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  1. Hi there Thin2win,

    I saw your message on the forum about the Tommy armour putter nr. 3 to someone living in Italy.

    Your suggestion to buy one in the States and ship it for him to Italy. Do you want to ship these putter for me to the Netherlands?

    What is the cost of shipping? And is these putter in the store with a discount at the moment? What is the price of it?

    I'd hope to hear from you.

    Kind regards,


    1. Thin2win


      I would definitely do the same for you. The putter itself is only $99usd. If have to check on shipping. 


      The bigger issue, the state I live in just closed all businesses for 2 weeks due to Corona, so I'm sitting at home for that period. But, assuming the world doesn't end and I'm allowed to leave the house soon, I'm more then happy to help

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  2. I plan on bringing a buddy (non MGS) along to join us for the Bend golf rounds.  Hope that's not an issue (I think I recall that already being brought up and not a problem)

    1. Thin2win


      The more the merrier. 

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