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  1. I just pretend I'm riding a bike and use applicable paths and rules. I do wear a helmet anytime in not on the course.
  2. On a overall practical aspect. My wife and I have just gone to 1 car( @fixyurdivot @Kenny B the stinger is gone ). With Covid we just weren't driving that much and having 2 car payments didn't make much sense. So we now just have 1 SUV. That said, I wanted to go golfing last week on a sunny afternoon, but the wife needed the car. So I grabbed my golf clubs, hopped on the OneWheel and rode the 6.2 miles from my house to the course. I averaged 18 MPH getting there and it took about 25 minutes. The course was very wet, so I hadn't planned on riding on the course. It was a walking only day.
  3. It happens more often then I would think, but my club tends to heavily favor the 8am-12pm tee times. I tend to get out around 3 or 4. At that time, I often am about the only person on the course. And now that the club members have seen me around for a year, if I'm playing solo they are pretty fast to wave me through. If I'm playing with my weekly group or with the wife and kid, it definitely doesn't speed up the round. Not much to be done about that. But on a day that you get the course to yourself for whatever reason the round is over before you know it.
  4. I've done some pretty hilly terrain with it, but it does have limits. Some courses would be too steep to make it enjoyable or doable. The motor does regen braking when going downhill, so you don't speed up. You just keep going as you were. The real limit to hills is the angle from the bottom of the wheel to the edge of the board, 15 degrees. I thought I would run into lots of hills steeper than 15 degrees... But after a year of riding on golf courses (13 different ones) I've only found 1 hill that was just too much. Fortunately, the wheel only weights 30 lbs and it's easy enough to carry
  5. I rocked the Cleveland Monster HiBore XLS for 2 seasons. Literally sounds like a shotgun. The first time I hit it in an enclosed hitting bay I thought it had broken from the sound it made. But man does it hit it straight.
  6. First performance update. It goes fast.
  7. I haven't had it yet, but if /when it happens I will let you all know
  8. I'm glad to help, we all do what we can around here. It's a team effort.
  9. You poor neglected soul. If I woke up left handed tomorrow I could likely learn to golf standing over there, but I'd forever be defeated by clothing zippers. I don't know how you all do it. But luckily for you, my wife is left handed so I asked her to see if these tees would work for her. For some reason she thought this was about the dumbest request I've ever made. But for science she attempted it. Shockingly enough, they work just fine. I was surprised for one. But it seems you are in luck. First a left dash ball from Titleist, now a tee that works for lefties. Next thing you kno
  10. .... I just don't know... I will try to be more thorough in future reviews. I apologize for neglecting to provide this detail. My new SpiderX shipped from China.
  11. Matt and Ian, its almost like they know what they are talking about.
  12. Yes, yes I am. It continues to do everything I need it to do. We have been having incredibly high winds for the last month, the only couple times I have gotten out to play there has been sustained 30+ mph winds. Being able to keep this low has been huge and great at keeping the ball in play. My last round I was looking at a long 2nd shot on a par 5, ~230y. With that wind slightly into me and mostly going R->L I decided to hit two shots, one with this and one with my 5w. I knew getting the green wasn't an option with the wind. I hit the 5w first, probably the most pure shot I have hit
  13. For me, it sits flat and square. My take away with it comes right into the slot I want it to. Which has been the biggest knock I've had on the evnroll, it aways wants to drift outside on my takeaway.
  14. The weather here has been just beautiful. 45 degrees, Gale force winds and and inch of so of rain every day. It has made getting out to the course for testing a challenge. But the skies cleared for enough time for me to run out and get 9 holes in. My first reaction is to be very impressed, I guess I can see why it seems like half the tour uses one of these. Distance seems to be basically the same as my ER2. But it does sound much more muted at impact. The thing I liked the most about it, is that it is so easy to start the ball online. Really really easy. My biggest comp
  15. Between constant Gale warnings and rain I can't say I have played much in the last few weeks.
  16. I might be, in theory my wife and I have tickets to the women's am, but not sure if that is going to happen.
  17. I'm sure we all thought about it, but decided to wish you well instead. Seriously glad you are feeling better. Get home soon.
  18. Stage 1: The tooth fairy disguised as a fedex delivery driver just dropped off a dull brown box on my door step. Earlier this month I decided to take advantage of the taylormade black Friday 20% off deal and order up a myspiderx. The website was mostly user friendly, not very good on my mobile, I had to switch to my desktop for it to really work with the preview pane. But after 15 or so minutes of playing around with color options I clicked purchase. My order was placed on Dec 4th, and I received it today, Dec 29th. I'm sure at non Christmas non world pandem
  19. I really want to be better using a line, but I'm not. It makes me worse for whatever reason, my eyes see the line and the parallax error between them, the ball and the hole causes issues for me. I'm much better off not using a line. But I've given it a lot of effort and tries to make it work.
  20. Other than the second batch of time delay pictures not being able to see the balls, amazing effort here. Great writeup!
  21. Thanks, it is how I roll(golf). It isn't any harder to ride with a bag than without one, so on that account it isn't a problem. I did switch to a lighter/smaller bag with a single strap and that is easier that the 2 strap bags. But it works well for me. if you are curious:
  22. I'm pretty sure this is a compliment. I'm taking it as one.
  23. My money is on the glow v1 taking this title. Night golf is fun, more so when the balls don't explode when hit. The tournament I played it this year used a cheapo glow in the dark ball and they shattered on impact.
  24. It is much easier to carry a bag. I'd recommend a good Sunday /light carry bag as the best option. But, you can pull a cart... Not the easiest thing to, only the back two wheels are on the ground with how the cart has to lean. You definitely can't push a cart, it just doesn't work. Thinking about getting one, or have one and thinking about golfing with it?
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