question, but I don't think so. What I'm trying to accomplish is to desensitize the V3 so it stops sensing the club tag until I absolutely want it to. It's my understanding that the G3 watch band does not contain the tag sensing antenna since it's for GPS only. I could be mistaken on that fact, though, so I'd appreciate it if anyone could correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks!
  15. And now, less than 24 hours later, they published the course update!
  16. I use both tracking and GPS functions. Although I still prefer using my laser rangefinder up close because I'm too lazy to figure out the distance to the flag. I like to eliminate excuses for why missed so badly
  17. I want to put a plug in for Shot Scope's (what's quickly becoming) legendary support. The course I played yesterday had what I believe to be mapping errors. I specifically had problems on several greens where the putting feature on the H4 would go in and out as though I was walking off the green, even when I was in the middle of it. It didn't dawn on me that it could have been mapping issues until later in the round so I didn't keep notes on exactly where it occurred. I wrote to Support this morning telling the story and asked what type of info they needed so they could look into the issue after I next played. Within 2 hours, I received a detailed response saying that they could absolutely look into the issue and asked only that I confirm the current course layout! I don't use any other product or service that comes close to this level of responsiveness; they're awesome!
  18. So, I've now played 3 rounds with the H4 and I have decided to stop trying to use the belt clip at all. I again played in cold, windy weather where I needed to wear layers, but it was way too easy to either not seat the H4 into the belt clip well or knock it loose when reaching into my pocket for a tee. I was successful in tagging the club through my trousers so I didn't have to pull it out of my pocket unless I needed to check distance or finalize putting. But it's still a bit inconvenient when trying to concentrate on playing. Between the V3 watch and the H4, I still much prefer the H4 method of tagging the club because of my proclivity for swinging away from my next shot to stay loose. But I think I might try wearing the V3 watch on my opposite wrist so it doesn't tag so easily forcing me to intentionally tag the club before hitting my shot, just like I have to do with the H4. Actually, I wish I'd thought of trying this earlier which could have saved me the $139 H4 cost... if it works. I'll let you know what I find.
  19. I've never had any two GPS devices read exactly the same, but obviously you want them close. I'd love to hear what you discover when you keep close watch on them, although I didn't notice any big discrepancies while in my pocket. But since I had to take it out to read the yardages anyway, maybe that eliminated any error?
  20. My experiences exactly! This is/was most problematic in the colder weather when I had layers on. As long as I was certain the unit was properly clipped on, the magnet was very capable of holding it in place, and the side seemed more convenient/out-of-the-way.
  21. That's what I resorted to because I dropped mine once as well. But it wasn't as inaccessible as I expected. I can't see the screen while it's on my belt so I pull it off to look at it, or I take it out of my pocket to look at it. Registering the club it a bit more difficult, though. I can't always feel the confirmation vibration in my pocket.
  22. It depends on the club (obviously) but I've started coming closer over time (been using SS since 2019). My driver went from about 35 yards down to 12. That means I'm topping and horribly slicing much less. I use my 8 iron a lot around the green for chipping & haven't mastered (or is it just "bothered") with labeling it as such so that average is way off.
  23. I'm learning that there isn't a perfect shot tracking solution yet available. And what makes it perfect is subject to user preferences. But the H4 is definitely my favorite so far and with Shot Scope's outstanding customer service, there's nothing better for me!
  24. I used the H4 for the 2nd time today and have a few more observations. First, I played a different course that is about 20 miles away from the last one and it took about 2 minutes for the device to find it. That's probably much more typical than the less than 10 seconds I observed yesterday. Second, I managed to knock the H4 off the holder on the very first hole and was paranoid enough after that to carry it in my pocket the rest of the round. Fortunately, it dropped right in the spot on my previous shot so I found it easily. Again, my only edits to mark a shot that I neglected to tag. I'm still happy with the H4. Oh! And no Bluetooth connection issues after the round today. It connected & synced just fine.
  25. It's the stock grip on the Stroke Lab shaft. There's no removable weight but the threaded tag wouldn't screw in. I pushed a drill bit into the grip end and it does meet something metal so I just went the double sided tape method that worked so well on my old midsized CB grip in the past.
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