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  1. Really not enough to make a big difference. For me it was a couple yards. The mizuno was the only one of the bunch that was appreciably shorter in testing(about 12 yards). The TSi2 and SIM2 were longest, PING right behind them. Followed by cobra, then Callaway them mizuno. But between the top 4, there wasn't a huge difference. The biggest differences I saw were in dispersion with PING and SIM2 out in front.
  2. The burner bubble was my first non hand me down driver. I loved it something fierce.
  3. Final thoughts. This putter is staying in a bag, just not mine. My wife has claimed it. It really is the best putter inside 6' I've ever used. But outside 20' my speed control with it is horrid. I might go back to it in the summer with faster greens, but right now it has lead to an uptick in 3 putts from distance. Mostly due to to being much lighter than I'm used to. So for now, Er2 is staying around.
  4. Flash update: I was just on Vice 's website, and these now come in additional color options!
  5. Its like the National Lampoons Vegas Vacation where the kid wins every car on every slot machine.
  6. TSi2 is a great club. It was nearly as good as the TM for me. The TM just won on spin consistency. On average, they both got me about 2200 rpm, the TM did it +- 150 over 10. The TSI2 did it with +-300rpm over 10. Everything else was basically the same # wise. I haven't gamed a TM driver in over a decade, and it has almost been 20 years since I got my first Burner Bubble
  7. For whatever reason the last few years I've lost all back spin. My prior gamer was only getting me 1200rpm on average. This got my spin up to 2300 with a 14 degree launch and 145mph ball speed. Carries a bit further now, but the biggest change is so much straighter.
  8. Well, I went in for a fitting today. Hit all the contenders, and the taylormade Sim 2Max with 12 Degrees of loft was the winner for me.
  9. I've hit a number within 2' but nothing in the cup. I'm ready for another PNW meet up for sure
  10. I live just north of Seattle, normally year round golf, obviously some rainy days in there. But we got 13" of snow today, that is going to stop golf for a few...
  11. Think I'm going to order 2 up. Any play with yours yet?
  12. I am happily the winner of the forum pool on if you would actually purchase a new driver this year. As long as you hold out on irons for another 2 years I'll be able to put Xander through college in that payday.
  13. Since you all have shared you nearest miss story, I'll add mine for the shared grief. 4 years ago, golfing with my dad we got to the 18th hole, ~140y. I hit a really pure shot, tracked right at the hole the entire time. I missed jarring it by about a 1/2". What I did get was a shot that landed on the edge of the cup, collapsed the cup edge so far that the ball hit the hard plastic edge of the cup, bounced up hitting the flag stick and then ricocheted(actual word?) 20 yards off the green coming to rest under an apple tree. So hunched over under a tree I hit a bump shot to get b
  14. Can I imagine hitting 2 consecutive 385 yard shots....? Nope my imagination apparently has limits and that exceeds them. Kyle Berkshire maybe. Okay, I take it back... The fairway would need to be parking lot hard. And I'd need the better part of a tornado tail wind.
  15. I can't say I actually bought it. But I did buy the sewing machine for my wife for Xmas. She had started turning old jerseys and Hawaiian shirts into driver covers. So this is my new driver cover.
  16. wedge problem solved, now you have monies to spend on that driver
  17. The Snohomish range is flat, your mill Creek range is a canyon. Lol
  18. but it puts the focus back on shot making instead of putting the emphasis on distance. I think watching the pro's play with worse equipment is more detrimental to golf as a whole than other options. obviously, I don't have the answers, just opinions But just this weekend at the Farmers, the fairways were slow and driving distance was down 20y across the field. I know watching the PGA on weekends and seeing them get 30-50y roll out on drives amuses me as around here anything more than 3y is pretty lucky. The reward now is to hit a low trajectory, low spin shot to maximize carry a
  19. I think I am in on the TSI3/Autoflex. I'll take all the hype please.
  20. Course setup is a easy enough fix. They just currently go about it the exact opposite way. Instead of lengthening courses to try to get Driver/7i into par 4s. They just need to shorten the course so that driving it 50 yards further isn't as statistically relevant. I.e. being 180 out instead of 230 out is a much bigger benefit that 110 vs 160 in strokes gained. Make the courses shorter, mow the fairways 1/8" taller for less tour roll, make the greens much smaller, make the rough around the greens much deeper. That is it. No more land needed and less mowing. That said, on topic. I have no
  21. So who has won the early hype war for you? IE, if you got a free driver delivered in the mail tomorrow, which one would you want it to be(and which shaft? please say autoflex)
  22. Don't worry about @dlow206 he already bought 3 other shafts since he sent you this one. Just how he rolls. Thanks for the quick response.
  23. 2nd performance update: Definitely the easiest putter I have ever used to get the ball started on line. I'm sure there are a number of factors that make that happen. I think for me the biggest is that I can bring this club back and through without it flying away from me and outside my desired swing plane. It has been so much easier for me to get the ball rolling on line then with my ER2. I'll have to wait for some shotscope stats to back it up, and maybe I could just go old fashion and actually count, but I think I'm making more putts in that 5-15 range then I ever have. I do wish i
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