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  1. I was at Costco this week, went for milk and eggs... got these wedges too. The price is just too attractive. Also, the wedges look really good.
  2. I'm definitely curious how your long term test goes. I don't have your swing speed. And having watched a few of the you tubers hit it, I got the impression that it does add some club head speed, but overall it's accuracy kept them from putting it in the bag. But for players with a little slower (maybe much slower) swing speed it seems to test out better. But I haven't gone to the other forums to read their results. I only care about yours. You're my boy blue.
  3. Glad it is working for you so far. any more testing with it lately?
  4. I'm waiting for the zx5 from @dlow206, but thanks.
  5. I think the optimal 2i numbers are 2 shelves up on the garage, and a 5w happily in that spot
  6. I just switched from a Ventus Blue 6-S to a Accra TZ6 M4. I love the feel and load of both, but the Accra hits a better launch window for me which ends up giving me a little more accuracy and distance.
  7. just keep losing your monies to me and I'll keep telling you that your swing is good.
  8. Fitting is worth it at 50% off for sure. Not obligated to buy, and if you tell them you don't want an upcharge shaft, they won't try to fit you into one. If you tell them what you want your budget to be, they will stay in that. But, getting a good fit from them, then purchasing elsewhere is the best bang for the buck.
  9. Or on getting selected to test the moto caddy
  10. Looks like this thread might get more moto caddy posts than March madness ones.
  11. Welcome to the forums! A few spys in and around Seattle here. I'm a bit up north (Mount Vernon), but if you are ever going up to BC you can stop by for a round.
  12. Theory to practice on that one is always a question mark. A lighter weight could help you swing faster, but it is probably the weight of the Ping that makes it so accurate for you. I know over all the G425 Max didn't get love from most wanted here, but on other corners of the internet it was highly praised. And remember, most wanted just tells which club fits the most people, not which club fits you. Every club in most wanted probably has a subset that it is best for regardless of where it fell in overall testing.
  13. I'm loving my SIM2 Max driver, might look at the matching 3 wood. Let me know what you think out on the course
  14. The zx5 look petty sweet, glad you were able to test them.
  15. Okay, I'm curious... Do you just not like their silly ads or their business model?
  16. But really, if you hit 18 GIR how much do you really need to help your score?
  17. I think Vice needs to start giving me a commision. I just checked and all tees all colors are sold out. Obviously, my supperiour review skills have boosted this tee to the top of the demand list. lol.
  18. seriously, did the bird forget to turn left at Albuquerque?
  19. I've used the ventus blue for 2 years now, love everything about the feel of it, but... I just can't get it up anymore and I needed help Looking for something a little higher launching, a little higher spinning. I have the 5th Gen Kuro Kage Silver that came with my SIM2 Max right now, and it fits me better than the Ventus Blue these days. But the bylaws of my provisional CHA membership requires that I don't play a standard stock shaft offering, so had to find something to spend money on and I couldn't find a decent deal on a Ventus Red, or I would have gotten that. If I find one of thos
  20. Which is like every 1.9 days. So this statement carries significant weight. aside from that, I wandered to the other 120+ SS forum and found an Accra TZ6 M4 for $175. So I have that coming to try in my new SIM2 Max. Hoping it feels similar to a Ventus, but with a little higher launch than the blue. I didn't have the patience for @edingc to try then sell his new AutoFlex to @dlow206 and then for him to try and sell it to me at huge discounts. So this will have to hold me over till then.
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