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    New VS Old

    I have an evenroll ER2, I feel like the ball is more consistent off the face and more likely to go where I intended to hit it. I believe I am making more of my longer puts with it than I did in the past. But it does not fix my fundamentals, like misreading the break of the green or getting the pace of the ball wrong. So while I practice long putting I still am overhitting or underhitting too many longer puts especially on challenging greens where there is quite a bit of slope. I also get confused on tricky slopes and read them the wrong way. I had a two foot birdie put on Sunday and when I read the put I thought it broke slightly left, so being critical I checked the golf logic app which showed the slope slightly right. I followed the app the ball broke right a little and I made the put. If I played how I read it I would have missed it two inches the other way. But now and then I make a critical 6 foot to 20 foot put. That was rare for me in the past. I pretty much had to be within 4 feet to think I had a shot of making a put.
  2. I have bee watching used left handed i200's on ebay and have the impression price's have been dropping fast. I know what angle I need and shaft flex. I have a Glide 2.0 58 degree wedge and it is absolutely one of my favorite short game clubs.
  3. The biggest thing I would like from a technology standpoint is a chip in the ball that helps me find it faster, especially in the rough. And once in a while I hit a ball and have absolutely no idea where it went. I just don't ever see it once it leaves the club. I just added a phone app to help me with ranges on the course, I am not prepared at the moment to pay for a laser range finder. I could justify $30.00 for an app though. Sometimes even when I know where the ball went it takes me longer than I would like to find my ball. I don't hit many right in the fairway. I am left handed and most of the time am in the left rough. I line up to the right though and once in a while hit a draw or straight so down the right rough I go. It is nice when they go in between those two extremes. I had two shots last night that were just harder to find because they were down in the grass.
  4. For me playing golf is a two fold endeavor, one the game and two the exorcise. So carrying just increases the exorcise factor. I consider that work higher priority than the game. I got a Ping Hoofer to replace my 30 year old bag, hope to try it out tonight. First impression is that two shoulder straps do spread the load out better than one.
  5. I don't watch a lot of golf on television, however the Tour De France starts in a few days. First of all I am a long time cycling fan and it used to be my primary recreational sport. Second, there is nothing more boring than watching 100 skinny white guys ride along a flat road in France where the big moment is when someone stops for a “nature break”. It used to be you could get a good 30 minute or 1 hour highlight show and move now. Now they put on looping live coverage of the entire stage. On a sprint stage there is only about 2 minutes that matter.
  6. Typically your control won't be as good with those. I watched a Rick Shields video where he tested Persimmon or Laminated woods. The problem was control. Ball flight was much more inconsistent. My last set of woods were traditional size metal woods. Control was the issue with those any ball of center is potentially a big problem. Now if you are a consistent middle of the club face hitter, they will work fine. I would wrather play a modern hybrid than a vintage wood as I find my hybrid is really straight hitting. It is also forgiving if I am a bit off the toe or heal. I have thought about getting a Persimmon driver to hit on the range for fun. However, I would not play one personally. Regardless of how far you hit the ball I find modern woods easier to control.
  7. I played Fathersday, the course had free carts for fathers, I left the deal behind and walked. Am planning to play tonight and will walk
  8. Based upon what I have read about his various back surgeries, I think his body is shot. I hope it all works for him as I think he makes the world of golf more interesting but I am not optimistic. In the end and the bottom line is that I don't think his problems can be fixed by coaching relative to winning majors.
  9. I think you are implying that it is better to not change putters a lot, maybe I read to much into your thoughts and question, I would submit that it is better to not change putters often. I think it is a club that once you get used to it, you should continue to use it. I also kind of think pick one and stick with it, it does not matter which one. I made a decision to switch. One thing I don't intend to do now, is second guess or think about something else. I believe whatever your mode, feel, tempo or otherwise that the most import factor is muscle memory derived from practice.
  10. I would think it should be a given that the shaft maker would have to supply the shaft in a spec that is identical to what we would buy of the shelf as far as bend, length etc. If it is not standard then it won't be applicable to what we are likely to buy and compare to in the real world when we go in a golf shop to buy a putter. To give you an idea I have a 30 year old slotline inertial and I just upgraded to an evnroll ER2. The two set up almost exactly the same. The switch was pretty seamless, same length similar lye and ball position under my eyes.
  11. I wold like some degree of objective proof on this. There are ways now to test this between machine testing and procedures as those used on this forum. Put these shafts in the top 5 blades of 2018 and top 5 mallets of 2018 and run the same test as was run for best putters of the year. Compare the make percentages of both steel and new tech shaft at all three distances to the results with the steel shafts and lets see if this helps or not.
  12. Cbk57

    New VS Old

    I got my slightly used Evnroll ER2 today, putter head feels slightly heavier than my old putter, the “feel” of the two to me was remarkably similar to my old slotline inertial. I was able to practice with it for about twenty minutes, I felt that I was able to immediately get the feeling I needed for short puts. I tried a few lag puts but right now am mostly working on 4 feet and in. Does it make me better than my old one? I am not sure, I think that it is more consistent in the way the ball leaves the putter. It certainly did not cause any miracles. I like it though.
  13. I used to always wear shorts, but now I work in a business casual environment and purchased some adidas long pants that can serve on the course and at work. There will be times this summer where they get used for both. I go to the driving range some days at lunch time as well so they serve there also. Over the summer I probably will go to the range before work if it is going to be hot. It used to be I had shorts or jeans but with the breathable fabrics and pants that can cross over from work to golf it makes sense to wear pants when you need to. Easier to go straight out after work also and play a round.
  14. Please take this with my intended sense of humor but I just had to look up rule 4-2 and technically speaking one cannot adjust their club during a “stipulated round” which turns out is 18 holes played in order unless otherwise approved by the “committee” so if you play the holes out of order or play less than 18 holes you can alter your clubs to your hearts content. Really I think two putters or altering your clubs is going to do most golfers more harm than good and functionally self penalize. It goes back to the blog post earlier today where the likelihood of three puts was tested relative to handicap. Of course the higher the handicap the more likelihood is a three put. I and most of us need more practice with one club instead of more variables.
  15. I can reconfigure any club during a round, it is just a matter of the size of the tree and how angry I am.
  16. Instead of an extra putter, how about an attachment that simply adds more weight to the one putter you have. It could be a piece that attaches to the back of a blade putter magnetically and perhaps converts a blade to a mallet. I don't know that it is a good idea, or legal strictly speaking but it would be easier than carrying a second club as the insert could go in your pocket or attach to the putter cover. It is not something I would do personally because I think it better to learn to use one putter for all strokes than have a different feel with a different club for certain shots. If there is a demand functionally for “two” putters I think a club attachment would be the best answer vs carrying two sepearte clubs. One of the Evnroll mallet putters has a weight that can be quickly loosened and slid out. You could do something along that line as well making the weight inserts magnetic and just sliding out the one you want and replacing it with a different weight. In short it would be easy for a manufacturer to make putter weight rapidly adjustable. You could carry several different weights for say 5 feet and in 10 feet and 20 feet or longer.
  17. Cbk57

    New VS Old

    Feel is the sensation we are used to when the club meets the ball. For myself anyway feel comes with practice and adaptation to feel occurs with practice. All putters are going to have feel and I will learn to feel the stroke. It matters but only as an adaptation to using any given club. I suppose you could strip all feel out through a grip that totally isolates the vibrations moving from the club up the shaft, but otherwise all putters are going to provide a sensation that will give a sense of feel. I tried out an Evnroll ER2 recently and I thought the “feel” was a lot like my current putter. The only reason I did not buy it is that I had to send too much money to my favorite uncle and some of his local relatives in mid April. To expand on what I said above, my current putter is a slotline inertial. I have tried a number of putters lately to get an idea of what I like and what “feel” means to me. Within the bounds of putters from reputable brands, I don't see enough difference in feel that is going to matter whether I buy a new putter or not. No putter that I have tried had such a great “feel” that I thought I would make more puts. Instead I need more practice, and work on technique. The more time I spend on the practice green the more I get a “feel” for how far the ball will roll with a given stroke. My old putter serves that purpose just fine. I can't personally prove that the Evnroll putters are a better choice than what I have now, but based upon better results for a significant number of people under reasonably objective circumstances I believe that an Evnroll would give me the best chance of putting better of anything on the market. I do not have the time or inclination to test every possible putter to pick the perfect one. For me practice is more important than the precise tool. I can learn to use the tool.
  18. In my current club set up. My Hogan Radial pitching wedge is 50 degrees and my 9 iron is 45 degrees. My 3 iron is 23 degrees. The loft angles on some sets of clubs made now especially the distance oriented game improvement clubs are pretty crazy anymore. The number on the club is only a guide once you know how far you hit that particular club really.
  19. When I was in Highschool, I graduated in 1989, some golfers were using the logo on the ball to help them in aligning their put. I personally did not but it had nothing to do with the rules. I just did not do it. I have no idea when this started but I think it has been around for a long time. Even a linear name without a line could be used to align the ball. I think that is what others used years ago. I got some new Titleist balls and noticed they had an alignment arrow that I assumed was for putting.
  20. Bad weather at home today and had the day off so I drove to Greensburg Pa and went to a golf shop that has an indoor range. I compared two clubs to my traditional Hogan Radials which are very much like a true bladed iron but with a bit more weight in the bottom center. My Hogans were made sometime in the late 1980's I got them as a gift in 1989. Although i took almost 20 years off regular Golf these have been my primary Irons since thin. I thoughts as a rule that I hit them well and really like them. However when compared to modern clubs under objective circumstances they don't compare well. I started with a long warm up with my own clubs, then I tried a 7 iron Ping I200 and a 7 iron in the new G700. Objectively I could hit my Hogan 6 iron the same distance as the Ping I200, about 150 yards. However if I missed the ball a little off center my Hogans were dropping as much as 20 yards distance on a mishit. As long as I did not hit behind the ball or hit it thin the I200 shots were within 10 yards or less no matter where in the face I hit the ball. My goods shots were going in the range of 150 yards. I think with my Radials when directly comparing similar clubs, I hit one perfect shot that went 150 yards, most were going 140 to 145 some were even shorter. The dispersion with the I200 was much lower. I tried the G700 last, I just looked at the lofts and it is more like my 5 iron in terms of loft as the loft angles are more aggressive on the g700 than the i200. By the time I started hitting the G700's I was getting tired so my distances were coming down. I had been hitting for over an hour by the time I got to these. The shots were laser straight and going consistently about 5 yards left. The fitter had me slightly strengthen my grip and then my shots shifted down the line and to the right. These were very straight hitting. I liked the I200 the best of the two personally. They are very close on look and feel at address, the G700 is a bit thicker in the top line. I just marginally liked the feel of the I200 a bit more. I found the modern clubs to be much more consistent shot to shot than my traditional irons. So to the point of the post I am replying to, any descent golfer can hit "players irons". However most of us are simply going to play better with modern club designs. I think I would play better with the Ping Irons without a doubt.
  21. I have been told by reliable sources that many Left handed Australians and one golfer in Tasmania claim that the ball spins to the right in that part of world. Some polar scientists say that when the hit balls on the South Pole they just go in circles.
  22. Do you have large hands? If that is the case normal grips are probably a huge mistake for you. My hands are on the smaller size for a man. I am kind of average height and build but my hands are relatively small so I would never deviate personally from a normal grip size. When you practice try to relax your hands to the point you think the club is going to fly out. It really won't happen. Don't think about manipulating your hands in any form, just see what happens naturally. For me that is the foundation of my swing.
  23. I have been reading the posts about swing thoughts and club face angle at address very closely. To me these two interrelate but they all come down to hand tension. I make no effort of any sort to manipulate my hands through the swing. Instead when I address the ball I align the club face to how I want the club face to impact the ball. I rest the grip in the palm of my right hand and align the face and roll my fingers into position. I use a fairly strong grip left a bit past top center of my chosen alignment. Then I apply my left hand in an interlocking grip. Next relax the hands, and I do mean relax to the point that I feel like they are barely holding the club. If you think the club may slip it is about right. I want almost no hand tension. I have an inside out swing and really I try to have no conscious thoughts once my downswing starts. The reason is that when I initiate my down swing I want the club to cause my hands to snap like a whip at the ball with the club face arriving at the ball in the same alignment as when I addressed the ball. I never try to roll my wrists or anything else through impact. I make no conscious effort to manipulate my hands or writs in any way once my down swing starts. The act of starting the downswing and the weight of the club head causes my hands to snap through the ball. I still hit shots thin and fat when I am a bit off but my release through the ball is always the same. Variation is caused by my mistakes in moving my head or other aspects of timing. But my release should always be completely free on a a full swing and as relaxed as possible. I don't have a hugely fast swing but my distance is reasonably good because my release creates the club head speed.
  24. I agree with revkev, I always liked my long irons better than my woods, I could hit my 3 iron better than I could hit a 7 wood or a 5 wood as a rule. However, my new 3 hybrid is much easier to hit than my 3 iron and much more foregiving. If and or when I buy a modern set of irons i would not carry a 3 iron at all anymore. As nice as my 3 hybrid is, I am more likely to get a 4 hybrid and replace my 3 iron actually.
  25. My irons being old are traditional lofts. My 3 iron according to specs I can find should be 23 degrees. I purchased a 3 hybrid which is 19 degrees. I can see no reason I would need a 1 or 2 iron as the 3 hybrid is such a sweet hitting club. It is also easy to hit and is very straight hitting. Any time I can I would hit my 3 hybrid over my 3 iron as I find the hybrid a bit easier but my 3 iron does fill the gap between the hybrid and my current 4 iron which should be 26.5 degrees. If I were to buy a new set, I would not bag a 3 iron with current lofts as even the most conservative lofts a 3 is usually about 21 degrees from my research.
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