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  1. Welcome to the forums, lots of spys in the greater Portland area.
  2. WTS my Velocore Ventus Blue. TM adapter plays about 44.75" $200 shipped conus. Used condition, few minor scratches under grip from prior grip removals, blemish by adapter from over zealous tip prep by someone installing the adapter. Blemish visible in above and below pictures Minor scratches under grip
  3. I have the 3/4 F7 hybrid with the stock stiff fujikura pro shaft. Make a quasi reasonable offer and I can sent it your way.
  4. CC is a great fitting experience... But that have outrages pricing. Take their recommendations and get the clubs on your own for 40% their price
  5. Just to add to this conversation about the actual switch from steel to graphite. I did it last year, going from Nippon Modus 105s to Recoils. Honestly, if I didn't know I was swinging graphite, I wouldn't know. From a feel through the swing standpoint, I couldn't tell you a difference. I think with as many good options that are out there, you can find one that feels exactly like you want it to and gives all the performance/comfort benefits.
  6. IMHO the only reasons not to switch are cost and stigma. Graphite is a superior technology, for all ages, for all swing speeds. If you trust a graphite shaft in your driver with higher swing speed and more load, why wouldn't you trust one in your 7i? But cost and stigma are real, even on tour where cost isn't an issue the stigma keeps them out of bags. But from a performance stand point, I don't know of any argument to play steel over graphite. Also +1 to joint pain relief.
  7. Sounds like you should play a split set to me
  8. I guess from tour adoption, nothing is going to compete with the ProV1. But... Graphite shafts in drivers comes pretty close. They went from non-existent to 98% adoption in a very short time frame. I remember Tiger's first wins were with a 43" steel shaft. That extra 2-3" of controllable club has done as much as anything to add distance. Taylormade Spider putter. Honorable mention (yes, I did just get one).
  9. Tommy Armour #3? MGS Most Wanted what 2 or 3 years in a row? I just made the switch to a mallet and it has been a vast improvement for swing path and getting the ball started online.
  10. I'll pay 3 times what you paid for it!
  11. I spent some time getting used to the distance control for the Myspider X and used it for a tournament this weekend. 27 Putts. And two <1" tap ins. 6 of 6 from the 5'- 12' range. It's in the bag, I've updated my sig. It is here to stay. Now I need to find a better head cover for it because I still hate the one it comes with.
  12. I went and found the post round interview to hear what he actually said, and all he says is "...I need to thank my sponsors... ...Cobra RadSpeed..." So he doesn't say anything that isn't accurate. Still... now I kinda want a King LTD pro, and ebay only has two. None of the other used club places I normally look even have them. Bryson must have bought them all.
  13. He is a company man. Can't fault him for that.
  14. Watching Bay Hill today, was looking at Bryson's driver and noticed it wasn't the Radspeed. He is playing a now 6 year old driver, cobra king Ltd pro. I remember the love for that club then, but still kind of surprising. Chances cobra trys to start marketing it?
  15. New wedges? I didn't even know they made old wedges... Sorry Honma.
  16. Also, the shafts in the 425 use the same adapter as the 410... so you should be able to swap those out to find a fit...
  17. I also got the SIM2 max, about the same swing speed.. But I had to go with the 12 degree head to get over 1900 backspin. The reasons to get fit folks.
  18. I'm currently using a Sub 70 wedge
  19. Scorching deal, I'm hunting for the AD DJ. Like a damn unicorn. Good luck
  20. After watching the txg video on Edison wedges yesterday I am intrigued, but really they are a hard no for me at that price point. Still, I'm rooting for them to work for you. I think I'm going order the Costco wedges and see if I can bend them 2 degrees strong. 3 wedges for $170 has me more interested than 1 for $200.
  21. Yeah, i just watched it. Thanks for the link. The CG definitely plays a role. Looking at the shots they got, I don't know that the Mizuno or SM8 had any difference in performance. very similar for sure.
  22. Definitely can see why you go with Ping needing those specs. There are a few forged wedges out there that could be made to that spec, but it does look like Pings have the best wet weather spin retention of any brand. So you get that.
  23. Obviously Matt and Ian were following this thread and wanted to give some input. I still don't think I can justify almost twice the price for an edison over a Sub70. Were you sold on this?
  24. I switched to Mid-size a few years ago, and I'm happy with that change. Much less wrist pain, and less tendency to pull the ball left. Also, I wear a Cadet-M glove, so on all the grip size charts I should use an undersized. The feel and club awareness come back after a few rounds, just takes a little getting used to.
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