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  1. I've got the moniker, now I just need to test the irons ... Harrison Brink from PA (the state where Hogan was a resident playing professional - Hershey CC) Aged 25, 0 Handicap PW-8 Titleist MB 7-5 Titleist AP2 4 Titleist TMB
  2. 1.) Harrison from Pennsylvania 2.) Titleist Vokey SM5 52, 56, 60 3.) STRENGTHS: Bunker play, chipping around the green ... WEAKNESSES: 20 - 70 yard wedge shots, pitches that require height. 4.) Handicap: 0 (Henny Bogan is a reference to the alter-ego Hogan maintained as a youth that he used for motivation/companionship)
  3. 1.) Harrison from PA. 2.) Titleist 915 D3 8.5' X-Stiff Diamana White 701 3.) 112 mph, approx 260 yds 4.) 0 HDCP
  4. Anyone with any reason to be in central PA needs to make an effort to play Bedford Springs. Omni took over the resort in 2007 and immediately began pumping in money. When all was said and done, $120 million had been spent to restore the resort to its former glory, and in doing so Omni advanced the golf course past anything else in the area. The result is one of the most interesting routings you will every play, complete with what feels like a private valley, 5 par 5s and 5 par 3s, and immaculate conditions. Oh, and chances are you'll be one of maybe twenty folks to play it that given day. "If so few play", I hear you asking "what kind of shape could it be in??" Omni doesn't give a flying rat fart what sort of return they see on the annual upkeep. It is in phenomenal shape as long as weather permits.
  5. Haven't read through all these, but wanted to toss you my two cents: Caledonia Fish and Golf is a fantastic experience. Obviously conditions can differ based on time of year and subsequent weather, but it was in phenomenal shape when I played it August of 2014. Ralston Creek at Daniel Island is a quality layout as well and a beast from all the way back (you got any masochist in ya?)
  6. 1.) Harrison from PA. 2.) 0 HDCP, 112 mph 3.) Titleist 915 D3 8.5' X-Stiff Diamana White 70 4.) Ping 400 LST 8.5' (preferably with an X flex for highest quality testing)
  7. Hate to be "that guy", but Brooks withdrew 3 days ago.
  8. Tier 1: Gerry Lester "Bubba" Watson Tier 2: Patrick "Top 5" Reed Tier 3: Kevin "Lead Foot" Kisner Tier 4: Bryson "Look at my Brain" DeChambeau Tier 5: Bernd Wiesberger Winning score: -18 Low Amateur: +1
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