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  1. Yeah, i just watched it. Thanks for the link. The CG definitely plays a role. Looking at the shots they got, I don't know that the Mizuno or SM8 had any difference in performance. very similar for sure.
  2. Definitely can see why you go with Ping needing those specs. There are a few forged wedges out there that could be made to that spec, but it does look like Pings have the best wet weather spin retention of any brand. So you get that.
  3. Obviously Matt and Ian were following this thread and wanted to give some input. I still don't think I can justify almost twice the price for an edison over a Sub70. Were you sold on this?
  4. I switched to Mid-size a few years ago, and I'm happy with that change. Much less wrist pain, and less tendency to pull the ball left. Also, I wear a Cadet-M glove, so on all the grip size charts I should use an undersized. The feel and club awareness come back after a few rounds, just takes a little getting used to.
  5. The most wanted 2019 wedge article @GolfSpy MPRlinked in the 2nd post of this thread actually talks about it.
  6. I wasn't trying to make a Sub70 fan forum here guys... Lol.
  7. Yeah yeah yeah. Why did you get a sub 70 wedge? I know you've had good luck with the 699 Pro's, decided to give their wedge a try too? The cookie has not been decided yet, but you are in the running.
  8. yes? I see that is the marketing pitch, and Cleveland has done it with the 1 dot, 2 dot, 3 dot series. But does it? @GolfSpy MPR I will send a dozen cookies, fresh girl scout samoas if you can get a test to see if there is any difference here. Looking at the wedge marketing and the claims of improved spin from one year to the next and comparing it to driver marketing... if it was true I would be getting so much backspin on wedge shots that I would be leaving scorch marks on the greens.
  9. I get the need to find the right bounce/grind and a fitting can find that. But if I know I need a 58/8 wedge.... you kinda summed up my thoughts, they are all basically the same material and the same shape, how much different can they really be? Adam has talked about putters being "wall hangers" I guess I've always thought of wedges as basically the same. I know Vokeys are great, I know Bettinardi's are great. But aren't they just in the same category as Scottys in terms of more wall art then worth using? (note, not trying to single those two out for any reason other than they are popular
  10. So far price is the winning answer. Come on, someone win a cookie and give a great reason!
  11. okay, that is exactly where I am at. I also have Sub70, and I got it because of price. And having used it, I can't come up with any reason to spend more on a wedge than it costs. I'm fishing for someone to give me a reason to spend more money. So far, you are winning the contest for the cookie.
  12. Okay, so you win. And I'm going through this now... .. basically every wedge is 8600 rpm +- 200 and 32.5 +- 1 degree of launch. And also, I fully understand that 1 will work better for someone than another. Just like one Anser putter works better for someone than another. let me ask this differently, what differences led you to pick the wedge(s) you have over any other brands 588 clone?
  13. MMT shafts, those sound good. Did you order the P, 8 & 6 as the Pings and the 9,7,5 as Srixon? A truly indecisive mix bag?
  14. Tony C might kick me off the forums for this. But I really believe that a standard 588 style wedge has zero difference from one brand to another. I am not talking about the bounce and grind options that make one different from another, I get that . Alsohaving used them, I can attest to the differences between a CBX2 wedge and a 588 clone. I've used the Sub70, Mac Daddy Forged, Mizuno, Ping, Cleveland, TM and Vokey wedges. Besides for the Vokeys feeling clicky, I don't think I could tell a discernible difference. They are all basically the exact same shape and weight. I'm looking for
  15. Also, I can't imagine you( @fixyurdivot) got to try the ZX4's before ordering, which would instantly make anything you ordered obsolete. See, he isn't getting new clubs folks, this was all a lie.
  16. I'm still calling his bluff. They will arrive, he will look at them take a picture. Then decide, that for that same amount of money he could put really fancy Paderson Golf shafts in his 410s and have those going forward, and maybe make the 410s everything he thought they would be in the first place. That said, the box that will be showing up before he sends it back will say Srixon on the outside. And as much as he wanted to not have a Ping just to not have a Ping, he really wanted a Ping and fooled himself thinking he could order a Srixon and sleep at night. But it would be a false slee
  17. As a side gig during these stuck at home covid times, my wife started making head covers out of old Hawaiian shirts, team jerseys, goodwill finds, etc. I like them alot. But I am biased #2nd_cut_customs on Instagram
  18. I'm going to go a different route. Books by Pelz, Stockton, Nicklaus, Hogan etc are are fun. But I don't have their swings, I like the read for the read, but from an instruction standpoint... Hogan's book alone probably made more people worse at golf than if they didn't read it. The "Golf" books I love, the stylized books by Mark Frost are way too fun to read. I like reading anything that makes me want to play more and a good golf story does that. The other book that is really good, is Dream Golf. It's the story of Bandon Dunes and how it came to be. I think it has been revised wit
  19. As with what the other people mentioned below, also need to look at launch angle. I was looking at a couple of them with near identical ball speed and spin numbers, but launch angle explained the difference. But the other thing to look at is the strokes gained, the difference between the top options down to the middle of list is such that it would take multiple rounds before gaining a full stroke. The winner is us, they are all good.
  20. Looks like Callaway had won the coveted MGS Most Wanted. Definitely a club low on the meter of people excited to try. But I did say that if you needed less spin and more help VS a fade it might be the best driver. So I got that right (self pat on the back). TSI2 showed strong. Cobra continued their tradition of finishing 2nd or 3rd but never winning. Looking at the actual strokes gained numbers... The difference between the best and worst driver is .1429 strokes gained, so 1 full stroke every 7 hits, or about 2 strokes a round if I am doing that right. While the differe
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