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    PING G425

    Might I recommend the Wilson D7 Forged I think there are reviews for them here on the forums. See what I did there?
  2. The review is like a fine wine, it needed to age some to be best before consuming.
  3. Thanks @Rickp they were a fun club to test, and a good group to test with
  4. @revkev I purposely didn't read anyones reviews until I got done with mine. I didn't want to get all jaded or have things pop into my head that weren't there in the first place. But I find it noteworthy that we both took exception with the naming Wilson used on these.
  5. Still adding in some media that I couldn't get to work the first time, but stage 2 is up!
  6. Good group to put these clubs to the grind stone! I'm deviously(was going for definitely, but in this case I'll let auto correct win) curious to see if @dlow206can keep the same driver in his bag long enough to wear out a grip.
  7. I like CC for Putter, hybrids, woods and driver. They definitely do the best on driver as that is probably what they do the most of. I can't recommend them for irons. And the biggest reason for that is how they do it. I forget if it was only 7i or only 6i they have, but either way, it's all they have. If you want to get for to the best 7/6i you can, they are great. If you think you might want a mixed set, or wondering if you should use the set gap wedge or a specialty wedge instead... You are better off going to a PGASS or any local shop that will let you hit more than a single iron.
  8. The PW looks about the same. The 6i looks noticeably lower, and the 4i looks about the same again.
  9. I'm going to get 1 more round in before writing up my review, looks like it is going to be cold and rainy. Guess I'll be able to report how they handle adverse climate and the cold.
  10. Different swings and different results. I haven't hit any dead toe shots. I generally hit between center and hozel, so maybe these play too that, but I've found the distances to be really consistent. I played with a couple new players at my club today and they both pulled the D7's out to look at them, they are a very appealing club. The chrome finish has really grown on me. Also, had another round today where I didn't miss a green with a D7 in hand. My confidence with them is skyrocketing. 6 Birdies in my last two rounds, 77 / 76. Still no Wilson Staff hole-in-one tattoo, the
  11. Getting angry with a bad shot. Or just expecting Tour Pro results with every shot.
  12. I've been playing the modus 105s for the last 3 years. Really just love that shaft. Right now I'm doing the forum test for the Wilson D7 Forged irons, I got them with the Recoil 110's. For me they feel and perform near identical. Same load /release and action. I played the 105's in stiff and got the Recoils in their F4(stiff flex). Great shafts both.
  13. I'm not sure how scientific or useful for this testing it was, but night golf was fun. The D7's, well, you can't really see the top line, or the offset in the dark. Also, no sun glare off the club, so that was good. They were so powerful they exploded golf balls with 8i's. Literally 2 tee shots in a row the ball cover exploded into glowing shrapnel flying down the fairway. I mean, I was basically Roy Hobbs out on the course. Yes, I also took the onewheel, it does have a headlight for a reason. Had to put that to use.
  14. Today I played a round workout using driver just to play some more shots with these irons. My home course is pretty short, so I can easily go driver / wedge to most holes. Anyway. These irons... Hit more greens (14/18) today then I normally hit. Probably due to hitting most of the fairways. But was 3/3 with my 5i,and 2/2 with the 6i on approaches. My only missed green on an approach, was a well stuck shot that I needed to curve around a tree. It clipped a branch and dropped down. If it misses the branch I'm on that green too. Can't think of the last round (or even if it has ever happened) that
  15. I was looking back at some data from my LM session last week and noticed that as the clubs got longer I stared losing them to the right : The tiny white circle is my grouping with the GW. PW is the small pink circle, 9i small green, 8i dark blue, 7i orange, 6i yellow, 5i red. The larger pink, green and purple circles were my current pw, 8i and 7i.... Yikes. I took my 6i and 5i in to get their lie angles adjusted today, then out to the range after. I had the 6i bent half a degree upright and the 5i a full degree upright and half a degree stronger. Bending the 6i and 5i helped s
  16. I mentioned it at some point, but I've had some serious fliers coming out of the rough. Longest Fliers I've ever had. 30-40y longer than expected kind of fliers.
  17. Apparently you don't need holes in a GW, so idk. That said, if I was thinking about a split set with these, I'd definitely want these in the short - mid irons. Very impressed with their accuracy in those clubs.
  18. Truth. With how much different manufactures are promoting mixed sets, it's odd that you still have a really hard time finding a fitting that can let you find a mixed set.
  19. As for my experience with straightness /workability and the D7's. They are more inclined to go straight in the short - mid irons than I've had before. For the last 3 years I've played a players iron in the short - mid range and a PD club in the long irons. And for those last 3 years, my i500 5i had been my favorite iron. I've always wondered if I would have been better to just go full i500s. So this test has been perfect for me. For me, I'm happy to take straight and accurate over the ability to curve it 30y around a tree. From testing, and some videos I posted, I can definitely work th
  20. Just to be clear, I'd whiff entirely. So the money would be safe.
  21. So now I'm curious, when do you use a mid iron if you are rocking a 9 wood?
  22. So... Yeah... The 699 Pros have some stellar reviews going on over in their forum. And they are worth giving a try, especially at their price point. If I were to recommend a Sub 70 item to you (and I guess that is what I'm doing), I'd look at the regular 699s. Just looking at most wanted, I think they faired better overall in testing(2019 player distance VS 2020 player distance). I know the metrics are slightly different, but comparing them to clubs that were in both tests, the regular 699s look to have a little more magic. Comparing the D7's, 699 Pro and i500 in the 5i is interesting. I
  23. These are very pleasant on the ears. Best sounding irons I've had in the bag.
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