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  1. I have done the 2 for $50 and used a $20 off coupon. got them for $15 each, which is tremendous for a really good ball.
  2. There are so many balls!! And they are so good. My spec's are close to yours. I got back into golf 3 years ago and the biggest thing I faced on my return was the ball selection. I played everything. Everything. There are many I like. The one I kept coming back to was the Srixon Q Star Tour. It just feels 'right' to me. I would suggest trying all the balls you are comfortable paying for. Lots of companies do 'Buy one Get one', or some such thing. My QST's are last years model, for almost half the price of the current year model. No one can tell you what is right FOR YOU. You'll get lots of great suggestions, and all the balls recommended will be good. You are just going to have to hit a bunch of them to find what works best for you. Try buying sleeves of three at golf shops, and look for sales. And enjoy the process. Maybe keep a log so you can refer back to it and narrow down you choices.
  3. The "fitter" in my local pro shop cautioned me about cutting a putter shaft down and recommended choking down on it for this reason. He said that cutting an inch off of the shaft meant removing about 40 grams of weight from the putter, and the head would feel light. I re-gripped and choked down, as I didn't want to lose the "feel" i had and liked. With a lot of putters you can replace the removable weights for heavier ones, getting the weight back where it was. The putter I was using at the time didn't have removeable weights.
  4. I like the Hogans at Walmart also. There is a polo at Academy Sports, I think its BCG, that is usually on sale for around $15 that is a nice shirt. Got a Saddleback at Belk at 70% off, cost me $13, that is my new favorite.
  5. I am notoriously hard to fit for shoes. I've tried all of the Adidas and Footjoy offerings, as well as some Puma and Under Armor, and nothing fits. I bought two pairs of Skechers and they are great. One pair of fabric and one waterproof leather and the fit is great and they are comfortable, with no break-in. Not saying everyone will be as happy with them as I am, but they fit my freaky gunboats just fine.
  6. I never tried the ones I got at Target. My wife decided to return an item she had bought, and when she said that she was going to make a return I told her to hold up and wait for me. It stuck in my craw how rude the checkout girl was. Took them back for a refund and will spend the money on last years QST at my locally owned golf store. booyah...
  7. I wandered into Target yesterday, which is a rare thing for me, but found Vice Pro and Cut Gray on the shelf for the same price as online. Decided to try the Cut Gray. Three pc ball with urethane cover at $20 vs $34 for current gen QST. can’t hurt to try. If they suck I’ll just buy last gen QST til they run out. Wont go back to target, though. Very rude checkout lady. If I like Cut I’ll buy online. Anyone else try the Cut Gray?
  8. I think they are Skechers GoLo? It says ‘quick fit’ above the heel. No other model number or name on the shoe. I bought two years ago, so that exact model may not be available, but I know they still make breathable models. Mine are very comfortable.
  9. I have bought two of the Magellan long sleeve fisherman shirts at academy. They are 30 spf/upf. They are moisture wicking, so you don’t have a soaking wet shirt during your round. I dont feel hotter in them, but playing in long sleeves took some getting used to.
  10. Thats where I grew up: Sarasota and pensacola. Ran around mostly naked a lot of the time. Hated sunscreen. Now I am paying, like my Mom and her Dad. My brimmed hat and sunscreen are how I roll now.
  11. Wore my Shelta Seahawk for my Saturday 18. Wish I had gotten serious about sun vs hat a lot sooner; can't undo the damage. Had to make a June 17 appointment with my dermatologist to get another skin cancer cut off. Baseball style caps only protect the forehead, not the sides of head/face, ears, neck.
  12. Nicer courses in my area require "proper golf attire", usually collard polo shirts with golf pants or shorts. I am ok with the polo, as long as it is comfortably large (I am a big guy). On the two courses I play the most, however, anything seems to go. As i have frequent problems with skin cancer (see the thread on hats), I have taken to getting the long sleeve 50 UPF fishing shirts at Academy. They look like polos from a distance. I get ones that don't have vivid designs on the front or back. No collar though, so no good at the country club. I am glad that none of the courses have restrictions on hats. Long sleeve moisture-wicking shirt, hat, and sunscreen are how I roll.
  13. I am a fan of the Shelta Seahawk, which is my go to golf/outdoors hat. very comfortable and provides good protection. also have two smaller hats for short trips outside. this is the one!
  14. There is one person in each generation in my family that is redheaded, fair-skinned, and prone to burning. My grandfather worked in the sun his whole life, and he got to make MONTHLY visits to the dermatologist as a result. My mother was much more careful, but it still got her. She has now had two separate surgeries for a Squamous cell carcinoma that metastasized into her Parotid Gland (the largest of the Salivary glands) and a round of radiation. In the second surgery they had to take out the facial nerve, so she looks like she had a stoke. No control of right side of face. Now I'm next, followed by my daughter. You better believe I'm wearing a good hat and using sunscreen, but that hasn't always been the case. I used to hate both, so I too will pay the price. My daughter has watched all this and I hope she has learned something, but my co-workers have also seen all this happen and heard me talk about it and see the holes and scars on me and they still cook themselves. Friends, I know you love this game as much as I do or you wouldn't be watching this forum and reading my drivel, but please please take care of yourselves. Hats on and sunscreen on. I am also a Histologist: I am the guy that receives your skin cancers and cuts them up and preps them for the Pathologist to make his diagnosis. If you don'e take car of yourselves we will be happy to bill you for our services.
  15. I am constantly riding my young female coworkers about the way they let themselves cook in the sun. I call one girl “ ms. Melanoma”. Doesn’t scare her. Know what does? When I come in after seeing my dermatologist and I pull the dressings off. I grew up in Florida and ignored the warnings to wear sunscreen, hate, etc. and now I’m paying for it. I have at least 5 places my dermatologist needs to check but I cant get in to see her due to covid-19. She gets so excited when she sees me I don’t care if I look silly, the bucket hats are the way to go for me.
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