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  1. Thanks, it is how I roll(golf). It isn't any harder to ride with a bag than without one, so on that account it isn't a problem. I did switch to a lighter/smaller bag with a single strap and that is easier that the 2 strap bags. But it works well for me. if you are curious:
  2. I'm pretty sure this is a compliment. I'm taking it as one.
  3. My money is on the glow v1 taking this title. Night golf is fun, more so when the balls don't explode when hit. The tournament I played it this year used a cheapo glow in the dark ball and they shattered on impact.
  4. It is much easier to carry a bag. I'd recommend a good Sunday /light carry bag as the best option. But, you can pull a cart... Not the easiest thing to, only the back two wheels are on the ground with how the cart has to lean. You definitely can't push a cart, it just doesn't work. Thinking about getting one, or have one and thinking about golfing with it?
  5. it has been betraying me the last 2 months. I've putted like a donkey, so I decided to give it some competition.
  6. Just took advantage of the 20% off sale on the taylormade my spiderx. Merry Xmas to me
  7. Hello all, time for another unofficial review. This time, I'll be looking at the Cobra King Utility. I added this club to my bag after a tumultuous relationship with a Callaway Maverick hybrid. ShotScope was nice enough to tell me that my hybrid was the least accurate club in my bag, both for proximity to pin on approach, and percentages of fairways hit of the tee.... So I stared looking for a replacement. My home course has a very narrow front 9 that is also very short. So finding a club that I could hit ~220y and find a fairway was pretty important for scoring. I
  8. Wear pictures after few months in the bag. Looking pretty clean if you ask me.
  9. Another update, I'll snap a picture or two tomorrow when I'm out on the course, but the finish on these has held up way better than I expected. With them being such a chrome gloss finish, and having never gamed a chrome gloss finish, I expected it to show wear marks pretty quickly. And these show nothing. My practice range is even a sandy one(are any not?) and I don't wipe the club between shots. But really, they still look like they did when I took them out of the box and that was... 15 rounds and 10 range sessions ago give or take.
  10. Christopher / Mount Vernon, WA 9 Wide Puma IGNITE Pwradapt Arch support and wide toe box.
  11. Normally we shoot for between memorial day and July 4th. Depends on people's schedules.
  12. Side note, they still break on nearly every swing, so their cost per round is above industry average. So, there is that. If @Tony Covey MGSwill let me borrow some really fancy test equipment I can test for true shape consistency and cup depth Concavity (made up word?)
  13. @cnosil @GolfSpy MPR I've had the chance to follow up on some of your questions about poke-ability. And, I've even gone a few steps further. I do think these tees are especially pokey. The tips are shaper than most. But in effort to find out how sharp and if they will work for your courses teeing area I've tested a few areas around my course. Is your tee box made of wood? These tees will poke western cedar : Are your tees very sandy? You are in luck! Do you often find yourself teeing up in a shrubbery? Has your course recently been overrun by
  14. So... It doesn't really count and the official test is over, but I did have to walk down the range today... I don't think this qualifies for our tattoo pact. All that said, PW from 132y 3rd swing of the day was pure and online the whole time, one hop and in. Closest I've come to and HIO.
  15. I'll see if I can get some more substantiated poking in this week and get back to you. I know right?
  16. Great question... And I can better answer that in the coming months. With winter /the rainy season arriving my range sessions will be moved to hitting Matson of turf. That is normally when my wrists and elbows start to feel it. So I'll get back to you on this one. All I can say as of right now, no fatigue at all.
  17. I didn't, they weren't an option in the Ping fitting cart I had access to. But they sure are nice
  18. Personally, I haven't had any issues while riding the board. I think there has been twice that I've gone to get back on it and it's been in error mode. But a quick (like 10 second) cycle and it cleared the error and worked just fine. I don't think reliability is a reason not to ride one. There are plenty of more valid reasons to not ride Just like all vehicles, I'm sure a lemon makes it out of the factory, but it is the exception. It really is a blast to ride around. When I have one of those head scratching shots that we all have, a few big carving turns going down the fairw
  19. That is cool! I don't have Facebook, MGS is my social media. I've only ever seen 1 other out on the course, and it was at my club. After watching me float around all summer the itch got to be too much and another member got a board and had started riding.
  20. Thanks! But yeah, as many carts as I've seen crashed due to flowing libations... I'll just say keeping your coordination is a good idea.
  21. Yes. And ShotScope tells me the the D7 is better. But my ego likes the cut And for me, the D7's are definitely the the straightest club I've had time with. Maybe that is why I feel they are a little draw biased, that's my natural shot. And they just want the ball to fly straight so me moving it to the right is more challenging.
  22. I haven't really kept count, but I'm up to 429 miles, on the board, with at least 300 of that on the course, so that is something like 50 rounds give or take. I've really enjoyed it, played some night golf on it even. That was the first time I really put the headlight to any use or test. I very much recommend a headlamp as well. The headlight is just too low to the ground most of the time to give you good vision. I've had 1 very close to flop on the course, board dropped into a sprinkler well that was mowed over so it just looked like the same height as everything else. Board came t
  23. I had a few other items that I wanted to toss out to the group. Things that didn't fit into the review, but things that I've noticed with them. Overall, I think they are a touch draw biased. They are slightly harder for me to work L-R than R-L. The club that I still need to really decide on is the 5i. I can work the i500 both ways reliably. I can't work the D7 L-R with any consistency. That said, normal ball flight shots I hit it more consistent and accurate. If I just hit straight shots or if every green was ideal for a R-L entry, the D7 would definitely be king, but the every othe
  24. Neon red, neon green, neon white (I might have made this one up, but definitely regular white)
  25. I've kept the bag out of direct sunlight and away from open flames, I would say they look basically identical to pre seal breaking.
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