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  1. I'm not sure about "best" there are a hungry i enjoy. But most of the links style Scottish courses are the worst. The idea of St Andrews is fun until you are inside your first pot bunker. 13 flop shot attempts off a hitting mat later and you have quit the round.
  2. Good luck with that, I'm playing the deer park scramble tomorrow. I played in the county championships last month, that is a fun event if you haven't done it. The city championship is also fun. I'm golfing most weeks, let me know if you want to coordinate a round.
  3. Welcome to the boards and spokane! I was just out at liberty lake and meadow wood. Indian canyon is an up and down track for sure. Are you in the men's club there?
  4. Gamble Sands Bandon Dunes The Ranch - Keystone Lake Chelan municipal Circling Raven Bandon Trails M A 8 Salish Cliffs Lake Padden Dormie Club
  5. Pga: Viktor or Rickie LIV : Bryson LPGA: Brooke Henderson
  6. Yes, but GP has a better business model and their grips wear out every 30 rounds of golf.
  7. That is good to know. I'll keep that in mind in 6 years when i need my next regrip done!
  8. I switched from iomic to these. I find them to have more grip, more tack and last longer.
  9. Pure pro are a tackler, more aggressive version of a golf pride tour velvet . I love thenlm. Dtx have a different texture, I think that's what @Kenny Bplays.
  10. One bad thing anout making such a durable and long lasting grip is that they don't get the reorders other brands do. Id go through 3 New Decades before wearing 1 of these out. Glad i just got an order in
  11. Got this email today. I was surprised and bummed, they have been my favorite grip ever.
  12. Thanks team. Spent 6 hours at the zoo with my little guy then, dinner with friends, then after dinner meet up with my brother and his family. Very long day, just slept 11 hours recovering from in
  13. I'll add, that looking at the top lines, they meet that target. Behind the ball there isn't anything there to tell me that I've got a zx5 mkii or a zx7 mkii in hand. To top line and blade length are basically the same. Which makes the ZX5 MKII look smaller than others in its category, and the ZX7 MKII look slightly larger in its category. On the bottom, the ZX5 MKII's have a noticeably larger sole. @revkev
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